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Altair Club Cars Wallys Weekend Drive and the 2023 Mazda CX 50 Premium Plus AWD

Wallys Weekend Drive and the 2023 Mazda CX 50 Premium Plus AWD

Sit back and buckle up! Wally went to Horne Mazda Avondale to show us the 2023 Mazda CX-50 Premium Plus AWD. Learn more at aztv.com/wally

Well hi and welcome to another one of wally’s weekend drives man i’ll tell you 2023 is sneaking up on us fast we are out here at horn mazda joined here with dave potts dave man i’ll tell you besides the fact it’s raining outside yeah yeah you know this 23 cx-50 right here is the perfect god always blesses me with the right car yes this is all-wheel drive it’s inclement

Weather i can’t think of a safer car to be driving in this ring for all climates for all conditions this is one of the most amazing vehicles on the in the market today i mean you can’t compare it to anything the cx50 is totally unique that’s right so right let’s start with the 2.5 liter turbo turbocharger this whole turbo charge kind of all our bmw when you think

Twin scroll i always like to say mazda is the economy bmw of the road because i honestly feel this is a driver’s vehicle and mazda definitely makes it a driver’s vehicle well they took their time in designing this one even the exterior the engineers got together for two years to give you that outdoor appeal so that it it just blended into the outdoors when you’re

Out there yes in fact let’s take a look a little bit up front here one of the first things we’re going to see is a little bit of height right here so when you’re stepping when you’re all-wheel drive if you’re stepping off-road a little bit maybe a little bit of mud ruts or something on the dirt road you can step right through them one of the new features right here

For styling is this big front black thing here i’m not sure what’s in there but it sure looks cool that’s for sure and then i like what they’ve done now with the led around the the lights too medic led headlights yes sir that’s right and then of course dynamic cruise control right down here your sonar that keeps you from safely from running over the car in front

Of you if you do have the cruise control set also you got 20 inch alloy wheels right here that just going to be really really nice black machined wheels look good handle good and then you come down the side mirror here you know side mirror you’ve got your lane uh blind spot lane control in there got your signal in here so everybody can see what’s going on but dave

Tell us a little bit about the technology that’s going on something so unique this is the terracotta leather so with the terracotta leather they want to bring the hues of the outdoors they’ve also done beautiful stitching which would remind you of your shoelaces on your hiking boots it’s a beautiful design and it’s seamless this mazda comes with apple carplay and

That’s wireless yes it also comes with a phone charger nothing wrong with that wireless charger in there that’s for nothing at all keeps you connected but the cool thing mazda is doing is it has wi-fi and maz is going to give you three months complimentary wi-fi internet connection within this vehicle when you purchase it you know dave let me interrupt you right

There because as mazda is giving you a complimentary wi-fi from what i understand your general manager is offering something right yeah he’s going to be doing something great for everybody from kim yet all right thank you wally this is kim general manager here at horn mazda avondale but right here off the 10 and 107th avenue if you come down this weekend matter

Of fact just come down for the rest of the month we’re giving away three years of free maintenance for every single new car purchase here at horn mods avondale as for me or ask for uncle david here and uh we’ll be happy to help you out wow kim hey that’s a great deal for sure make sure you continue with us here check this thing out because mazda didn’t forget

About the backseat people either and wally don’t let them forget you have to mention the commercial that you saw wally yes uncle dave or kim don’t forget that now that’s right i have to mention a commercial to receive that that that’s right and that’s important so make sure to mention you saw it on wally’s weekend drive so now we have the back seat you go into it

You have your ear fence it’s seamless now what i like to talk about this when you look at this vehicle the back door opens up to 90 degrees yeah for easy access moving things in and out makes it more comfortable for you so so you’re thinking your couch could find screen tv but the thing i do like is the roof and how much weight this roof can hold you know you can

Put a pop-up tent up here really yeah with a ladder now that’s a genuine mazda accessory that comes with it along with if you need to tow something yes it toes up to 3 500 pounds 3 500 pounds with the turbo right right you know with all genuine mazda parts you can get the trailer hitch you can also get a cargo carrier if you just want to store gear in there just

Depending on what outdoor activity you want to experience that’s right and if we take a look here back now plenty of room back here for sure but watch this we’re going to do some magic here look at that now we’ve got an extraordinary amount of room and you can sit that couch in there and it’s link wise now what i like about this walling is they’ve made your level

So that it’s level so you’re not dipping into your trunk yes your level so everything’s access cases of water yes what i also like about it right here mazda always provides a real spare tire means a lot to me i hope it means a lot to you too when we talk about all this it doesn’t come cheap msrp 43 170 now if you come down here and talk to uncle dave here he’s

Going to hook you up and if he doesn’t hook you up make sure you talk to his boss kim so again yeah we’re out here at horn mazda make sure you mention this commercial get that three years of free maintenance if you purchase a mazda this weekend you won’t be sorry oh

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