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Altair Club Cars Wallys Weekend Drive and the 2022 Toyota GR86 Premium

Wallys Weekend Drive and the 2022 Toyota GR86 Premium

Sit back and buckle up! Wally is out at Larry H. Miller Toyota to show us the 2022 Toyota GR86 Premium! Learn more at aztv.com/wally

Well hi and welcome to another one of wally’s weekend drives we’re up here at larry h miller toyota just off bell road in the 101 joined here by nick one of the head sales guys up here that has years and years of experience selling toyotas so he’s going to help me take a look at this 2022 86 the gr 86 premium we have right here amazing and the first thing you’re

Going to notice is how short it is man this thing is small think go-kart i mean and it’s as much fun to drive as a go-kart too so when you look at it you see led lighting here full led lighting but the daytime lights right here kind of let people know that you’re on the road and they can actually see you when you’re going down the road one of the other things

It’s a gr here that’s gadsu racing that is toyota’s racing division that actually puts the hot rod in this thing and they gave it the full treatment if you look down here one of the things that they did is actually made all of these vents functional that goes and puts an air curtain around the wheel and on the back side of the wheel you actually have a pressure

Relief vent back there that if you get pressure built up going down the road it’ll exit through the back again helping you down the road getting better mileage because if you went and got gas today you saw what the prices are doing okay so let’s take a look here at the 18 inch wheels because handling’s big and very big on this now what they’ve done is they’ve put

Michelin summer tires on here along with these 18 inch alloy wheels and this thing handles like a go-kart for sure and if you look into here what you see is an electric mirror on the side here that is heated doesn’t have the blind spot control so make sure that you use that mirror before you change lanes now nick i was looking inside here and the tech in here is

Like through the roof it’s top notch so one thing that this thing comes standard with is pre-collision system warning pedestrian detection lane assist sway control and all the basic necessities that toyota puts in every one of their cars if you look at the dash it actually has a seven-way control for easy way to control the whole car without you having to take your

Hands off the steering wheel the eight inch touchscreen allows you to be able to get xm fm am and control everything on this car that you would possibly need now one of the things that you do notice about this car is when you go to open the door it does have a lower profile stance what that means is gravity is going to pull you in and hug you and it’s going to feel

Real good but it might be a little bit more difficult to get out if you’re like this gentleman right here how old are you sir 66 years old and let me tell you gravity is a good thing for getting into this car but i had a graceful way weed it out so know that if you’re going to buy one of these cars it does take a little bit of acrobatic practice to get out of this

Thing but but the fun is worth it so if you can physically do it definitely do it and if not we actually have other lineups where we found which is butt level rav4s and corolla crosses those are the easiest to get into and get out of so if this doesn’t fit your needs we have many cars that can you know it’s interesting you say that nick because butt level is kind

Of an interesting term but you know you explained it to me that’s so when you can get in and out of the car yes and that’s important again i’m 66 years old i know it’s important to other people too so let’s take a look a little bit further here first thing you’re going to see back here is the duckbill spoiler on the rear of this which is actually functional running

Down the road and if you look inside you’ll see we have these seats down right now but if you raise them up there are two back seats but there is zero leg room so i found it best just to leave them down and that way you’ve got a little extra storage space and and you’re never going to use those back seats anyway chances are on that now nick one of the things that

I really do like about larry h miller toyota right here is the fact that we always get good deals up here absolutely msrp is 33 250 on this now i’m not sure if you have any incentives or specials going on but i know if you come up here and talk to nick he’s going to give you the wally deal and that’s what we’re always looking for absolutely so again we’re up here

At larry h miller toyota located at 8633 bell road right off bell and the 101. come on up here see nick larry h miller toyota you won’t be sorry thank you and you will leave here with more than just a car

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Wally’s Weekend Drive and the 2022 Toyota GR86 Premium By AZTV7

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