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Altair Club Cars Wallys Weekend Drive and the 2022 Cadillac CT5 V Series Blackwing

Wallys Weekend Drive and the 2022 Cadillac CT5 V Series Blackwing

Sit back and buckle up! Wally is showing us the 2022 Cadillac CT5 V-Series Blackwing. Learn more at www.cadillac.com/sedans/ct5-v-blackwing.

Well hi and welcome to another one of wally’s weekend drives you know we’ve got a real treat today it might be the weekend it might be time to drive but it has never been like this what you’re looking at right here is a 2022 cadillac ct5 v series and it’s the black wing edition which is basically like hens teeth you can’t find them anywhere now one of the things

That we like about this the main thing and we’re going to show you here in just a second as we pop the hood open you’re going to see what makes this thing so special right here we have a hand built hand built i mean 6.2 liter supercharged v8 putting out 668 horsepower and 659 foot-pounds of torque when i say hand build you can talk to kathy walker right here

Kathy walker actually hand assembled this motor so the attention to detail throughout this car starts at the motor and all the horsepower here and then if you look aaron you can see all over the car through the whole theme all carbon fiber i mean carbon fiber everywhere on this now behind this grill some people like the design of the grill i’m more impressed with

The fact that there’s 11 different heat exchangers in this car that’s why all the air is going through it and when i say heat exchangers think radiators might be the transmission might be the engine the supercharger that’s mounted on top of this motor also has a cooling system in it that keeps your boost up and your boost is what gives you that horsepower so

When you’re looking to really get on this thing it’s that supercharger that lights up the world now let’s take a look at these 19-inch wheels here great black 19-inch alloy wheels brembo brakes inside because this is capable of doing 200 miles an hour while i haven’t had it up that fast i’ve wanted to believe me but between the speed limit and the price of fuel

This thing is pretty much out of reach for me now let’s take a look inside because one of the things that we’re going to see in here is this very unique camel interior with black and the sports heats are just rocking i mean these things are comfortable it’s got the lateral thigh support in there and then if you look also you’re going to see the tilt telescopic

Smart steering wheel right there and aaron if you can look right there you see that v button when you press that v button it changes the whole dynamics of this car this has your different shift points your downshift rev matching basically everything just comes to life it turns from mild to wild with the push of a button if you look there also you’re seeing it’s

Got a 10 inch infotainment system screen right there and the stereo is an akg if you’re familiar with them premium audio and this thing rocks but i can honestly tell you i haven’t turned it on the motor makes such sweet music i couldn’t get beyond that so take a look in the back here because when you look at the back that’s okay for a back seat but check out the

Back side of these front seats full carbon fiber again the carbon fiber theme going all the way through the car for weight savings and performance both now when you get around to the back here we have something kind of unique here um mile per gallon wise this is only getting about 14 and a half miles per gallon so when they dropped the car off they knew that they

Gave me a whole trunk full of money to buy gas but you can see i’m almost down to nothing i got one day left and just a little bit of money left so i might be able to fill it up one more time so thanks to all the people out there that are making this possible to get this car but the msrp on it 104 440 dollars is going to be limiting as well as the gas mileage

So when you’re thinking about looking for one of these run out to your cadillac dealer from what i understand it’s going to be about a year before you can actually lay hands on one but i’m totally in line for an order

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Wally’s Weekend Drive and the 2022 Cadillac CT5 V Series Blackwing By AZTV7

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