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Altair Club Cars Walk-Around & Review: New 2018 Chevrolet Suburban LT Z71 Midnight Edition

Walk-Around & Review: New 2018 Chevrolet Suburban LT Z71 Midnight Edition

Hae-sun vips you just checked out the most gorgeous black chevy bowtie and that is because this is the midnight edition of the 2018 chevy suburban lt it’s got the z71 package and this is a beauty and a beast look at the size of this thing truly if you need a lot of space but you also just want to feel like a boss this is the suv for you i’m going to hit the power

Liftgate here for you and give you an idea of how much space there is inside of course we’ll get to that in a minute but you might not expect there to be a ton of trunk space because you’ve got three rows of seating and usually that takes up enough of the vehicle right there but look how much you could fit in here it’s incredible and also the seats are easily

Customizable with a click of a button so no more manually trying to you know throw all your body weight in that to put them down you can do it simple click of a button you’ve got your running boards here which you will need and we pass by these gorgeous 18 inch black aluminum wheels painted black for that midnight edition and then you see the subtle touches of the

Chrome and it is just a killer combination let’s see how much space is inside shall we come on in hey friends come on in there is space for you all your family all your friends can you believe this it’s amazing ok you’ve got the captains chairs in the second row which i really love because it allows people to easily pass through to get to the third row the leather

In here smells so brand-new it is new it’s a 2018 after all you’ve got heated leather seats not only in the first row but in the second row as well which is a really great feature i absolutely love that this is a 5.3 liter v8 engine so it is a powerhouse and again with the z71 package which is your off-road package so you have a lot of adventures that await and

We’re about to get in to you know the road trip season so this is the road trip mobile i want to be in because it just feels like an absolute luxury vehicle it is fantastic you’ve got the chevy mylink with a touchscreen right here the eight-inch color touchscreen anything you could possibly need you can sync your apps to that which is super cool with your pandora

Compatibility you’ve got the ability to you know thumbs up or thumbs down right here on the screen or with the touch of a button on your steering wheel with a voice to text so you know you don’t want to take your attention off the road you can tell siri that she can send your text for you a little assistant in this fabulous vehicle that you have here who would

Think it would come with a personal assistant right you’ve got your wireless charging station right here and again you know we keep talking about the space check this out with a file folder built-in so you can you can do it all in here you’ve got your usb ports right here you’ve got a whole bunch in the back so that all of you can stay connected on the go here’s

Two more which is just awesome you guys you have to get in this vehicle and see it for yourself there is so much that it has to offer and these little woodgrain accents again just really step up that luxurious factor you can see this and so many more vehicles we have a thousand to choose from something for every budget every style we’ve got it you name it we’ve

Got it at used-car king com we can’t wait to see you soon in cicero courtland or chittenango

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Walk-Around & Review: New 2018 Chevrolet Suburban LT Z71 Midnight Edition By Sun Auto

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