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Altair Club Cars VW Golf R vs Mercedes-AMG A45S: DRIFT Mode Showdown | 4K

VW Golf R vs Mercedes-AMG A45S: DRIFT Mode Showdown | 4K

Rory dons his drifting shoes for this super-hatch track battle, putting the VW Golf R Performance Pack up against the Mercedes-AMG A45S in a drift mode showdown!

If you saw my film on the golf r then you’ll know that i really liked that car but i didn’t love it and the reason is that volkswagen in their infinite wisdom sent me the version without the performance pack and that version didn’t have drift mode so i did what any sensible grown-up motoring journalist would do and i complained about it on the internet until

They sent me the right one and this is it this is the golf r performance pack it comes with all the power all the noise and the push of a button the ability to help you completely destroy your tires the performance pack costs 2 000 pounds more than the 39 grand base car for this it gets drift mode which on its own is surely worth every penny it also gets 19

Inch wheels a bigger rear spoiler and a bump in top speed from 155 to 168 miles an hour with the 3 000 pound acropolis exhaust and 800 pound adaptive dampers we’re looking at a super hatchback that in this example costs just shy of 50 grand and that puts it in direct competition with another 50 grand super hatch the mercedes amg a45s oh he’s gaining on me he’s

Gaining on me he’s got more power 415 versus 320. he’s catching oh this feels completely wrong we shouldn’t be doing this in hot hatches we really shouldn’t it gets very sideways as well skidding around on the edge of traction is one thing but how do these two cars compare from a standing start the merc’s 2-liter engine makes a massive 420ps 100 horsepower more

Than the vws it will do naught to 62 and 3.9 8 tenths of a second quicker i have a sneaky suspicion vw’s performance figures might be a little conservative but there’s only one way to find out slight lead on him slightly but here he comes that thing is massively quick so that is what 100 horsepower looks like really big on the track but i’ll tell you what in

The real world maybe not as impressive as you might expect damn those merc engineers stay with him stay with him stay with him he’s just edging away isn’t he so the merc is clearly the quicker of the two but what’s the golf r performance pack like to drive when you head towards the limits so the golf r is massively fast in a straight line it really is but they

Do have a reputation for not being particularly playful but out here on the track when you can let it off the leash you start to get a sense god the brakes are good for how playful this car is because the chassis it does let you have a laugh and with the addition of drift mode it does like to throw shapes and that’s a trick that it learned from the focus rs rip

But that car arguably did it a bit better than this thing because in that car it could send up to 70 percent of power to the rear wheels and then use clutch packs to distribute that power across the rear axle either 100 to the left or 100 to the right to initiate the slide in this car it works a little bit differently the golf r can only send up to 50 percent of

Its torque to the rear wheels but then it can distribute that 100 to the left or 100 to the right to initiate the drift and then even it out to sustain that drift through the corner it works really well but being honest the focus rs does feel that little bit more intuitive a little bit more rear biased speaking of being intuitive you do have to concentrate really

Hard on what specific mode you happen to be in because drift mode can work with the traction control on or off and with the traction control on it never really feels as if the car wants to let loose completely it actually tends to break the front wheels to try and straighten itself out however with the traction completely off like that then it’s a lot more playful

Yeah yeah yeah yeah good stuff so drift mode does what it says on the tin but what’s the difference between drift mode in the golf r and in the a45s here we are in the amg a45s now the drift mode in this car works very similarly to the drift mode in the golf r but there are subtle yet important differences like the golf r the a45 can send power up front and

Rear and left and right at the back but importantly it can send more than 50 of power to the back according to mercedes the distribution is completely variable in other words hypothetically there’s no maximum amount of power that you can send to the rear and honestly this car feels way more rear biased than the gold fart chuck it into a corner here second gear

On the power instantly sideways it is a complete beast it is completely wild in the gold fire you have to be really violent in the way that you turn in just to get the back end to come around but in the amg go anywhere near the throttle and this thing will throw shapes like you wouldn’t believe on top of that the a45 feels like it has a slightly better balance

Through the corners and also because the mercedes has more power and more torque the back end is more responsive every time you go anywhere near the throttle it feels as if it it just wants to swing around on you which is exactly what you want when you’re looking for a hatchback that likes to drift you have to be way more violent more aggressive with your inputs

In the golf r to get that back to rotate and it’s not just the rear that’s impressive it uses the front strut brakes to increase chassis stiffness so there’s less body flex and more front end bites in fact on this circuit it’s the front tyres that begin to wear more quickly the michelin pilot sport 4s tyres seem to have more grip than the hankook supplied on the

Golf giving you a sharper more predictable less understeer prone front end that settles more quickly giving you more confidence to rotate the car under power the biggest compliment i can give the a45 is that it genuinely feels like a rear-wheel drive car whereas the golf r feels like a front-wheel drive car that can occasionally get sideways if you provoke it

And it’s just so much faster it’s a savage so what have we learned about these two cars well i think if we ignore their performances on track for just a second my biggest takeaway from today is how far hot hatches have come over the years cast your mind back and they were very very low down on the food chain of performance cars they were practical cars that

Also happened to be quite sporty these days it’s flipped completely on its head they are now genuine sports cars and the practicality is almost secondary as for which one of these two i’d choose personally that’s a tricky question the golf r is genuinely impressive and with the performance pack it’s playful enough to entertain even if you do need to work slightly

Harder for those thrills the a45s meanwhile feels like a more accomplished sports car it’s clearly faster has a drift mode that feels more in line with what you’d expect from a rear-wheel drive car and ultimately feels more exciting but then it is more expensive money no object i’d pick the amg but if you’re a hooligan looking for a hatchback that indulges you in

Oversteer you’ll have a brilliant time with both you

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