vw golf gti v ford focus st v sk
Altair Club Cars VW Golf GTI v Ford Focus ST v Skoda Octavia vRS – DRAG RACE

VW Golf GTI v Ford Focus ST v Skoda Octavia vRS – DRAG RACE

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Hi how you doing matt watson here from car wow and welcome to this drag race video where i’m going to be putting a volkswagen golf gti the brand new mark 8 up against a ford focus st and the brand new skoda octavia vrs to see which of these front-wheel drive hot hatches is the quickest over a standing quarter mile so let me tell you about this golf it has a two

Liter turbocharged petrol engine with 245 horsepower and 370 newton meters of torque you can get a manual version but this is the seven speed dual clutch automatic which means it’s got launch control so this golf it weighs in at 1 463 kilos and it’ll set you back just under 35 000 pounds now that ford focus sd it has a 2.3 liter turbocharged petrol engine with

280 horsepower and 420 newton meters of torque you can also get that as a manual but that one is the automatic and it’s got a seven speed auto which drives the front wheels but unlike the one in this car it’s an old-fashioned torque converter auto and it doesn’t have launch control though bizarrely the manual version of the st does have launch control which is

The wrong way around now that car it weighs in at 1 500 kilos so it’s the heaviest car yeah turns up pricing it’s bang on with this golf actually just under 35 000 pounds which would you have actually let me know in the comments below or would you rather have the next car let me know about that as well it is the skoda octavia so it’s got the same powertrain as

This car we’re talking two liter four-cylinder turbo petrol 245 horsepower 370 newton meters of torque seven speed dual clutch automatic gearbox with launch control blah blah blah blah blah blah all before matthew poor editing guys having to put in the graphics it’s a bit heavier than this golf but then it would because it’s quite a large car though it’s lighter

Than that focus weighs in at 1 520 kilos cheapest car here as well 31.5 000 pounds now before we get into the race i just want to show you my t-shirt drag king i am the drag king you can be the drag king too if you click on the pop-out banner up there you can check out our merchandise there’s lots of different t-shirts hordes mugs and all that kind of stuff

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Race buying a new car then head to car wow and my team will help you find your next car at a fair price car wow your one-stop car buying comparison site now before we get into this race let’s do the obligatory sound check because we’re in sports mode we’ve got sports exhausts apparently let’s rev them up see what they like our classic vw group shop limiter can’t

Rev it past 4 000. it sounds like i’m drilling got builders next to me um get that throughout the day let’s see if the fork can do any better it’s popping well that’s one nil to the forward so far oh i forgot about the scooter though i think the skoda’s going to sound the same as this golf go on let’s hear you skoda was it skoda skoda can you hear anything let’s

Just do this let’s just go with the race it’s pointless that’s one win for the four definitely we don’t even need to debate it in the comments that’s a win for the ford on the soundcheck come on it was so neck and neck with me in the forward what was the skoda doing come on is that skoda gonna pass that forward i don’t know this gti smashed the field that was

A bit tricky off the line for everybody me and you focus were neck and neck but then this just hooked up and i left here yeah that was really close to the start but you had the legs in the end but a really close race between the focus and the octavio in the end so which one the skoda or the forward tommy skoda well i got off the line really well but this thing

Just had a little nap between first and second gear and i really dropped back and i was reeling in the forward at the end but i think he just put me to the line right i’ll give him another go good luck oh they never struggle off the line that four just rockets ahead come on and now i’m coming past less power but actually more power in the real world and the

Skoda as well that here’s another victory for the gti oh dear looks like the ford got beat for sure if this thing could put its power down and it had a launch control then i feel like it would be good but it doesn’t and it can’t so your gear change from first to second was better this time skoda right yeah it was great that time i felt like i was almost keeping

Up with you to begin with but then i couldn’t hold on do you know why that is it’s because volkswagen group would never allow an octavia vrs to beat a golf gti they just wouldn’t the ecu’s are probably talking to each other and the ecu in this is probably telling that one in the skoda to back the f but in german so then what exactly happened while the volkswagen

Completed the standing quarter mile in 14.1 seconds the skoda took 14.3 seconds and the ford finished last with a time of 14.6 seconds okay now we’re gonna have a rolling race this time we’re going to put the cars into automatic mode for their gearboxes and they’re in normal or comfort driving mode as if you’re just chilling out we’re going to do a rolling race from

50 miles an hour and we’ll see if that ford is actually faster than these two vw group cars when the launch is taken out of the equation see if your excuses are valid let’s do it cruising along 50 miles an hour are you ready three two one go god this took forever to kick down absolutely forever comfort really is comforting this i’m pulling that forward back

In hold on forward i’m going to capacity before you break oh you’re chicken loads of room there this took forever to kick down the ford seemed okay instead of the skoda so ford how was yours took off like a rocket had a little battle with the octavia but it did start to come through i saw more birds on the runway and i chickened it i was going to come past you

Then you’ll never know we will know i was coming past anyway i think the skoda won that one yeah i guess the ecu’s just weren’t at the same frequency that time i couldn’t keep up with the ford at first but then had no trouble pulling past i think someone at skoda is going to be in a lot of trouble aren’t they someone who’s like programmed the gearbox and made it

Quicker responding than the one in the golf even though they’re the same gearbox oh dear i want to see what happens when we take the response time from the gearbox out of the equation so we’re going to do the same thing again rolling race 50 miles an hour but this time the gearboxes will be in manual mode starting in third gear and we can have the cars in their

Sportier setting if you’d rather watch my in-depth video review of this new golf gti though just click on the pop-out banner to do that instead everyone else let’s do this let’s see what happens here we go i’ll count it in get level three two one go that’s better that’s better i don’t actually have to change it manually because it’ll do itself there we go the

Ecu’s are in sick now easy peasy took the gear boxes out the equation this is the quickest car without a shadow of a doubt and that forward i’m afraid slowest my theory was incorrect history was definitely incorrect the way this works out is that 245 volkswagen group horsepower are worth more than 280 ford horsepowers it’s fact in it finally then it’s brake

Test time however if you’d rather watch me drag race the new bmw m135i against the new audi s3 and against a mercedes mg835 click on the pop-out banner up there totally forgot which car it was if you don’t let’s do this brake test see what happens fall emergency stop from 17 miles an hour when we reach the white line oh no i need to stop here’s a white line

What’s going to happen no i always lose the brake test i think everyone besides me breaks early it’s not that i’m breaking too late it’s greater on that i have nothing more to say on the matter two wins for the skoda two wins for the gti nil point for the ford oh well sorry ford fan boys your car isn’t so good at these challenges but on a twisty road yeah it’s

Definitely more fun to drive more adjustable than this golf that this is actually a better car now tell you one thing i’ve actually got an amazing deal on one of these three cars through car wow now if you want to see which car it is and the saving you can get off it through car wow click on the pop out banner up there also why don’t you follow me on instagram

Matt watson cars do lots of behind the scenes stuff things about my personal life with cars not just my personal life it’s boring so go follow me i’d really appreciate it see you next time i hope you all enjoyed the video if you did please give it a like if you click on that box up there you can watch me drag race some lorries with yanny if you click on that box

Down there you can watch my review of the audi s3 which is effectively the same car as this gti’s more powerful brother the new golf r also if you click on that box there you can download the car wow app it’s completely free and it allows you to do things like value a car by simply scanning its number plate go get it

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VW Golf GTI v Ford Focus ST v Skoda Octavia vRS – DRAG RACE By carwow

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