volvos polestar 1 info short
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Volvos Polestar 1 Info Short

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Good afternoon everybody this is the nemesis coupe with another video god damn it alright so today i wanted to talk to you about the polestar 1 which is volvo’s new sports coupe basically coming in at the price of 155 thousand dollars which probably never be able to buy but i mean i could take a mortgage out on it ruin my life but i could live in it so you know

I live in a 600 horsepower car and crying it from how terrible my life is but a gauge that our own it’s making about 600 horsepower it’s basically a a two-door s60 make it 600 horsepower 1000 newton meters of torque and is driven by a turbocharged and supercharged four-cylinder in the front and then driven by two electric motors in the back the electric motors

In the back are making about a 109 horsepower each to each wheel so with a combined horsepower of 218 horsepower just in the rear and then the front is driven by that that supercharged and turbocharged 4 which is making roughly about 400 ish horsepower they’re probably a little less like 380 something but basically what polestar is is it is a it’s almost like

Volvo’s side thing like like volvo sales they sell like regular cars to regular customers in and they got that little hoe on the side it’s like ok here we’re gonna so we’re into some of these cars we’re gonna sell sports cars out the back it’s like business in the front party in fact it’s kind of like a mullet but yeah so kind of like an example would be nismo

Nissan srt it’s or racing technologies i think is what it’s called but yeah srt to dodge this modi nissan and basically that’s kind of like what pole star is to devolve oh now the cool thing about this car is it is available for pre-order and full customization so like you can go online pick out whatever color you want rim color you want exterior color interior

Color everything kind of like you know how you would order from factory but like every pole star one is unique to its owner kind of like how the dodge viper was i mean there were thousands of customization options for that one and no two vipers were alike as far as like the newer ones that were just discontinued unfortunately but yeah as far as that goes that’s

Ball those pole star one go ahead and google it i know volvo was kind of quiet about it i actually found out about it from facebook and i didn’t even know a thing until i i saw an ad for it i’m like oh holy volvo has a sports car and then i saw it had 600 horsepower and then i saw the price tag and i said ah nope not doing it so yeah but happy fourth of july

And shadow it goes to all of the veterans out there thank you for serving you know be safe drink responsibly kind of you know don’t drink and drive that’s a bad thing yeah again happy fourth of july and go enjoy time with friends and family see you guys next time you

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Volvo’s Polestar 1 Info Short By The Nemesis Coupe

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