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Volvo XC90 T8 Hybrid u ti

Volvo XC90 T8 Hybrid đầu tiên tại Việt Nam – Vừa sang trọng, vừa tiết kiệm KHÓ TIN | Autodaily

In a powerful engine with 400 horsepower but fuel consumption, it is possible to achieve only 2.5 liters per 100 trees. you guys a miracle story a fairy tale to the heart of the heart and the full story from the brand a google phone in the past many years has not been strange to you for many years, can you be as neat as you can be this is a model xc90 that is also very

Familiar and interesting to you, but what is the miracle here is a car weighing nearly 2 tons 4 engines with 400 horsepower but fuel consumption capable of achieved only 2.5 liters per 100 palm trees is it believable yes my wife filming started is unbelievable like today we will try maybe one today i am also very happy when attribute one one of the first to be opened and

This key, please open the car door to invite you to see the volvo xc90 version 20 21 and use for the engine is also very good. especially this is the t82 bridge engine and this is a set of hybrid golden vehicles which means that if you go back one day you can completely plug him in and charge it anywhere thank you and very special especially when this charger you only

Need to connect to the grid of the house, wife 400 horsepower but consuming 2.5 liters per 100km, it is too terrible, is n’t it, the number is too magical, isn’t it and before, i could read the charger so you could see it clearly. but the nature of a car won’t have a charger like this, this head. you plug it in here, we just need this, and this end, you don’t plug an

Adapter into the home grid and you’re done, and the whole thing is in this manual. for this plug-in charging system , we also have a note that it’s because of the electricity. electricity is 220 on the house grid, so this car is currently running the electric motor, but it still has to be called your group, right, you can’t unplug it this head can come out, this hood is

Self-locking. we’re europeans, so are the cars designed with safety in mind to care about the safety of the users? because if not, we might have to unplug it and open it again, it’s very dangerous, but i just need to turn off the phone, yes ,ah, when the light is on , gently open it a call this machine we will have a the 2.0 turbocharged engine and a 65kw electric motor

Equals the combined output at 400hp and maximum torque and 640 awesome numbers in the engine and i’ll repeat it once again in just 2 liters per 100 trees and the fuel consumption we can achieve and the class of a european car you see all the times, every very small detail plastic yeah good at the engine baffle and the cavity soundproof insulation and look at the roads

That show this car. well then you can see those details to compare with the rest a ok on volvo xc90 2021 used with this v8 engine , i don’t think the exterior design is too different, you can take a quick look so i can start the engine so you can see the foolish light system. in fact, it can be lit to see the shimmer of a multi-billion car and a huge difference. this

Car is running , you just need him to put the gear lever in position d. will go but it is extremely quiet because currently this car is operating with the electric motor that i just introduced to you and then when it comes to equipment, the cam360 in the front sensor is fully equipped with the angle sensor on the side. the exterior is not too different, the special

Thing from volvo cars is that the entire frame and body of this car , the parts that have to bear the most force, are used steel. the main tank is steel. has forty percent more hardness than ordinary steel a point also very new on the volvo xc90 used with the t engine. 8 then you will see that this set of wheels is a 21 a wheel and the new design is very nice, but here,

When i sit down, i see this and this is not good. my name is turn on the lights to see this. silent tire company when i ask, but here is a picture of a speaker, this tire is a tire that reduces stability, i have also seen rolls royce cars using this type of tire technology in the system. this suspension air suspension where you can happen with cars from europe then the

Chassis system suspension system is very important a and also would like to share with your friends at the moment i turned to introduce this car to everyone , i don’t really know what the final official price is, if it does, i’ll ask for permission to type it on the screen so you can see it because because this video will be done before the announced price is announced,

But about the design on the side and the utility equipment, it is on the xc90 t8 2 is the same but i would like to repeat that all european cars are so you have to touch you have to touch you have to see it live then you see it will be in a very high level of sensor opening the door on all 4 doors means that these details are shiny black anh son or chrome plated details

Are or are details like this, it’s very beautiful, a call us to go to the racing part let’s see if there’s a difference, not too much, right? it’s still a full led taillight system with volvo’s typical designs for many years and this is a very valuable recommendation. on a volvo xc90 used with a t8 engine, the wheel formula is 4-wheel drive full- time and g-dragon, the

Technology to fit means that this car can automatically recharge the rechargeable energy for the car. battery pack when we brake and it is energy recovery technology hoa this car has the following 6 sensors including or 2 sensors the brain also adds this sensor, this sensor is part of the technology in safety assistance, when we back out of the parking spot, it will warn

Against traffic and pedestrians and vehicles. the speed when reversing and it supports the brake is a very high safety technology on the volvo xc90. for me , every time i sit in the volvo cabin , i feel a space for it to be easy. it’s friendly, that’s the taste i have to call buying a car. will this have wireless charging ma’am yeah ok bottom and clean doesn’t get hot and

During the process that i’m talking to you about right now you and your friends this is this car that is also under fire a and here to prove it okay i will try this i will try it of course i have to try it now about rock safety it will please don’t call it a network, they use these engines, we must be very important, such a problem can be cut off. yes, the air conditioner

Is on. everything is very cool. but i’m very quiet. this is also a great trick as soon as i can use the live mos modes i will turn it on. always to introduce this mode through this mode can be said to only use the electric motor, pumpkin and the second mode is 2 liters, which means daily use it will combine the engine and the engine. individual gasoline then this part is

Set as you want and then the power is like sport of that route they are offroad mode or we can use the default is alright again when we switch to oh okay guys can you hear this part of the light, this dashboard has already changed to the internal clock, but if i turn it back on here, i can’t see that it makes the old bridge go wrong, very special and if like if you go out

And come home after the time specified by your girlfriend, yeah, please use this recording mode, it wo n’t affect anyone, it’s very quiet, the engine it’s still spitting you’re ready the air conditioning is still cool music you can hear everything is working properly and let me switch bands so you can see the transitions between modes how is the motor and the combination

Of the electric motor and the gasoline engine ok i will make the model now it’s hybrid right or past the engine but i will switch to alright when the engine explodes at the height of the chassis instead if you sit inside, you can feel the system when watching odd movies, it will automatically adjust the height in some cars, so you can save fuel up to 2 ,5 liters per 100

Trees but you can run fast for the mountain passes and you can order and you can go every day with a fuel consumption that is too awesome too tempting to use between cars the gasoline engine and the electric motor continuously work together to punch holes. the design of van van’s street, ms. mai’s street, and the fine abba is very fragrant. it’s quiet and very cool,

In this chair, you can stay with a heater with drying. there are special things on this t8 version, you can use the feature of re-massaging at the radio you use the touch screen to turn on. there are so many features see how far the mode you can use it is great next for this car you will also find that in one of the fake sound systems only one room is added listening to

Music and the 3-week speaker system printed on this car is 19 speakers which is also very special, but in fact, it must be shared. it’s true that if you’ve heard this pinned sound system , who is easy to call you? it’s easy to forget with other sound systems but the same because it sounds too good, you turn on the ic first , you at the studio you have an individual stay you

Are still afraid of kissing however on this xc90 t you can join the club this is the central screen, the experience is the same, still the features are relatively basic. however, in an a like this, please allow me to go into it a bit quickly so that everyone can see for example that you can choose which one to go to this file is also very good. that file has four people,

So you can choose 3 you and a guest are right , so set up the configuration, in this setting it also has a relatively two feature that i have to introduce to everyone right away to smell lifi. you can let your child use it. using this car you can let your guests use you can lend it to you you can let your kids go and you only set the speed limit to 100 80kmh even if you

Can be an advance to save mom please that means this car ca n’t go through the speed of 80kmh, is it safe. like, now it has a very nice feature in the air conditioning system that on this table i just saw beijing limeade. is that you can tick here you and you can schedule the air conditioning system to be busy, the date and time, and even set the alarm clock to repeat

According to a great week is not two children then all the days yeah so if in our summer it ‘s too sunny 40 degrees i want the car to cool down i can too and on this xc90 t8 2 plus you will there is another work of art just need the number of crystals it’s the same as on the xc90 why not call this crystal this is from the manufacturer see more if else gold with experience in

Producing literary crystals it’s been about 200 years and each of these gearshift levers is hand-crafted by a single craftsman from start to finish to produce a gear lever like this pumpkin yeah and then about the list of assist systems safety on volvo xc90, it’s still there on this steering wheel display screen, the screen is large enough to go to the 360 ​​cam house,

Yes, 360 net here you can choose the option the original cam they 360 view but choose this side angle sleep yeah, who’s standing there, they’re 45, a very good safety system on here, there is a traffic warning when changing and a support plan, you can choose n shows that all the cams fall very sharp and in the star compartment position, it is still the same, still the

Attractive aroma from the java file delivery system with very beautiful textures and pleasant space and a new point on the screen. the xc90 used with this v8 engine has a very beautiful suede ceiling or a super wide panoramic sunroof and you should remember that this car has an independent 4-zone air conditioning system yeah you and i can if you can ask how many vents

Are there for this monday, i would also like to say that there are 4 vents including specialty coffee b a ah well maybe i just want to briefly review the details. new on the xc90 using its huge t8 engine is the magnetic pole movement it brings and the happiest thing for us is to be able to make cars by sitting in the car. cool but when doing the last scenes like that,

The music can come up here. the engine is still active when the electric motor is on moving and the car is still operating very normally, i don’t hear a sound at all. i’m very cool to announce the last information i would like to share with everyone that this car still uses an 8-speed gearbox but has improved. progress and all the operating experience, i would like to

See you guys and everyone in a next program. looking forward to your support and friends.

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Volvo XC90 T8 Hybrid đầu tiên tại Việt Nam – Vừa sang trọng, vừa tiết kiệm KHÓ TIN | Autodaily By

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