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Volvo XC90 2015 review | TELEGRAPH CARS

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Is the new Volvo XC90 the ultimate family car? Chris Knapman puts it to the test to find out.

This new volvo xc90 has been a long time coming the original version of this seven seater suv was so successful that it remained in production largely unchanged for more than a decade as a result this replacement version has got a lot to live up to so let’s get cracking and have a look inside first of all noting just how handsome it is now before i lift these two

Rear seats up i just want to show you the boot space because this is basically as bigger than a state car it’s absolutely massive back here and the other thing worth noting is that unusually with these seven seaters you just pull the seats up from here but in the volvo the handles are right at the far edge so if you’ve got a lucky bumper you’re going to end up

Monkey trousers however you can get round it if you bear with me do you appear around the side here slide that one forward and then this is a much easier way of getting it in place now of course there’s getting in and again it’s really very easy that’s just about enough headroom i’m 5 foot 11 so if you’re a kid you’re going to be perfectly happy and legroom is fine

I wouldn’t say i’m crammed but if i am i can always ask it was in front to share a bit of their space by sliding forwards share space go on then i have got quite a bit of it after all as you can see legroom is fine loads of headroom and although this middle seat slightly narrower it’s still fine for adults particularly because this lump in the floor is actually

Quite small and final point to note for parents isofix mounting points but only on the outer rear seats speaking of child friendly there is also plenty of space for a baby buggy even with all seven seats in place the xc90 continues to impress when you climb up into these very comfortable seats in the front but it’s the dashboard that’s the real star of the show

It looks so cool there’s just actually eight physical buttons and everything else sits in this vertical tablet like display it doesn’t just look like a tablet either it works like one swipe in between screens gives you access to your phone the sat nav your music and safety functions engine options range from 2 liter petrol and diesel to a petrol electric plug-in

Hybrid but i think this diesel is as good as you need it’s smooth it’s punchy it’s economical getting up 34 miles per gallon which is pretty good in a car this big the only thing that slightly lets the xc90 down is that the 8-speed automatic gearbox while generally very smooth can be a bit clunky on down changes while i’ve got my critical hand on rear visibility

Isn’t particularly great which combined with the size of the car it can be work specifying some of the optional parking systems like the 360 degree surround view camera the high driving position gives a great vantage point over traffic though and the xc90 s soft suspension does a fine job of soaking up bumps in the road is it sporty no is it supposed to be not a

Bit that doesn’t matter though it’s very comfortable it’s excellent on a long journey and if you really do crave that sporty driving experience well the steering’s not badly weighted and you can have an optional drive select system where you can select dynamic mode which sharpens the throttle personally though in a car like this i wouldn’t bother this is a family

Car so it’s no surprise that volvo has prioritized safety space and comfort indeed the xc90 is all the better for it on the subject of safety volvo really has pulled out all the stops for the xc90 there’s window airbags for all three rows of seats plus a system that will take over the steering brakes and throttle to drive the car at low speeds if you’re stuck in

A traffic jam all models also come with active anti whiplash head restraints and a lane departure warning so it’s big it’s safe it’s handsome and it’s practical everything in other words that a car like this should be with prices starting at 45,000 pounds it’s also expensive although if you can afford it i’m pretty sure you’re going to love the xc90 you can read

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