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Altair Club Cars Volvo XC60 Review 2014 | El.P Reviews (Used car review)

Volvo XC60 Review 2014 | El.P Reviews (Used car review)

The compact SUV market is broad, close competitors like the 2014 Audi Q5 and 2014 BMW X3 are well-rounded and come close to matching the XC60’s space and amenities, and they’re a bit more luxurious as well. The Benz GLK-Class (GLE now) isn’t as roomy as the Volvo, but it boasts added refinement and a similar emphasis on safety. All are solid choices, but when it comes to providing family-friendly transport in a stylish package, The 2014 Volvo should satisfy the majority of shoppers looking for a small luxury crossover.

Hey what’s up guys welcome back to eop reviews today we’re taking a look at the first generation post facelift 2014 volvo xc60 that was all from 208 first lifted in 2014 and ended cycle between 17 to pave way for the stunning second generation xc60 beautiful car right shout out to k2g imports and malibu the head salesman for bringing this to the 14 volvo xc60 for

Feature kdg imports are located along gibson road near atlanta mall they have a great selection of new and used cars to suit your test style and budget including this 2014 volvo xc60 links and contacts in the description below the volvo xc60 is a compact luxury suv manufactured by sweden automaker volvo cars the xc60 is part of volvo’s 60 series along with the

S60 and its cross country variant v60 and its cross country variant the xc60 has been volvo’s best seller since 209 the first generation p3 platform shares technology with the land rover flander of 207 at the time of development land rover and volvo were owned by ford a developmental split much of the engineering and tuning of this crossover was done by volvo in

Sweden although the offered capabilities were developed by land rover in england small emitters crossover suvs are very popular with families who primarily want a spacious cargo and passenger area elevated sitting position and all-wheel drive for those light weekend escapades this 2014 year model visually looks slicker attached to the new front-end design inside

You’ll find new instruments and added metallic accents these aren’t huge stylistic changes but they are certainly add to an already classy look from the back the volvo is very much a volvo you can’t miss this ship and not know what the what kite is even if i covered the logo you definitely know it’s a volvo from the eyes as i said and this actually from the kai

Review sometime back the honda fit the honda fit adapted this if you haven’t watched that i’ll put it up here so you can see it you get these pretty long tail lights which i wonder how much they are if you break one of them or replace this kind of light another feature that i like is this bold shoulder line i can just put my hand here and just shows you how wide

The shoulder is for badges you get your which is the model of the car and the t5 which is the trim of the car i’ll put the trims right here you compose the screen so you see what you get on your different worldwide trims another nice design feature i like which they actually put this on there on the on the first lifted volvos is the exhaust pipes the glue pipes are

Real the trim is chrome but the ghost pipes are real so you get dual exhaust pipes on the ends it gives the volvo a really nice sporty small suv look getting to the boot you can either use the key to get into the boot or you can press a button on the boot and the boot pops then you push it up manually the boot opens quite wide and you get this nice carpet floor

Lining it extends all the way to the sides of the boot which is quite nice getting in okay the car is a bit wet and i’m wearing white shirts so i’ll just have to enter in a very weird way sitting from end to end i can put my legs straight about six feet tall so it shows you how wide the car is for depth it’s quite enough boot is quite wide it’s wide and soot as

Tall so you get more width space you get a puzzle shelf here sadly you cannot store it inside your boot so if you’re removing it you just have to remove it and keep it somewhere else you get a boot separator to separate different things that you have in your boot or if you have something you want to have rolling i don’t say glasses or bottles of of your favorite

Drink you can put that up to hold it up or you can actually hang things here on the end i don’t know how well that will hold when the car is moving you may just flip down and crash you get a flat load bay this nice chrome skid plate so it won’t really scarf your paint as you’re putting in a luggage and removing luggage underneath you get more storage and i like

This feature where you get this get this strap to hook took on the top over there so you need to hold this large thing you get more storage here and underneath you get a bit more storage again which you can hide the things you want people to see then you get your terry packet because you have run flat the seats fold in a 44 20 mana but it’s not easy to drop the

Seats from the back you have to walk to the sides and drop the seats from there you get four tether points to tie down things and you get three more on each seat so if you have the seats lying flat you can tie more stuff if you’re cutting boxes bicycles or whatever bits and bobs that you will have here on the boot that’s the boots let me move to the rear seats

And see what the rear seats have for us before i get before getting into the back you get options on folding seats so you can choose to fold down the center seat to have longer items move forward i call this the boyfriend separator make room for jesus jesus likes to stretch out or you can choose to drop the singular seat on the outer side or you can just drop

All of them to have more luggage space to put items that you want to carry a whole visiting with all the touch points like the center seat if you want to raise the headrest the sign to raise the headless has an actual head a description of what you need to do before you set you sit on the center seat and the same thing happens on the end you have one for your

Headrest drop so the driver can have more visibility if the seat is not fully pushed back you get this red marker just notify you the seat is not locked in and when you lock it in the red marker disappears getting in to the back seat wolves are known for heavy doors and the same continues here you get a quite hefty door and when you close it it’s closed like even

If you see the hinges the hinges are massive except for volvo is their first priority how do i feel being in here for space having to seat the driver’s seat at my driving position i’m about one and a half two inches of space for leg space for food space have ample amount of food space because the seat is raised a bit high for head space it’s quite massive as you can

See so materials for the edge of the car the leather is wearing pretty well it’s a light interior so it looks a bit dirty but this is an easy clean with some products from your local supermarket and you can have the seat looking mint as if it hasn’t aged one day in its life because the leather is holding up pretty well for materials you get soft touch materials all

The way down to the bottom the only plastics you have is this center bit and you cut the space on the door with this nice c chrome trim and it’s cool to the touch even though it’s not metal but it looks really nice it oozes luxury you get wide windows and they extend all the way to the back of my ear so i get a lot of visibility you can feel claustrophobic here

At the back you get events on the big pillar of of the car now you don’t have to use your window as you can see you can all be cocooned in your own atmosphere inside this car for connectivity you get a 12-volt socket here the center and that’s it move it to the center seat you get a transmission tunnel it’s not so big so sitting here the seat is comfortable the

Backrest is hard but i get enough headspace and about just let me say half an inch of space for my knee space for leg space you will definitely fight your neighbors for who puts the foot where and your shoulders are definitely going to rub but not as much you can have three gears here at the back comfortably it’s a compact suv so it is expected a nice design feature

I like is how they made the doubling to be the opposite of the speaker so the speaker is this triangular shape facing upwards and the doping is an upside down triangle so that’s the back seat let’s get to the front seat and see what we have on the front seats getting into the front seat you get a nice volvo welcome skid plates on your door seal on materials you

Get nice soft materials are similar to the back the seats are all electric to move forward move back up down and you get three memory seat functions so you can save three seat positions in this car easy the front doors are heavier the hinges are huge so i’m closing it and i’m saying at the back once you close it it’s closed sitting in this place the steering wheel

The setting is nice it’s carved nicely you have points for your fingers you get flappy paddles which are clicky on the right side you get your audio the functions on the left side you get your dash functions and stuff the center bait which volvo calls the waterfall is wrapped with the same cool material you have at the back but now it goes all the way around and

You get this nice metallic trim here at the center most of the functions here are all buttons something that has changed on the more recent volvos is they’ve removed the waterfall with all the buttons and gone for screens i prefer this where you have all the buttons laid out because while you’re driving you have less distractions the moment you look down i already

Know where what is and what where to press so let’s look down and press once and i’ve turned off a function or something like that you get dual zone commit control and both your seats are heated so here’s the key starting it you have to put the you have to insert the key at the center then you can put the car on and the screen is big enough it’s clear and nice your

Gauge cluster is all digital all the functions here digital and you get this really nice trim on the side visibility is okay the back window is quite wide so you can see a lot of stuff from the back you can see a lot with the side mirrors and you have sensors to help you with your blind spots the air that you can’t see for materials the leather shows a bit of edge

With a bit of wrinkles in spots here and there but it’s nothing drastic and the car still looks quite premium as i said with products that you can buy at your local supermarket so that’s the front seat let’s open the bonnet and see what we have packing under there for engines you’ve got a variety to choose from starting from a two litre inline four cylinder to a

3.2 litre inline six select for petrols and for diesels started from a 2 litre inline four cylinder to a 2.5 liter inline five cylinder which were mated to either a six-speed manual or a 8-speed automatic transmission though in some other markets some engines were added and some were removed between 14 lives up to the safety reputation volvo is known for earning

Great crash test scores however most competing suvs also have good crash test rating though than 14 volvo has perfect scores of good in all five insurance institute highway safety crash test the nhtsa gave the 2014 xs60 five stars a perfect score relay in the overall frontal and side crash tests and four stars in the roll over test every 2014 xc60 comes down with

Anti-lock brakes traction and stability control front side air bugs side cutting airbags a whiplash preventing front seats also standard in city safety which can avoid low speed frontal impact by applying the vehicle’s brakes even without driver intervention the compact suv market is broad close competitors like the 2014 audi q5 and the 2014 bmw x3 are well rounded

And compressed to much in the xc60s space and amenities and a bit more luxurious as well the benz glk isn’t as roomy as the volvo but it boasts added refinement and a similar emphasis on safety all are solid choices but when it comes to providing family friendly transport in a stylish package the 2014 volvo should satisfy the majority of shoppers looking for small

Luxury crossover if you have come this far in the video tell me in the comments below what kid you’d like me to feature in the coming reviews and i’ll do my best to look for the cars or if you have one reach out to my whatsapp number and we can organize something click that like button if you enjoyed this video and subscribe if you haven’t cheers and see you on the next one

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