volvo xc60 b4 awd 2 0 197 diesel
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Volvo XC60 B4 AWD 2.0 197 diesel TEST Facelift Google

2021 Volvo XC60

You may not see it, but the volvo xc60 here has undergone a facelift. all in all, i should probably say inside or interior facelift, because the outside changes are so delicate that it’s impossible to notice them. apparently, the bumpers and the grill have been slightly remodeled, honestly, i don’t see any differences, but it’s absolutely not a disadvantage in addition,

I have a copy with optional air suspension and when lifted, xc60 looks firece there is also a comfortable getting in and out function, which lowers the car depending on whether we get off or, for example, approach the trunk it’s not as spectacular as in the recently tested audi s8 and all in all, this gadget is moderately needed – i turned it off right away. besides,

In the trunk there is a separate control of the height of the rear the trunk has a capacity of 483 liters, and underneath we have room for a spare wheel, a set of wrenches and, as you can see, there are elements of an air suspension and a mild hybrid. yes, now in volvo every engine has a soft hybrid or is a hybrid plug in, but more on that later. the trunk can of course

Be enlarged by folding the seat and then we get a flat floor. we jump to the back and here i easily fit, and i’m 186 cm tall at the back we have an armrest with a passage to the trunk, a small lockable compartment and fold-out cupholders in addition, a separate a/c zone may be an option at the rear, and we also have vents in the middle and on the sides there is also

Space for two usb connectors, type c. at the front, we are greeted by classic – beautiful-looking and very comfortable seats, which have one change compared to the previous version the manufacturer gave up real leather for artificial leather and i have to tell you that you can see the differences – his is the first time i have a volvo, in which i will not complain about

The leather, that it is already slightly cracked – here it looked like new, and the car already did 5,000 km i know it’s not much, but sometimes i complained in cars which did less than 1,000 km. i like it. there is also enough space in front, it’s easy to take a comfortable position here. i also like the new dashboard – such minimalism coupled with premium style.

These are the most important ones, because from now on the new xc60 will no longer have the volvo system but an android with google services and applications, such as google assistant or google maps the latter don’t need to be introduced to anyone, probably most of you use it it’s are simple, up-to-date and, importantly, has functionalities such as traffic intensity

Or showing police patrols it’s easy to set up, and we have maps like on the phone, that’s cool. the screen seems to be the same, so the resolution and touch are the same before the lift, there might have been slightly better graphics in the main view, but it’s really a bit in fact, the only thing that worked with a delay was the optional steering wheel heating see the

Heating or the ventilated seats turn on immediately and there is always lag on the steering wheel, sometimes smaller, sometimes bigger, but it’s always there the lack of polish google assistant is also annoying, as it’s already available for phones, computers and tablets for some time anyway, it’s also visible in the settings, but it hasn’t been implemented yet,

It’s probably a matter of some updates and it will appear. for now we have to ask questions in english and we will get the answer in this language too. the downside, in my opinion, is the temperature change using the screen, and not knobs or buttons in general, the change of the system in my opinion is a plus, as it has great potential, but there are strange ideas from

Vovlo after the facelift. for example, removing the knob with driving modes, instead we have to click through the screen to this is quite strange, because this knob looked very good, although i think i know why it was abandoned. after the lift, the car has no other driving modes. it used to be eco, comfort, off-road, dynamic and indyvidual, and now the car starts on the

Default settings and you can only click the off-road mode and the off-road mode is really only for off-road, because the car is lifting and we can drive up to 40 km / h, above this speed it goes down. but this is not the only thing that volvo has removed from the cockpit, because, for example, we can no longer change the type of cruise control from the steering wheel an

Additional option has appeared, which is stiffening the steering system this is nice and the car always remembers it, so once we switch to stiff, it will always be stiff. we also have a different operation of the sunroof by touch n my opinion it’s very uncomfortable and you have to focus too much and look at the roof to open it. another change is digital clocks that no

Longer have classic motifs as it was before now we have either a view with a map or such a strange view with nothing in the middle. as if something was missing here, but unfortunately i couldn’t run anything here the on-board computer can be turned on, but only for a moment, i have not found any information about fluid temperatures anywhere, at least for me, it’s very

Important information and the lack of it is a disadvantage. it’s also strange that volvo still hasn’t changed the 360-degree cameras because these look really bad and the top view is very poor. here, the competition looks much better. after getting into gear, we have no confirmation in the form of a backlight what’s more, here in the tunnel there is no manual mode at all,

But it really is. there should be a slight illumination of the letter from a given gear, and also the m mode should be drawn next to the gearbox. it’s also pointless that you have to pull twice, for example, to hit d, instead of doing it at once. what has not changed is a great folding, which in my opinion is even better than before the lift, it’s still lovely and we

Still have the setup including the concert room going back to folding, look, nothing creaks and there’s little piano black but i found another problem, there was always a buzzing noise in the rear cabin and it turned out to be the glass roof it drove me crazy and only grabbing this element and a slight tug did help unfortunately, not for long and then it kept coming back

Closing the roof helps a little – the humming is still there, but somewhat quieter. here the range has not changed, and there are only 2.0 r4 engines i have an engine marked b4, which can be either petrol or diesel yes, volvo has the same name for both diesel and gasoline, i don’t know how they came up with it, but great idea (sarcazm) unfortunately, the engine is also

Audible in the cabin and it has a rather poor work culture, even when it warms up i know that these are only r4, but the competition, for example the german one, has a better working culture for their 2.0 diesels in general, normal is a good term, because both driving and fueling – everything is normal as i said, the car has, for example, the possibility of stiffening the

Steering system, which is cool unfortunately, the work of the air suspension is not cool it’s really hard to recognize that it’s pneumatic at all. if i got in and nobody told me what the suspension was, i’d say it was ordinary. it’s quite stiff and it’s not a question of a 20-inch wheel but to make it funnier, sometimes it overcomes obstacles just as pneumatics

Should do unfortunately, there are no suspension options other than turning off the air suspension seriously, i didn’t feel a difference after disabling this option so in my opinion, it makes no sense to pay extra, unless you want a higher clearance, then you have no choice i took the car into light off-road and in fact, the higher ground clearance allows you to drive on

Larger ruts or small stones. in fact, i gave the power wrong earlier, because the combustion engine actually has 197 hp, but we have an additional 48 volt electrical system, which gives an additional 14 hp this is a soft hybrid kit that supports the starter and is designed to reduce fuel consumption and as for the first, i.e. the starter, the start stop system, which

Is permanent and cannot be turned off, works great seriously, great. i am not a supporter of the start stop system, but it works so perfectly here that i did not notice it ok, you can hear that the diesel does not clatter, but you don’t feel the turning on itself. bravo. in terms of combustion, it’s normal, i.e. in the city we have about 9-10 liters, overall, for

A 4×4 and almost 2-tonne car, because the xc60 weighs 1968 kg, this is probably a good result. the fuel tank has 71 liters, so with a full tank the range can be up to 1100 km. and what’s important, the cabin is very quiet, even above highway speeds, with a small catch i also had laminated side windows, i.e. an option for pln 4,600 unfortunately, i don’t know what the

Difference is with a car without this option. let’s go back to the gearbox for a moment, this gear beats very smoothly, even imperceptible, so to sum up mechanically, the engine is noisy, has average performance, normal fuel consumption and neutral handling in addition, the gearbox is lagging, the soft hybrid perfectly harmonizes with the engine and, for example, the start

Stop system works imperceptibly so xc60 is such a typical family car, which i understand – volvo has long focused on safety, oh, and the xc60 b4, like any other new volvo, is limited to 180 km/h. oh, and the lights still shine sensational. awesome. the cheapest volvo xc60 with a b4 gasoline engine and front drive costs pln 191,000 the same b4 diesel costs pln 8,000 more,

Or pln 199,000 the surcharge for the 4×4 drive is pln 10,000, i.e. the engine version as tested costs pln 209,000 however, my copy had the richest inscription equipment and its price is pln 240,000. of course, in the base, i had the add-ons that you can see on the screen now, and as a result, the final price of this copy is pln 333,600. it’s expensive, it’s premium.

If this was my first meeting with the new generation volvo xc60 and if i hadn’t driven a pre-lift i mean, i would stick to tactile buttons from the sunroof, ugly graphics of digital clocks, strange pneumatics or the lack of markings on the gearbox i would also complain about the poor culture of the diesel engine, but i would say that it’s a very pleasant suv to drive

Every day. well made, the google system has a lot of potential, the engine is quite economical, the optional audio bowers play wonderfully, the lights are great and the xc60 itself is practical and looks beautiful unfortunately, i drove it before the lift and everything was just easier there. to change the driving mode, it was enough to press a physical button, and not

To click through the menu, the same for the cruise control or the sunroof even the digital clocks were nicer, simpler and more elegant. these are not huge disadvantages, of course, some of you might say that it is evenforced, but these little things just irritated me. and since volvo is a premium class, you have to look at everything.

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Volvo XC60 B4 AWD 2.0 197 diesel TEST Facelift Google By Autowizja

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