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The team get a first look and drive of the brand new Volvo XC40. Will it tempt those looking for a family SUV with a premium feel? To watch full episodes from our latest series –

Now it’s time for us to get a first look and a first drive of a brand new model yes it’s the fifth gear team test this week the team tested the volvo xc 40 this is volvo’s first compact crossover designed to sit below its xc 60 and 90 big brothers despite being late to this sector volvo hopes that a combination of premium build comfort and looks will draw families

From established rivals like bmws x1 and the audi q3 it’s just come off the transporter because he’s got that protective cover on the top of the wheels a little bit of fashion the best bit about this car to look at is everything so this package actually costs 700 pounds and it’s the roof the wind mirrors and the wheels the wheels white wheels behave what’s that

All about oh boys have a bit of fun this is this is an urban premium suv and this looks cool i think this is an amazing looking car and every time i see one on the road my head gets turned that does not look like it’s bigger brother xc60 and it doesn’t look like the xc90 there are some similarities but it’s distinctly different pleasantly different i think let’s

Start with one of the most crucial things for a family suv boot space do you know what the boots okay gordon see the boots i don’t think it’s class-leading but a nice little touch where it folds up the holy shopping i’m gonna drive this guys yeah look at the door panels look at the ratio of carpet to plastic oh and it’s deeply sculpted yeah now what they’ve done is

They’ve used carpet to a make it a cheaper build the sound sound guys soundproofing and there’s more room do i love the fact that they’ve mixed up some materials your carpet you’ve got leather you’ve got just a little bit yeah the roof is a little disappointed feel great it feels like a pub carpet ride and they’ve made an effort look at these headrests sculpted

Beautiful things but they are they to protect you in the event that you go for because that looks like it’s a very impressive the entertainment side of the volvo you’ve got this lovely big digital scream you got the the portrait style touchscreen which we’ve seen a lot of in tesla’s i love the fact that it’s upright most cars have there’s no kind of horizontal

Platform i just think and volvo certainly hasn’t lost their legendary sense of practicality you go into the center console and there’s a proper like kitchen bin and you can lift it out why man you know we sit seen that many many years ago simple idea great how’s things in the back little met on the back it’s just a good place to be yeah i reckon you could do a

Blindfold test and city and a half a dozen cars and you know immediately you were in a volvo so we strapped up and go yeah so does this family runabout also feel refined enough on the move this bad boys got a 2 litre petrol t4 one of my favourite engines jonny this desert the 8-speed auto it’s really smooth it’s true the other thing about it is i think they’ve got

The damping and they’ve got the sort of chassis just right because you never buy a volvo first or hard cautions no and it’s got a number of things on it like the sunroof option 360 degree camera so some of the options are really useful but they are options so you got be careful although he’s a little bit stingy with stuff as standard and one thing i noticed when i

First got in it you guys might find in the back that your posture is really nice that car on the drive was an absolute pleasure to be in i’m gonna be bowled a friend the price point of this car yeah this is the nicest interior i’ve ever sat in ever yes for the price point cool so what’s the scores on the doors for the stylish swedish designed suv this is a volvo

I’d recommend to a mate so i’m gonna give it a crack in 8 i really like lots of things about this car so i’m going to give it a 9 oh as they say in sweden oh yeah i think it’s great i’m gonna score it probably the highest score ever it’s a 9 it’s a great car and it’s a great all-round car and i really like it and that’s why i’m gonna give it this mark an eight and

A half which gives the volvo xc 40 a very impressive team test score of 30 4.5 out of porting bry got that’s well done in swedish in case you’re wondering you

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