volvo xc40 suv 2019 in depth rev
Altair Club Cars Volvo XC40 SUV 2019 in-depth review | carwow Reviews

Volvo XC40 SUV 2019 in-depth review | carwow Reviews

This is the Volvo XC40. Unlike most manufacturers, Volvo has gone with a fresh and different design for their latest small SUV, rather than simply making a more compact version of the XC60. But with the small SUV market being so saturated, can the XC40 hold its own against so much competition? Join Mat as he finds out in his latest in-depth review!

This is the new volvo xc 40 and unlike with other manufacturers volvo hasn’t just made a carbon copy of the cars and larger brother the xc60 it does look quite a bit different as you can see just a bit more youthful a bit more sporty looking now the starting price obviously it’s quite a bit less than the xc60 that’s one of the beauties of this car and it actually

Starts from twenty seven and a half thousand pounds but if you get through car way actually starts from about twenty six and a half thousand pounds and if you click on the pop-out bearing the top right hand corner of the screen on the link below the video you get a car by calm to sandwich you can save on a new car as at the outside the inside of this xc forty is

Noticeably different than the xc60 next c96 a unique star and i like that style it’s kind of cool it’s youthful and i like these inlays here which are metallic on this particular car though have spotted something that annoys me slightly this bit of trim just doesn’t fit quite right now this could just be a one-off on this particular car as overall quality is pretty

Nice in here so you’ve got soft materials up here and on here in terms of equipment it’s actually quite generous so the entry-level momentum car gets this big sat-nav screen and it’s fairly easy to use the menus of pretty logical though i don’t think it’s quite as good a system is he getting something like a bmw x1 that users with full well system which is a bit

Easier to operate while you’re driving you also get digital doors on all models you have climate control as well and parking sensors for the rear those step up you get more bells and whistles basically so this one has to follow the seats they’re also heated and you’ve got bending headlamps to help you see round corners but it is expensive so it’s the odd design

Pro version now if i put this into car wow and spec it up with this engine which is the t5 turbo petrol i’m getting offer back for 36,000 pounds which is about 1500 quid off the lesser price but remember this is a brand new car so the deals will get better as it gets older i like this particular feature they’ve been really clever with the door so to try and keep

The cost down in terms of production they’ve created the door out of like this one piece and they’ve cut it away and filled it with not this this kind of carpet material it’s got style and it actually creates a lot of space in the door something look at this i can not only fit one big pop in there i can actually fit two big bottles in there that’s now that’s quite

Incredible that is in fact there’s lots of clever storage spaces around here so there’s some more storage under here you’ve got a storage area there you’re gonna put in there there’s some cup holders there there’s a little storage space here which i would use for my phone and there’s another one there which you should actually use for your phones is a charging pad

Although my phone doesn’t actually use wireless charging underneath here there’s a drawer look but i can keep my secret snacks though i’m never gonna get fit if we keep having secret snacks now this is so the little cutaway here which you can use for storage so i’m tony sure what you put there i mean up like an idea maybe it’s where you store your banana wrong

Channel anyway let’s talk about space in the back yes the door design is the same as in the front but it’s not quite as spacious though yes you can put a smaller bottle there but the rest of the room back here is very spacious i mean look at this got absolutely loads of room even though we’ve got the panoramic glass roof look there’s plenty of headroom for me lotin

Lotin me room and you can stretch out under the seat in front it is really good back here and you can if you want to pull that down use it as an armrest if you need to carry three at once it’s actually pretty good you know this middle seat is quite comfy the body’s wide enough it’s absolutely fine with three in the back this is a really spacious practical car for

Rear passengers the only thing i don’t like is this though look this plastic thing here i mean i know it’s part of the design but it just looks a bit horrible really right and let’s move on to the boot so the size is a bit smaller than a bmw x1 but it’s bigger than a band dually x2 and it’s bigger than a jack you’re a pace and quite frankly as you can see it’s

Probably going to be big enough for most people it’s got quite a lot of nice features so obviously there’s no load lip so you can easily slide things in and out and there’s some stuff plating there so you don’t actually scratch any of the bodywork now i want to show you this so you got some extra storage under there you’ve got this special divider to keep things

Separate and also these little bag hooks look so you could hang you shopping didn’t go sliding about the cabin when you’re driving home now just get this other wakes on to show you some other things so look some extra storage down the side here and here you’ve got a twelve volt socket there if you want to plug in a vacuum cleaner and hoover at the boot because

Your dog has shed its hairs in there and if you need to listen loading there if i lift that up you can see you can put your skis through there and carry people either side if you wanted to and to fall down the seats i’ll just press this button does it electrically and there’s the other one as well well you’re left with is a nice flat low bay that makes it easier

To slide your luggage or even yourself into the back now if you want more detail on this cars practicality click on the pop-out banner in the top right hand corner of the screen or the link below the video to watch my detail practicality video you’ll see how much stuff you can actually squeeze into this cause boot well it’s not with three people in the back and

Just how easy it is to fit the child seat now then it’s time for the car why five annoying things about this car seeing is there’s a two piece window design in the back door you’d hope it will go all the way down but no it doesn’t okay kind of small the window is as well great the glove box really isn’t very big look you can’t fit the manual in there and a big bag

Of crisps wait a minute why would you do that it’s a stupid test the rear pillars create massive blind spots so now you see me now you don’t for quite a long while i where am i i’ve just disappeared but now i’m here the touchscreen pics are so many greasy fingerprints you can actually use it to leave messages to other people when they get into the car for safety

Reasons if you’re not wearing your seat belt this car won’t release its parking brake which can be annoying if you just turn them and mover at low speed if you insist it kind of looks like a dog trying to scratch it cheaper by scooting along the ground don’t worry there’s still plenty to like about this car here’s the car y5 call features not the way the weights

For the parcel shelf string has these fins on them so that they don’t rattle they’re not here it’s the trim it so the call you’re driving let’s check this out does it do it does it do it can you fit the parcel shelf underneath the false floor come on volvo is supposed to be practical and you are they’re almost too many safety systems on this car to actually mention

In this video so if you just pause the video now you can see them for yourself on this screen to free up space inside the car the base speaker for the stereo is actually here just infront of the windscreen look air woofer technology both worf you can get the car with 360-degree view cameras so you can see all around you which makes it ideal when you’re trying to

Park your rather lovely volvo suv you get nixie 40 with volvo’s brilliant pilot assist which’ll basically keep you safe distance to the car in front and automatically steer you to keep you in leave you shouldn’t do this though this is dangerous and naughty very dangerous naughty volvo disapproves of such kind of testing of its policy drive system and i disregard

Them so that you can see how actually works it’s brilliant sinem i think i like about the exit 40 is that volvo hasn’t messed around by trying to make it all sporty they’ve just tried to create a comfy easy car to drive and to live with and then nailed it they have nailed it so this guy is riding on 20 inch alloy wheels now normally big wheels make a coffee feel

Really bumpy but this one it’s fine you know really good over bumps and yeah it’s relaxing it doesn’t create too much noise at speed maybe the diesels when you rev them they can be a bit raucous but generally yeah it’s a relaxing nice car to travel in and of course you’re sitting up high sort of yeah it’s good yeah the back is pretty good the only problem is a

Big blind spot you get from the rear pillow when you’re trying to kind of pull out and it’s kind of filter junctions bit annoying that is nothing it’s annoying is the gearbox so if you’re interesting comfort mode and you for all the thrall it takes a while for it to pick up and then that’s the fact that if you want to change gears manually you can do it using the

Gear selector but up is to the right and down is to the left rather than forwards and backwards which is just plain weird you can use the paddles but they feel a bit cheap so your best just leaving it in drive so it can do its thing now this particular car has a range topping t5 engine and it has 250 horsepower naught to 60 in pat six and a half seconds and it

Feels really quick you can also get a t4 petrol engine with 190 horsepower and a t3 which is a three cylinder with 160 horsepower i already get the tea for us it’s a good balance between price and performance now this t5 though i’m getting twenty nine point five miles per gallon so if you’re gonna be doing lots of miles you’re gonna want one of the diesels and

The d4 is a good choice got 190 horsepower it’s very fast almost as fast this t5 actually but you’re gonna get around 40 miles per gallon had that one now the range shopping models like this t5 and the default come with an automatic gearbox as standard you can’t get a manual with them and they have all-wheel drive less powerful versions of the car you can get with

Front-wheel drive so a bit cheaper and a bit more economic i didn’t get them with manual gearboxes so yeah overall this is a really nice car i’m impressed with what volvo is done if you click on the pop-out banner in the top right hand corner of the screen or the link below the video you can go to carlo comm for more information and to find out how much you can

Save on a new xc forty so then my verdict on this car should you avoid it should you consider it should be shortlist it or should you just go right ahead and buy it well i reckon you should just go right ahead and buy the xc 40 because it’s a brilliant small suv you enjoyed this video please like it comment on it and share it also click on our logo to subscribe

To this channel if you click on the bottom right hand corner you can actually watch more of our content meanwhile click over to the right to go to our deals page to see how much money you can save on a new car but carl now did he spot the easter egg in this video he was the swede underneath the central armrest yeah the best i could do

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