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Altair Club Cars Volvo V60 | Quando la tradizione diventa futuro [ENGLISH SUB]

Volvo V60 | Quando la tradizione diventa futuro [ENGLISH SUB]

Ecco la prova su strada dei nostri Galebordons della Volvo V60. Una station wagon moderna nel look, dotata di tutte le ultime innovazioni tecnologiche e ben fatta sotto il profilo costruttivo. Ecco com’è fatta e come va nel nostro test drive

4,76m long, 1.85m wide and 1.42 tall, this is the new volvo v60, here you can see the new thor lights and the new grille here you can see the lines on the side and on the bonnett, i really like the 19 inch rims, the side look is very elegant and sporty i like the full electric set up of the seat and the bower & wilkins stereo hidden here my driving position is very

Comfortable and i have alot of space over my head, it’s similar to the xc60 even the rear seats offer a lot of comfort, there are easy access isofix hooks, there’s a 12v socket and there are 2 air vents the rear design is similar to thje one of the xc60, double muffler and a 529 l trunk,1441 l with the seats lowered. on the bottom there’s a spare wheel. from here i can

Also lock the doors, let’s now go drive it! here we are, i really like volvo cars, much better compared to the older model it’s very comfortable, there are 2 diesel engines with 150 and 190 hp and petrol and hybrid engines, like the t8 the shift is not very sporty, the car is extremely quiet, we can put it in eco mode, comfort and dynamic but it doesn’t change much, the

Steering isn’t too direct, but it’s precise thee’s the adaptive cruise control, following the one in front of you, the seats are extremely comfortable, even for very long trips, massage function and everything and th eseat length. on top of that you can even cool them i don’t go crazy for the ac functions since they’re on the screen even on manual mode the car shifts by

Itself, the braking is extremely good, the abs works well and the big rims have a good comfort the dashboard is similar to the one on the xc90 and xc60, there are wooden details, very well done, but we don’t really like the plastc on the dashboard, otherwise it’s extremely nice, with good details i like the 350° camera, the touch screen works very well, but you’ve got to

Learn where are the info, then there are online services, using a sim or the hotspot on your phone i like the screen layout that shows many info, then you can set up what you have in the cockpit, you can customize it to your needs idon’t really like the steering wheel with its switches, but that’s me i would have rather had a faster feedback from it . there are no paddles,

I have to use the shift and i can tell you that the pick up is good this car is very safe, blindspot assistant, actve lane assist, traffic pilot, adaptive cruise control and everything you need, everything works well the only thing i don’t like much about it is that it’s not so sporthy, especially on twisty roads, it’s made for long trips what we are driving today is a full

Optional model and it costs 65,000 euro, otherwisw you’ll have to pay about 55,000, for a starting price of 45,000 for the inscription, 39,000 for the base version. would you bu it?see you soon!

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