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Volvo V60 2014 – 2018 Common Faults

An indepth coverage of all the worst and common faults on these Volvo V60 (2014 – 2018) used car review.

Hello in the case you hadn’t heard always states are curious and spotted these days as possibly demonstrated by the branson k1 model with 60 when it was updated by the company in 2014. despite its leaky style and direction the car never aimed to be a clone of its german mid-sized premium station wagon rivals instead majoring involved were virtues like safety comfort

And practicality also included through is a reward in driving experience and the option of the class leading combination of performance and efficiency you get with the drive e 2.0 literature default diesel engine that most original buyers chose potentially it’s a surprising package for the right kind of custom in this segment lots of people will have a clear picture

In their head of whatever state looks like this won’t beat where all volvo designs will arrived of right angles this one has barely a straight line on it it’s so-called racetrack design producing lines that flow organically into each other like the curves of a raised circuit it’s not just different for the sake of being so thor the the other stains shot overhand

And sleek a low roofline make this car silhouette closer to that of a corpse than a boxy state this updated mk1 with 60 model got what volvo describes as more focused and determined looking headlamps added to create what was intended to bear more expressive front end the v60s horizontal lines were also emphasized at both the front and rear end together with

Details such as a wider grille and daylight running lights the best changes gave this guy more striking but possible presence under the skin are the massachusetts originally borrowed from the ford model which means that the underpinnings were exactly the same as those using the brands supposedly larger with 70 state and s40 saloon models the sweep in style intex

Is tall of course when it comes to practicality so the 430 literal load base as you’d expect much bigger than the boot space on often this cars as 60 salon design stablemate you’re all talking around 10 percent less cargo room than you’d get in the rivals will help will be comparing this model too because like all these a4 event or bmw 3 series touring waldothu

Was unrepentant for one thing the company pointed out that the v6’s seats folded capacity of 1421 liters in within a wheel scale of that boasted by its german rivals for another it reminds us that in an age when every shop will deliver bulky items there aren’t many bars needed to transport them and for those that do they were in this era with 70s 60 70s and exit

Night is floating up the volt range in any case it’s undeniable that the three major long space that is another haze were accessible and easy to use the rear belt splits 40 by 20 by 40 and drops down completely flat while the front passenger seat can do likewise to further increase luggage space for really long items like softballs and bikes you get a lockable

Underflow compartment to keep valuables away from prime eyes plus net pockets and the grocery bag holder to keep your shopping upright we specially like the shallow hinged compartment on the top of the boot floor lift up the flap and you can mess up the floor with mud stuff and then when you remove your wireless or whatever the flap goes down again and you don’t

Have to worry about cleaning the boot floor well not immediately anyway out of sight out of mine and all that in the rear seat you get marginally more headroom that you put in a s60 saloon but otherwise the accommodation on offer is such the same which means that this comfortable room for two adults but as with virtually every other car in this sector i didn’t be

The occupant would make things a bit tight on the journey of any real distance that occupied wouldn’t be especially comfortable either thanks to the narrow good center seat that curved center since david to be perched upon three children will be quite happy through at the wheel the most important part of any car according to wall was head of design it’s all very

Nice indeed with the premium feel right across the v60 range that you only really got on the more expensive versions of bmw audi and mercedes rivals from this era the idea is that like a kind of furniture this cabin should be typically scandinavian comfortable simple intuitive and visually pleasing and bro ladies thanks to a subtle redesign which had introduced

Some other materials and silk metal frames around the air winds and light controls plus a redesigned genome one of the nicest touches that many original buys shelves alpha is the high-tech tft instrument display with a flick of a switch you can with this choose between three different dial layouts and i’m the backlit elegant setting for comfort oriented day-to-day

Motoring and green backlit eco setting to help you drive more economically and the red backlit performance mode to better suit for more spirited driving the kind of thing the swedish brand helps the second generation model slightly lower driving position and smaller steering wheel will put you in the mood for it’s all help in this respect that the signature over

Floating central console is angled more towards the drive for a greater cockpit style feel that’ll be familiar if you owned an early version of this in k1 with 60 model new to usu will be the clever sensors connected infotainment system that allows you to add connectivity and internet access into the car this setup turns the 7 inch infodemon display you get on

The dash into a state of the art inferred beam scan touch screen that can be used even when wearing gloves award first as a driver you have the choice of going online either way a car mounted 3g 4g dongle or by using your own mobile phone high-tech features include a voice activation system that works on all music sources and the industry’s first in-dash fully

Integrated voice search spotify application it’s also possible to share a wi-fi network with everyone in the car of course it’s possible to get garrett away with gadgetry like this and forget more crucial considerations this is for example it’s a remarkable how the importance we’ve attached to the things we’ll be sitting on in our cars given that we spending many

Hundreds or thousands of house in the things and down there as well has quietly earned a reputation for making the confessed chest in the business this v70 continues that form line with what have to be the most supportive yet wonderful pill with seats at the compact executive salon sector the sports seat in the art design model is particularly good position in

Your beautifully thoroughly loneliest drive most of the v60 honest results were very happy with their cars but inevitably there were a few issues some owners have reported problems with joker or jump in jail shifting the underlying mechanicals are tried and tested part and shouldn’t give cause of concern the enters are also more hard wearing than most but the load

Area can be damaged by trying to level in bicycles which can be an awkward fit in this car check for packing bumps and scraps especially on the art design models the big logos are very susceptible to carbon the t5 and d5 models have quite an appetite for frontals so check the sunlight i’ve left in the rubber as usual check the alloy for good scarf and the rear of

The cabin and the boot for damage caused by unruly kids or awkwardly shaped luggage you might not approach the idea of driving a volvo state car with much enthusiasm something which might be justified if here we were talking about the swedish brands bigger with 70s station wagon or was one of its oldest state models but we are not has a car based on a s60 for door

Model the mark describes as a premium sports salon and it runs on the underpins of a ford monde there universally recognized as one of the most dynamically adept family cars out there in other words they are great brands for optimism when it comes to the on the road experience optimism larger justified once you’re up to speed provided you take the trouble to adjust

Your thinking into their decently while we feel this car has true it is not quite as sharp either to steer or to throw around the bands as a rival bmw or audibod currently this entire intentional the swedish branch americans have the such cars are too stiffy set up rubbing them in extremities of the security and predictability that create a really fluid drive it’s

An arguable point but we have to agree that you really do feel confident that speed at the wheel of this car if you are prepared to throw the labradors around a bit in the back the bands flow together beautifully and it says so should put it as any of its rivals from this year when condition is too nasty the reasons why i have must to do academic chase is carefully

Developed over the most demand in british b-rolls you can take this as the further by opt-in phone a design model with stiffer suspension but personally we wouldn’t this film setup to lose one of this car’s greatest virtues a decomposed right at the offers over poor surfaces supreme in fact what is an offer in disgust german rivals no there are other ways to make

The 360 handle more sharply that don’t involve higher chiropractors bills then you’ll find yourself a v60 house original owner put a tick in the box for the optional 4c which stands for continuously controlled chase’s concept active changes with the adaptive damping that wear comfort sport or advanced settings enables at the drive to alter the character of the car

Based on the road you are on and the multi arena even if you do without this feature a couple of other standard inclusions are enough to offer up a surprising degree of dynamic brow first the surprisingly quick and direct steering setup and secondly torque vectoring i set up which works through the tones to counter both and will spend by lightly micro breaking the

Jail front wheel is threatening to lose grip 5 neon from ubuntu band in a way that will be revolutionary to long time world war illness if you are in a default diesel model you’ll also benefit from a reduction in engine weight of as such as 90 kilograms in compulsion to some of the other drive trains across the range with less bug to carry around upfront this car

Feels even more eager to turn in and all this from every 60 that still manages to offer more relaxed long-distance refinement that any of the mark has yet produced it’s a surprising drive but we haven’t yet talked about engines this is something we are not normally very prescriptive about a sharing driving impressions in reviews like this different unders do after

All have different needs when it comes to specifying what lies under the opponent with this improved mk1 with 60 model 2 we are going to make an exception to that rule we can’t really see why buy this car with any engine other than the default diesel unit understand what it is a little background information is needed as a brand all has traditionally relied on a

Ford engine where for its modern era models a safe approach but not a very profitable one which is why when the chinese jajan giri corporation acquired the company in 2010 the first period was to make the golden boot make a self-sufficient in the underbonded department clearly such a goal would take time to accomplish which was why the original version of this

V60 model was first launched with the same for derived 1.6 2.0 and 2.4 literature engines eastern other world war models but behind the scenes the engineers were held at were completing their own in-house range of power plants there’s so cold drive e range of engines all of these little bit 2.0 l issues in size if the petrol diesel with the lineup of different

Power outputs brought enough to eventually completely replace the existing for the units back in 2014 through only one of the new generation drive in engines had been brought to market the 181 bhp 16 videos of powerpoint you’ll find in the d4 model with recommend hair at a stroke this engine makes the typical volvo used car sales percentage job rather awkward

As its cleaner and more economical than the feeblest 115 bhp 1.6 liter d2 v60 but fast and more responsive than the prices diesel in the lineup the most powerful 215 bhp 2.4 literature d5 v60 wind let’s be more specific as well as being able to average nearly 75 mpg and emit under 100 grams per kilometer of co2 the default gets to 62 miles per hour from rest in

Just 7.6 seconds on the way to 140 miles per hour even if you opt for an 8-speed automatic version those stars are highly affected such as the benefits of modern techno technology of course there’s always the possibility that your budget might not be able to stretch up to default purchase or that you might be afraid and admissible deal on a b60 with one of all the

Engines to allow for this scenario will tell you that if you opt for a 1.6 liter g2 warrant or choose to boost your diesel with 60s power up to 136 bhp in the 2.0 literature d3 model you’re looking at a 0 to 62 miles per hour sprint time of around 11 seconds and route to a maximum speed in the region of a 120 miles per hour and the top diesel to 115 hp d5 version

Those figures are improved to 7.5 seconds and 143 miles per hour reasons you can regions you can up a little further by punisher for your polyester performance pack the marginally boosts the power outputs to 230 bhp but if you do that you’ll end up paying a lot of money for a car that still isn’t a battle all around packages in the v60 d4 with recommend before

Finishing we’ll also auto touch upon the minority interest d6 plugin hybrid iwd version which matches the d5 diesel variance 215 bhp 5 cylinder power plants potion you alone at the front with a 17-page per electric model giant the rear wheels so it’s normal all-wheel drive and were futuristic with three driving modes from which to choose pew hybrid and power all

Operating via 6-speed geotonic automatic gearbox and pure mode the car will run in two double g only and after f32 mile range on electric only power so you won’t go anywhere near that far if you start to approach the theoretical 78 miles per hour battery powered maximum go for hybrid or power and the car functions in a awd form running on a mixture of diesel and

Electric motion go for the power setting and it’s certainly fast hitting 62 miles per hour in just 6.1 seconds on the way to 143 miles per hour not bad forecast theoretically capable of an astonishing 155 mpg if only it was more affordable while the states aren’t what they used to be and in this case that’s a very good thing this improved mk1 with 6400 diesel then

It’s a 67 supplement to conquest sales from german drivers thanks to more stylish looks that built upon class leading safety solid build quality and a cool classic scandinavian feel particularly layers in this case these switches were fused with more vibrant design a driver focus changes and high-tech engine technology in this last element that back in 2014 really

Revitalized to discuss appeal as a more cost effective alternative to german brand compact executive saloons any car that can deliver 99 grams per kilometer of co2 62 miles per hour from rest in around seven and a half seconds and nearly 75 mpg in regular used has to be worthy of animals respect a small brand wall maybe but it was punching well above its weight

Here this and then a tale of the unexpected both in style and speed both in style and speed through the sweeping shape required practical compromises but the result is a car that many buyers knew to the brand might find hard to resist as a used buy if you are just about to choose a premium u3 series or a4 sized estate made in 2014-2017 era then you might want to

Try one of these before you do sweet dreams might just be made of this if you have a hard such model share information about what and how it breaks and the comments

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