volvo s90 review crash test
Altair Club Cars Volvo S90 Review & Crash Test

Volvo S90 Review & Crash Test

This svelte sedan is the XC90’s under-the-skin twin; as a Volvo, it mixes style with safety in a decidedly Swedish way. The powertrains, however, are slightly less sporty. There’s a choice of four-cylinder engines: a 250-hp turbo (T5) or a 316-hp turbocharged and supercharged model (T6). Both pair with a silky eight-speed automatic. The ride is quiet and well controlled; steering is heavier than we’d like. Brakes are excellent. Tech includes Pilot Assist, which steers the car at up to 80 mph.

Boggles new car in the upper middle class is the s 90 we now have a closer look if this car is as good at its competitors let’s start with the exterior design the most important design feature of the new s 90 at the front is for sure this slightly curved grille here with its 23 upright pass and if you don’t come to the site you see this very small ice the new

Headlights here and this together makes the face of the car i think it’s slightly aggressive but looks brilliant if you then go to the site here we find these big wheels they go up to 20 inch and they give the car solid stand on the road the rest of the site i think it’s simple and clear we have this one line that started the front goes over the complete side

Of the car and into the rear and that supports this high shoulder a lot for me very important is the roof line it drops here a lot and this here looks very much like the actual lda 70 the first thing that attracts your eyes when you come to the rear of the car are these back last year they go very far into the middle of the car and in between you find the

Volvo’s signature also very important for the car here at least big explores they make the car look more dynamic more sporty when you stand here you can see how wide how big the car is there must be notes of space at the interior and this is the place where we’re going to be next in the interior of the new f 90 you find a very nice mix of materials and good

Craftsmanship everything is the way it should be i want to really like it this center display here it’s a touchscreen and from here i can configure and control nearly the whole car on top of this i have this twelve point three inch full digital cockpit that supports me while i using the sat nav for instance what’s very nice as well is the seating is great the

Seats are comfortable very supportive i really like the car it’s very spacious very comfortable but now let’s see what’s with the next room taking place here at the second row it’s still spacious and very comfortable but to be honest neat i’m nearly to me design i think i’m at the edge of what is possible if i sit behind myself there’s not so much leg space left

Not so much head space anymore but i’m very tall i’m not the standard to be honest the seats are comfortable very supportive i really like that space here but now let’s see how the good is the maximum boot space of the s 90 is 500 liters that should be enough for everyday use if you need a lot more you have to wait for the estate for the v 90 because that one

Offers more than 1500 liters but now let’s see what’s under the bonnet father offers five different engines for them us 90 there are two diesel n2 petrol and their power range goes from 190 up to 320 brake horsepower the two more powerful versions of these engines have always drive on board as well and if you miss real power our six cylinders there is another

Plug-in hybrid version that offers 407 brake horsepower for all engines the 8-speed automatic comes as a standard but now let’s see how our test car drives our cars the s90 t5 that’s the model with a 2 liter petrol engine with 254 brake horsepower and 350 newton meters of torque like all the others we have the 8-speed automatic gearbox onboard and this package

Works well because easy and nice to drive the sound level here at the interior is very low it’s a pure pleasure but if you want to drive a bit more sporty that sometimes sounds like the engine must work through hard this is only a 4-cylinder so i think i miss the 6-cylinder engine the cure might be the offered plug-in hybrid model which offers forward 7 brake

Horsepower but i still think if you offer a car like this you should also offer a 6-cylinder engine as an option the s90 is available in four different trim levels they called kinetic momentum inscription and if you wanted a bit more sporty our design our car here is out of instruction and that means we have the highest level and so we have nearly everything

On board you can ask for but even if you buy the cheapest version you will still have loads of technology for instance in series they offer a traffic sign recognition a traffic jam assist a adaptive cruise control and loads of other technology that make life a lot easier and safer as well so i think this could be a big advantage if you look into the competitors

Whether new s90 volvo offers for the very first time a car that could be a real opponent for cars like lemurs see this e cloth and the bmw 5-series it offers plenty of space modern technology throughout the car and on top a good range of engines and if you see the exterior design it’s a real beauty and i quite like it if this is the recipe for success we find out question

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Volvo S90 Review & Crash Test By DPCcars

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