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Altair Club Cars Volvo S90 D5 2.0 235 CP Test Drive | Review 2017

Volvo S90 D5 2.0 235 CP Test Drive | Review 2017

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Under the gorgeous hood of our s90 itís the diesel engine called d5. itís a diesel engine of 2 liters and 235 hp and a torque of 480 n/m at 1750 rpm. there are a lot of numbers, but what they mean in our everyday life? it means that when you accelerate at any speed, the car starts without any interruption in couple. i donít know exactly what spells use those from volvo

In theirs turbines, but this car starts exactly when you accelerate. there is only one moment when the gearbox stays a little to think at the right gear, but after it had thought, the acceleration is straight and itís a pleasure to drive it. we will see soon! because volvo s90 must be a useful car, the trunk must be spacious. and because we are in the 21th century and

Iím too lazy to use my hands…yes! it knows to do this thing! and, those 20, 30 liters…i canít see theyíre missing. itís not such a big difference. itís such a big trunk! and if i opened it with my leg, i will close it with my hand. so, we are driving on a straight road and we are going to a place where we will take some photos and…look! my hands and legs donít

Do anything and the car takes the curve on its own. yes, the car can drive itself on a straight road. as you can see, i sometimes put my hand on the wheel because the car says to me to do this to ensure that i am still in front of the steering wheel and i may intervene if something happens. but, most of the time i gesture with both hands and the car works autonomously. i

Turned off the automatic pilot and i only left cruise control adaptive. the driving experience in town at the board of the new volvo s90 is a little more special than in other cars from the same class. and this isnít because of its suspension, engine or gearbox (all these are exactly how itís suppose to be). the engine is pretty quiet, the gearbox changes gears exactly

When it must even if it needs a little second to think when you accelerate. so, you canít ask more from this car. the visibility is very good, the suspension is ëforgivingí…well, if you donít pass with high speed a hole in bucharest which shakes you even if you drive a bentley. i like very much the driving position and the seats are incredibly comfortable. so, itís

Obvious that this car is made for long roads or roads that should be short, but become longs because of the traffic. and now, because we talked about traffic, i will apply the brake and i will turn on cruise control adaptive because…yes! those from volvo, the safety champions want to take a bit of the stress of driving in the city. so, the car has just applied the brake

Because a taxi driver passed in front of me. you have heard the signal and the car applied the brake itself. i didnít plan this, it just happened. now, i want to show you cruise control adaptive. we will arrive to a traffic light, you will hear the engine stopping because we have the option start/stop and i will turn on cruise control adaptive. it seems that volvo s90

Isnít accustomed with the traffic from bucharest. but, let see if it applies the brake on its ownö yes, itís starting to brake. now, i apply the brake because iím a little afraid of this system. swedes donít deny that they want to remain the undisputed champions of safety. finishing and the attention for details are obsessive in the new volvo s90.the stitches seem

To combine perfectly, this wood from the dashboard looks very, very good and the leather is incredibly soft to the touch. you can touch any place and you wonít find plastic. in the back of volvo s90, the main word is comfort. look, the leather is soft to touch, seats are comfortable and i canít get down from here. the controls for air conditioning are digitals and

They seem from a video game. the only problem is that this transmission tunnel is pretty high and the third person who seats in the middle will have to stand with one foot on one side and with the other o the other side. this handle which seems to be a polished piece of one part, a unitary and a metal one.these buttons have the exactly click needed when you press them.

I swear! the attention to details in this car is an obsessive one. but, the result is as expected! it looks incredible! like this is the volume button which has striations like all others. it moves very slowly, but with a satisfying click. i say all these because itís a meticulous attention to details. we have the navigation that we can start very quickly from here. we

Can set immediately a new destination. radio or bluetooth (auxiliary) or other devices. we have distance alert (if we can get too close from the front car, the car alerts us). we have here a camera (we can see 360 degrees around the car). itís very practical when we practice parking in town. and, down here we have the controls for air conditioning which are very easy to

Use. and, as you can see the touch screen responds incredibly well at commands. you must probably think that s90 costs a fortune! you arenít wrong! it really costs a fortune! but, despite this is cheaper with 2000 euro that its rivals from germany. so, for 2000 euro less, you have a car more special than what germans sell nowadays. our volvo with an engine of 5.0 and

Integral traction starts from 55000 euro. if we add that our car has the inscription equipping which costs 45000 euro, so our car costs almost 60000 euro. but, for what car you receive, this should not be bad at all. iím going to drive it a little bit more because i like to be seen in such thing. ahh, if you like this video, give us a like. if you donít, thereís a

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