volvo s90 2023 trc di khuyn mi c
Altair Club Cars Volvo S90 2023 Trc Di: Khuyn Mi & Cp Nht Gi

Volvo S90 2023 Trc Di: Khuyn Mi & Cp Nht Gi

Volvo S90 2023 Trục Dài: Khuyến Mãi & Cập Nhật Giá Bán Xe Volvo S90 LWB 2023, Thủ Tục Mua Trả Góp

Welcome to khanh channel today khang introduces to my family the long-wheelbase volvo s90 completely imported in malaysia this is the only sedan of volvo and is genuine distribution. 3 years unlimited km warranty comes with 3 years unlimited km warranty that is maintenance 35 nguyen sister will be completely free of labor and replacement materials during the maintenance

Of this car does it make quyen happy to use a european car this is the details of you and khanh we will learn more about in this video then for the s90 this is a long wheelbase car this car nguyen sister look at the width. look at the baby, it will be as thick as a mother s and have a length of nearly 5m and a width of 2.4 for a car with a long wheelbase, it will give an

Internal drill. the interior is extremely spacious and the legroom can lie down for the s90. this is volvo’s only car that is a sedan . c, there will be more s60, but s60 is currently discontinued, if there is s60 again, khanh will send you information about the s60 and currently the long-wheelbase s90 is being distributed in vietnam with the white, black, gray and silver

Colors are very popular for the in that range with the lowest amount. now, for details, khanh will send a calculation sheet aa quyen can only contact khanh directly at phone number phone 0788 555444 khanh will answer each specific case and introduce to his family about the long-wheelbase volvo s90 car, the outstanding features and technology of the first car in terms of a

Beautiful system, now also led with led lights. all cars from europe are led lights, but in volvo s90, this light system will automatically lower when it meets the opposite car, making the opposite car safer and our own car also. safer than you in this system, you can also find it in many luxury brands without looking back and asking questions. g for volvo, the highlight is

The current mid-lane tracking safety system and the only current automatic braking in the luxury car segment, only volvo has a mid-lane tracking system with automatic braking and steering. when cornering there is only one color available if you are interested in this feature volvo is the choice in the original in other technologies such as a full 360-degree camera system

And display of the driver’s glass. i have all the wheels about the wheels this is a set of 19inch 25 year 40 r19 wheels with a wide mounting surface that will help our car go on long distances, you better grip the road and don’t shake. listen to me in the rearview mirror. the car has a lot of first-class technology, the rearview mirror arranged on the door body will help

These owners reduce it by one point in terms of technology on the mirror surface, there will be lights on the mirror , the 360-degree camera system on the mirror will with automatic anti-glare, when at night, when the vehicle is in the opposite direction , the vehicle in the back will phase to the incoming light, the reverse side will darken to the mirror surface, and then

There will be a mirror. the blind spot indicator has a spherical mirror on the mirror to help us widen the mirror surface and automatically flips the mirror when it’s very good on volvo cars and then right on the b pillar of our owner, then there will be electric seat belt this is an electric seat belt and volvo is the inventor of the seat belt and it is royalty free for

All cars in the world, just keep in mind the use of seat belts volvo electrics and electric seat belts why does khang use the emphatic word electric seat belt because when deciding to sit in the car, if we cross a bridge in vietnam, we will be in an emergency. the seat belt detects that you have to climb up automatically once to help us sit close to the seat so nguyen sister

Will always be safe, the frame of the car will be protected by your own steel system half life is harder than normal steel and 40 percent lighter than normal steel. notice a lot of customers and for the door body of a volvo, here is the x i’m original again yes, i will introduce the very small details that are the bass part to catch the doors and it is very good monolithic

Hinges, not like cars in the segment of about 1 ladies and gentlemen, you will see that a long steel plate is bent and to catch it here, the seat is the phase cover that has a seat cooling feature for four seats, not just the two front and rear seats. cooling and drying and extreme nappa skin, your disease is very tiring to touch. for the back door, we will have 3 lines

Of electricity, two points on both sides here, you open in vietnamese at two points on both sides to increase adding privacy as well as adding to the luxury of the car one more rear light here one more rear light and for all volvos with all-wheel drive, the very convenient to open the 360-degree camera, then we will have an extra cream behind the de sensors and for the

Back part. u of the car will have an additional feature that is autolike, which means automatically braking when encountering obstacles while you are out, it will be safer, we will not be surprised by unexpected situations and will not be surprised by outside situations. range of control yes, right in this position this is the boss’s position and khanh loves to sit in this

Position a nguyen you see khanh is sitting in an extremely wide position and space for trinh very happy position on a volvo car and we will have the air vents right at the b-pillar position, the air vents are right in the center, we can cool and dry the seats right at the adjustment. here, the 4-zone air conditioner is independent, in addition, in this position, we can also

Adjust the front seat, actively adjust the front seat, run up and down, back and forth, we will adjust i’m here i’m electric we can adjust the rear electric curtain here you press this to make the rear power up and down and then we can adjust the sunroof click here sky window run up and down when the war is right at the boss’s position, you can adjust all the long wheelbases

But sitting here is extremely happy this car is a car for nhat nguyen businessmen to sit here the driver who takes us will have more comfortable roads, we will have more time to work in the front seat position, it will be nappa leather and then wood paneling remember the seat position with a full set of tables and chairs in front. there will be many ways to adjust the seat

It is up to 14 direction of adjustment, how to adjust the nose of the chair to run in and out of the clamp does not adjust the back dynamic parts 4 million runs up and down a lot and both seats are the same about the interior the current volvo s90 has an angry style on the side yard, which means that the interior is wood paneled and the gear lever is crystal, we will have

A window if you want to buy a german car. the number of crystals we have to divide and care about 4 to 5 billion nguyen i want to buy a car with nappa leather seats, it must be at least 3 billion but volvo 2.2 billion vnd gave us everything compared to the new operating system quy vuong million can remotely fire through the volvo kaka application and we can start it in

The us so that it is closed in vietnam when the door is closed in vietnam and video about sharing the remote detonation feature of the voka thanh application has clarified the original question, we can review it to help visitors, we can cool and dry the chair. 360-degree camera is full, this is because khanh is staying. the shop turns out it’s black, not a bad camera okay

Okay this is khanh recommending chonhaminh then need a crystal gear lever then the automatic transmission is electronic an electronic automatic transmission will help so you don’t have to forget that you’re driving when we don’t need to press coffee, we just need to turn off the car automatically and return to your game, then we just need to knock on the door to overcome

The weaknesses. of the mechanical gear lever on the automatic transmission, the electronic window is more beautiful, then our car will have an electronic handbrake and autohome 2 extremely useful clamping features to help us driving is much easier here, khanh again introduced to his family the long-wheelbase volvo s90 from volvo, the only black car imported completely

In malaysia, i hope khanh’s video will bring a good price. the value helps our family to choose a car in the same segment between mercedes bmw series 5 ryse volvo and wants to share in the house how does it have a place in your heart if the process feels like a car. this car is suitable for family use and volvo style, elegant style, not too proud, suitable for our home ,

Please give khanh a few days phone number 0788 555444 khanh will answer more information related to this car for you, thank you for always watching the video see you again

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Volvo S90 2023 Trục Dài: Khuyến Mãi & Cập Nhật Giá Bán Xe Volvo S90 LWB 2023, Thủ Tục Mua Trả Góp By Khanh Honda Ô tô HCM 0996.773366

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