volvo s60 2022 review better tha
Altair Club Cars Volvo S60 2022 Review | Better than 330i, C200 and A4? | HEAT17

Volvo S60 2022 Review | Better than 330i, C200 and A4? | HEAT17

Volvo S60 – For the road ahead!

Hello ladies and gentlemen my name is yashodi and welcome back to heat 17 and today we have with us the volvo s60 the t4 model it is the only petrol model that is available in india and i am about to review it so let’s get started so today’s review is gonna be divided into three segments first i’m gonna be telling you guys how the car feels from inside and

Outside what are the good features about this vehicle and second i’m gonna talk about the performance of this vehicle how swift it is and how it is to manage on the road and third i’m gonna tell you my verdict how i feel after driving the volvo 60 so let’s begin there is something very interesting about this vehicle you know first when i saw this on the road it

Didn’t feel like that this car falls in the same category of most dc class bmw 3 series and audi a4 this literally stands out it feels much more larger it feels much more presentable on the road as compared to the other three cars of this segment the front of the volvo a60 is very smart and very subtle i mean it is a very complete design you would not feel that

Anything is out of place the grill you know the logo of the volvo brand and also these t-shaped drs they just make the look overall so peaceful and so amazing to look at i mean i’m literally blown away how complete can something look like you know you get the real dual exhaust system at the rear which is very interesting to look at or peachy to your lights

They are c-shaped and they look very interesting and rat me or without amazing like there so for overall the rear design is as interesting as the front and it is very complete the tires that you get in volvo s60 they are 235 45 r18 and it is a pretty good tire you get these rubbers from continental and as much as i have driven this car i’ve thrown it into some

Corners and it has managed just perfectly the interiors of volvo 60 they are supremely up market and you will find different textures all around the car the instrument cluster is great to use it is big and bold and very easy to understand you get a great sound system and like many volvos it has some great safety party tricks to keep your friends and family

Safe and entertained you know volvo never fails to impress you and like i mentioned foot sensing’s boot opening is one of those small hidden details and another nifty thing that they have added to this vehicle is this really cool and helpful medical kit which is perfectly good for any emergency condition talking about my driving experience with volvo 60

Was very basic i would not call it to be anything extraordinary unlike you would experience in a three series or in an audi this thing is very calm in its driving nature and the engine that we get in the a60 is a two liter that is mated to an automatic transmission which produces 300 newton meter of torque and 190 brake horsepower and it’s claimed 0-200 is just

9.2 second which is definitely the slowest in its lot on a concluding note i would say volvo a60 it’s a very cool vehicle you know it looks far bigger than its competitors and while driving on the road it is one of the most elite driving car which you would definitely expect from a sweden brand so volvo is a big thumbs up from my side

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Volvo S60 2022 Review | Better than 330i, C200 and A4? | HEAT17 By HEAT 17

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