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Altair Club Cars Volvo S60 2010 – 2013 Common Faults

Volvo S60 2010 – 2013 Common Faults

An indepth coverage of all the worst and common faults on these Volvo S60 (2010 – 2013) used car review.

Hello you tend to know what you are getting when you buy it while the saloon something solid sensible and safe is a usual prescription stay tuned if all the models are anything to go by the third generation car was surreptitiously stacy and the second generation guy will look at hey i got even more adventurous the devil was set on outside the usual comfort zone

Walker has used by find out here then the water 60 was barely missed its taste meant to success of the latter car a model that improves on the design and very conceivable way and profile the photo cop shape has more than a passing resemblance to the ford model that shares the same platform but the s60 emphasized its elevated position with a more scenery lines and a

Market detailing the straight edges that used to characterize world war are banished in favor of gentle codes that is into one another the double headlights at the front and large bridge lights cluster at the rear mean you should be able to spot an s60 day on night the cabin is an error where this guy is able to leverage an advantage of the german compact executive

Models it competes with on price there was simply a bigger thing and this car increases rear passenger space over the previous generation model the swedish brands interior design has been impressive for a while and the s60 features company trademarks like the floating center stack with storage space behind while adding more of a spotify with its metallic trim and

Supportive system the s6 edge reliability is a good deal better than its predecessor the underlying mechanicals are trying to test the pass and shouldn’t give cause for concern dentures are also more hard wearing than most but the low terror can be damaged by trying to level in bicycles which can be an awkward fit in this car check for bugging bumps and stripes

Especially on the r design models the particular wheels are well susceptible to carbon the t5 and d5 models have quite an appetite for front tires so check this some life left in the robbers wolves have tended to feel like the safe cars they are when you get them out on the road but with this a 60 more emphasis than ever before has been placed on installing some

Excitement there are three changes systems available which govern how the car performs on the road the dynamic setup is fitted as standard in the uk and then there’s a firmer more spotting arrangement offered to this that are designed love with sports chases back the final option is the world war 4c continuously control changes concept an active suspension setup

That allows drivers to select their perfect settings when on the move advanced stability control is standard as its own interaction control which acts like a limited slip differential to control and still when currently as for engines will almost all add 60 bars through the diesel options range from their 115 hp 2.4 liter d5 with the mighty 414 mm of torque all the

Way toward could well be the s60s best power option the d2 diesel’s 1.6 liter unit with 115 and 270 nm of torque which makes the trip from standstill to 62 miles per hour and 10.9 seconds even through economy strong in between there to point or lucha d3 and the forwards putting out 136 and 163 bhp respectively all i 60 models get a 6-speed manual gearbox as standard

But with selected engines there’s the option of a geotonic automatic or the clever partnership door clutch transmission for the manage of customer supporting petrol power there are two choices more sensible is the 1.6 liter gti petrol engine that offers 150 bhp in the t3 finally there’s a 304 php g6 model at the top of the range with the 3.0 liter 6 cylinder engine

That can propel the s60 plus 60 miles per hour and 5.9 seconds this rare variant comes only with awg and a 6-speed geotonic automatic transmission the volus60 came of age in second generation guys with the first gen car didn’t quite know where it stood in relation to the premium brands this time round although made a very unambiguous statement demonstrating that

You could have all the style and design integrity that you’d expect in say an audi but at a lower price how was water putting its corporate confidence behind scandinavian design and the market responded actually it’s probably fair to say that the market responded in favor of the 360 estate version of this car this model i’ll tell in the salon s60 quite comfortably

But take the 2 as an s60 with 60 package and will couldn’t have been disappointed with the outcome as i used by the s estimates a lot of sense prices are commensurately cheaper model for model than the v60 and if you don’t mind for growing a hatchback you’re going to win up with a bargain especially if you are looking for a d3 at the most common place power plant

If you like the idea of a salon that’s a cut above but don’t want to follow the health into a bmw or an audi save some money and check out the s60 if you’ve ever had such two models and information about water hungry in the comments

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