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Altair Club Cars Volvo C40 Recharge: The Exterior Design Story

Volvo C40 Recharge: The Exterior Design Story

Similarly to the birth of the XC40, the C40 started as a spontaneous sketch by one of the designers in the team. And Yury Zamkavenka’s sketch “hit the ground running from the initial idea”, according to T. Jon Mayer, head of exterior design.

So behind me is the new volvo c40 and we’re going to go through today the the design story behind this car meet the designers listen to the inspirations behind their work we’re going to start with exterior and move on then to interior color materials and really understand their inspiration from nature and light also talk about sustainability and using natural

Materials we’ll move on to then the user experience so connecting the the mobile phone really with the car and also using the google assist with our new system now the the c40 really is a new vehicle for volvo but it enhances encapsulates the benefits of an suv so that’s the easy ingress egress the high seating position and the versatility which really

Connects with the lifestyle of our customers yet this is a sleek dynamic modern car now i have tijon here with me from exterior design dejan let’s maybe talk about that sleek dynamic line that we have on the c40 well i mean the the starting point of any good exterior design is is with the proportion and and that’s essential in this car being the profile of the

Vehicle we we’ve established in the market a super successful xc40 where the play upon that vehicle is sort of this tough little robot that had a lot of attitude and i think this this vehicle somehow captures even more character um with with the roof line and this this came from the initial sketch really yeah and then just how this project started because

I know that um the a lot of projects start through of course a strategy and a design brief but i have to say on this one it really did start with the sketch i mean when that sketch was created by the designer it was it was like wow here’s a here’s a no-brainer i mean it was compared nose to nose with an xc40 so that really led us into development right away

And what we tried to play is take all the successful elements of the xc40 design and really how do we how do we capture them in this vehicle and one of the ways we did that was playing upon this painted roof or the different color roof that sets up an architectural item so we have this one line coming down the belt and up the c-pillar and then really the the

Clamped roof that plants the car design and that gives it the strong graphic between the the roof and the lower part and there that makes it easier identifiable as this this strong scandinavian design because it’s simple but it’s the strong graphics yeah and when we talk about that clean lines and clean form language as well one of the attributes in xc40 that

Has such a strong character again is this sort of monolithic approach one of my uh favorite sculptors is is brancusi and he really plays upon that monolithic sculpture in his work and i see that here as well which we’re very inspired by having this more or less one volume and then we use and carve through sections and it’s so clear and obvious of a theme in

Xc40 and c40 and that’s the beauty so we’re taking almost a solid form carving away the material and from that it creates then the clean graphics of the car yep it’s a very logical simple theme setup for the entire car so you see that in the in the body side like i just mentioned but then you also see it in the main theme of the shoulder that wraps around

Into the front of the car and now let’s talk about the the front because i know um certainly our philosophy with volvo is about strong light signature the thor’s hammer so we we keep that with this car of course and and i think it’s also plays the importance of light with scandinavian design this strong element of light that you recognize the car what about

The rest of the the front i mean we have uh now the electric face i mean this is a full electric suv yeah i mean that was one of the challenges in this vehicle how do we create this uh electrified expression sort of this efficiency in the vehicle um when we start with the nose profile it really has carries on a similar character to its older brother let’s say

The xc40 but with a closed grille yeah we’ve taken out the grille frame around it really gone flush and modern yeah and that’s again communicating that efficiency in the front it also helps above the grill itself we have one line coming across above the headlight which i refer to as kind of an eyebrow it gives a structure to the eye of the car so the facial

Expression is still there of this very menacing and powerful front end and when you combine that with the lower wings on the front of the vehicle that really helps plant and set the car architecturally on the ground so in the the front with the lights as we were talking about they have the latest state-of-the-art pixel technology which is great how does that

Play out on the rear i mean we we have a very strong dna identity of the vertical tail lights as that comes around but we did a little twist on the rear lights yeah i mean we have our extended roofline profile that goes from from above thor’s hammer in the front all the way kind of up and over the roof and down the rear taillights and what you’ll notice uh

For the first time we’ve really taken our our vertical signature and laid it down onto a coupe profile and that was that’s definitely something new for us i mean volvo really is clearly identifiable in the rear with his vertical taillights much like thor’s hammer in the front so we have a very strong strong light lighting identity and we did a bit of a twist

With this on the on the c40 where instead of a solid line up the whole whole play we did a segmented approach on the vertical element it’s a very big lamp but it allows us to do quite a sequential uh welcoming light which is quite cool yeah i remember that i mean we did a whole journey with the engineering team because it is such a big lamp but doing the

Segmented light i think helped out to that but it gives it a really modern graphic which is identifiable for the c40 yeah now it’s one of my favorite views from the rear because of course we also encapsulated that width of the car how did we do that well i mean again it’s to the lamps where where the the suv bigger brother let’s say the xc40 has one vertical

Lamp that goes around to the side but we’ve decided to swing it back and clamp the puzzle piece or shield as we call it in the rear that’s between the tail lights and that shield stretches all the way out past the the trunk opening in to the lamp area with body color elements there so that’s how we’re really getting that ultimate width view in the rear cool

And then looking basically at the side of the car again i mean the car is sat on some really nice modern aero wheels uh yeah tell us about that yeah i mean the stance of the the three-quarter view in the rear uh is impeccable again accentuated from that wide rear tail lamps but again it’s planted on these beautiful wheels you can correlate the connection

Between what we showed design language-wise in our 360c concept with this very solid architectural approach and we’ve done a five-spoke version here to be a bit more dynamic which plays with the c40 itself fantastic great all right so i think now let’s just maybe move on to talk about the interior and color materials as i said earlier it’s it’s really about

Now uh listening to the the story of the designers about how they’ve been influenced by nature and light similar to exterior design and also their take on sustainable materials and using natural materials you

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