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Altair Club Cars Volvo C40 Recharge 2022 Review: The Sensible Swede

Volvo C40 Recharge 2022 Review: The Sensible Swede

A fully electric Volvo, muscular but sensible. It’s got no shortage of power but draws the line at speeding. From 0 to 100 kph in 4.6 seconds, but it won’t go over 180 kph. The Volvo C40 Recharge aims at the fully electric SUV Coupé market, where there are already quite a few competitors. Can it match up?

No start stop button in this car instead you just press the brake pedal put it to d or in reverse and then let’s go the volvo c40 recharge aims at the fully electric suv coupe market where there are already quite a few competitors can it match up the c40 recharge is based on the xc40 recharge and it also has the same drivetrain two electric engines one at the

Front one at the rear each one 150 kilowatts so 300 kilowatts in total and with that it will make the dash from zero to 100 kilometers an hour in 4.6 seconds and that feels pretty good for a car that weighs in at over 2.2 tons it can only go up to 180 kilometers an hour but that is not because it’s an electric car that is a general decision of volvo so even for

The combustion engines volvo stops their cars at 180 kilometers an hour for safety reasons that top speed is at least 20 kilometers an hour less than most of the competition the energy for the two e engines is provided by a 78 kilowatt hour battery that way you will have a range of 440 kilometers according to wltp if you drive around purely in the city just

Like us right now then you will even get to a range of more than 570 kilometers of course inner city driving rather low speeds a lot of start stop that saves energy the range assistant gives the driver tips to optimize their driving style in order to maximize range the c40 recharge is an suv coupe as you can tell by the sloping roof line which looks pretty neat

But it also brings some problems because you will lose space in the back yeah i mean the space down here is pretty decent that’s absolutely okay right up here there is not much space left of course the rope is sloping down just like i said and that way yeah there is not so much space left it’s of course a little bit because of my hair but imagine if i was

A little taller then i might be sitting like this in here so better not be bigger than i’d say 1 meter 85 maximum 1 meter 90. let’s talk about the interior it is pretty clean you don’t have a lot of buttons right down here you have some for the infotainment system skip forward skip backward play pause and to heat the windscreen and that’s it the rest of it

Is done via the touchscreen right here and that also applies for the climate control which is right down here it is okay because you can operate it like that some competitors have no buttons at all talking about other parts the steering wheel feels quite okay but it doesn’t really look good this part right here the center part which is way too big and way

Too prominent now that’s that’s not for me i don’t really like it but the rest of the car looks really good of course it takes a little bit of getting used to the infotainment system is flipped usually other infotainment systems are like you know it from your tv and that is more like your smartphone or tablet but that’s also a thing you will get used to pretty

Quickly what is pretty neat you have google maps on here because all of this works on an android based operating system most competitors don’t offer that but still feature good systems what also works really good is the voice operation navigation all right where would you like to go cologne cathedral navigating to cologne cathedral would you look at that that

Works really good now as you can tell right here it tells me the distance and the time it will take to get there but it also tells me that it has charging needed because i will not make it there on one charge so i can add a charging stop it will then show me different ones and also tell me which kind of charging station it is very fast medium fast medium and it

Will also tell me how many there are if they are free and how long i will have to charge 1 hour and 15 minutes that’s quite a bit of time of waiting but guess that’s what you got to do for electric mobility that function is really practical and not all the competitors give that much help to the driver right down here you have two usb c slots to charge your

Phone or to connect it to your infotainment system and right below that you have a space to charge your smartphone wirelessly it’s just in the middle you put it in and then your phone will charge of course if it does support the function that kind of charger can be found in all the competitors as well the trunk of the c40 recharge can fit up to 1205 liters

Which is 85 less than the xc40 recharge the competition came in somewhere around 14 to 1500 liters if you use the full potential the car has on a regular basis then you can say goodbye to your 440 kilometers of range and you will be close to 300 faster than you can say c40 recharge but that problem is not exclusive to volvo every other brand also faces it

The general driving impression in the volvo c40 recharge is really pleasant the car is silent the car is comfortable just like you know it from volvo cars and just like you would expect it from volvo cars of course you have no combustion engine which also adds to that feeling of silence in here but the insulation is good as well so there is nothing to complain

About in this car the c40 driving experience is one of the best right here behind the steering wheel we have a fully digital cockpit which will show the route guidance if you’re using navigation and it will of course also show your speed your battery capacity the temperature and so on what the car doesn’t have is a head-up display and that’s a little sad the

Thing that is also not that good about that body type is the rear view as you can tell there is only a small flat window left which is made even smaller by the headrest of the rear passenger who would have guessed the other suv coupes all have similar problems of course a car like this with that much power and the comfort and everything comes at a certain price

We’re talking about a base price of more than 60 000 euros in germany and that’s quite a bit of money the question is do you really need that much power and i think you don’t as i mentioned earlier the car is based on the xc40 recharge and that one just got an update where you can order a version with just one engine way less power and therefore also cheaper and

I expect the c40 recharge to also get that treatment sometime in the future so if you don’t need that much power you might as well wait for the other version to come onto the market and then save quite a few bucks to sum up the volvo c40 recharge is better than its competitors in some aspects but worse in others it scores points with things like comfort and a

Silent interior on the downside it lacks a head-up display the trunk is on the small side and as of now there’s no real entry-level version

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