volvo android infotainment walkt
Altair Club Cars Volvo Android Infotainment Walkthrough

Volvo Android Infotainment Walkthrough

The all new android based infotainment comes on all 2023 models with Google Assistant built in, providing an easy and convenient user experience. Stop by one of our locations to learn more or schedule a test drive today!

Hey everyone chris here from love ring follow in nashua today i would like to walk through some of the features of the new google user interface the new user interface was first introduced on the xc40 recharge and now has branched off into all incoming models for model year 2023 google maps is built into the center stack and into the driver display unit with

A similar user interface found on smartphones you can also use voice commands with google assistant to ask for directions or to put in a general search for places to go near where the vehicle is located radio siriusxm and other music or listening apps can be found on the second row and can be changed easily by swiping to the side to change platforms to

Connect your phone hit the plus sign where prompted and follow the pairing directions found on the screen you can also manage previously connected devices found on the menu when backing out of that function and what functions they are connected to to install applications hit the icon in the lower left corner of the screen and select play store in order to download

Applications you will need to sign into your google account that is linked to a store account to access climate controls hit the fan icon to pull up the climate control screen here you will be able to regulate the fan speed along with the temperature of each zone or even sync the zones together in the fully electric models you can set the car to precondition the

Cabin temperature 30 minutes prior to departure or set a timer to precondition the vehicle for any future use in order to access vehicle settings hit the cog icon in the lower right corner of the screen here you will be able to access different categories of features in the car driving features such as lane keeping aid and road sign information can be found in

The driving section in electric vehicles the charging menu will allow you to set the percentage limit and amp rate of how you follow charges the sound menu will allow you to modify the characteristics of the tone and balance along with the different listening modes and surround in your vehicle in order to access the cameras hit the camera icon at the bottom left

Of the screen for 360 degree cameras you can select which view to use on each side of the vehicle to access the tire pressure monitoring system swipe to the side on the lower row and hip car status here you will see the status of your tire pressure along with the service status of your volvo the google interface can update over the air wirelessly as long as

The car has cellular service or wi-fi service update notifications can be found in the pull-down menu when dragged from the top of the screen or in the systems tab after selecting the settings icon at the bottom left of the screen updates can typically take up to an hour and a half to install thank you for taking the time to watch please visit our site for more

Information or please visit us at one of our three locations across new hampshire

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Volvo Android Infotainment Walkthrough By Lovering Volvo Cars Meredith

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