volkswagen taos 2022 tope de gam
Altair Club Cars Volkswagen Taos 2022 Tope de gama

Volkswagen Taos 2022 Tope de gama

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Gamma foreign me crazy until uh never break how is it supposed to be they wanna sing my name but they holding back they wanna say they hate but they know it’s cap i ain’t playing no games i just do this fact and i don’t feel no shame it’s a mood you like i go crazy nah i ain’t lazy track up the track i work on the daily pass me the jack

Riders fuel got me hazy bout to unpack all these shoes i’ve been chasing i’ve got visions in my head like memories after death to be a legend instead of something you can forget i’m living up every breath i’d rather leave them be light i’ll fill the seats as it spread with every word that i said is be cause i’ve been living life right like i could just die

Any minute don’t pull right down the side pch cut your limit i like i could just die any minute red lights driving at night window this ride feeling alive nothing in sight forever in flight follow those times we’ll make it this time blurry street lights work as a guide to memories that we’re making tonight oh yeah we’ll make it tonight yeah i’ll do anything

That i feel like i wanna do i’m living life like i got nothing left to prove no end inside just always staying on the moonlight if that’s just what i inside for their needs and life they want to be like by everybody in sight but trust me being free ain’t spotlights no it’s long nights and it’s long fights with yourself all the time i get your mind

Right but if you put in the work you can find the light all right i got nothing left memories like are you alive i’ll just breathe so video

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