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Altair Club Cars Volkswagen Jetta 2015 Test Drive Review – Autoportal

Volkswagen Jetta 2015 Test Drive Review – Autoportal

Well if there was ever an award for a lot of talent but too few sales numbers to show for that talent then the vw jetta would surely be one of the top three contenders why simply because despite being one of the better cars in the vw portfolio it hasn’t sold in the numbers that the company would have wished for but now vw wants to bring the jetta back on to the car

By asada and they are doing it with this updated version well anyone planning to buy executive luxury car will really look at the boot capacity and that’s one area where the jetta ruling presses as you can see the aperture is pretty wide and what that means is that if you are someone who enjoys playing golf and chucking that golf bag into this boot should not be

An issue at all well but if you want to load longer items if you are someone who likes to go out skiing or stuff like that then you can also drop the back rest of the back seats by simply pulling out these buttons over here well so what the drop seats at the back truly mean is that in case you’re camera means tripod gets stuck and won’t fall back in you can pull

It in in that long position without any fuss well this is the place where most jetta owners will be spending their time in the back seat and as you can see knee room is really generous and i have got place below the front seats where i can stretch my feet hat headroom is pretty okay as well and nothing to complain about where the car really impresses is in the

Build quality department now vw have put in the best materials in this car and this car really is the best in terms of quality as well as material used in this segment well the seat cushioning is pretty good and the backrest angle is pretty good as well and what that means is that if you are someone who loves to travel on those long highway trips then you will not

Feel tired at the end of the journey and will come out very fresh and energetic at the end of it you also get ac wentz at the back and you get big dolphins which can genuinely house those big 1 liter bottles the only downside of course is that there is a huge transmission tunnel over here and what that means is that where we’re going to sit in the middle is going

To struggle with legroom and fight with the other occupants so what you need to do is ask wherever sitting you’re not to sit over here and you pull out this armrest which also has two cupholders and sit tight and relax on that long amateur well here i am now in the front seats of the new jetta and this is a great place to be in just like grass seats cory levels

Are absolutely first-rate and in the lower end of the dashboard is really made from the best materials possible in this segment and the vw jetta clearly has the edge over all its rivals in terms of sheer build quality as well as the materials used well yeah the good part about the jetta is the fact that it’s very practical place to be in and you get a lot of places

To keep your knickknacks and odds and ends of course get this little box over here where you can keep that wallet or even diet coke can you also get two cupholders over here you get a place over here where you can keep your cell phone and your wallet and the door bins are large enough to house those big only the bottles in them and if you want to hide something

From the occupants of this car or someone outside you also have a lockable glove box which is a rarity in this segment and it’s pretty big and you can of course keep in that bottle because this is air cooled for in terms of safety equipment the jetta is really solid because it comes with six airbags abs as well as traction control you also get other equipment like

Automatic climate control which is dual zone so the passenger over here can set his own temperature and the one here can set his own and you also get the obligatory bluetooth connection for your telephone as well as stereo controls over here on the steering wheel well the dives on the jetta are really nice and crisp reed well special mention must be made of the

Jetta staying which is of course flat-bottomed over here and it really is one of the better steering wheels to grip in this competitive executive luxury segment while the jetta comes with a choice of diesel and petrol engines there’s a 1.4 petrol motor which we are driving today there’s also a 2-liter diesel engine which also is said with the skoda octavia well

Don’t go by the engine capacity alone because the jetta is deceptively quick and this engine just needs to be wrapped up to deliver phenomenal performance well you say that the jetta is a brisk would be an understatement because this engine is really phenomenal in terms of power delivery and if you are someone really enjoys driving and really thrives to drive in

Practice to be sitting here rather than the backseat then this is the engine do pick in the jetta range it comes with a six-speed gearbox so what that extra sixth gear does on the jetta is that it gives the engine greater flexibility and if you are someone who really does enjoy those highway trips then all you to do is just slot it into the sixth gear and sit on

The accelerator at 110 hundred twenty and the jettas quietness levels are really very good and the jetta is one of those few cars where you can actually hear a pin drop well where the jetta also impresses is in the feedback from the steering wheel and unlike some of its rivals like the toyota corolla altis as well as the chevrolet cruze this car is a very genuine

In terms of the feedback and the steering wheel has a lot of weight in it and what that means is it doesn’t feel nervous or flimsy like some of its rivals and is a great car to push around into that corner well where the jetta also impresses is in its ride and handling and it is one of the best cars in terms of ride comfort as well as agile handling got a very flat

Ride and what that means is that it remains very stable on most surfaces and even if you do encounter that little rumble strip in the middle of the highway and you want to fly on top of it this car will remain rock-solid well so in terms of driving dynamics the jetta is really hard to fall despite the data strengths there are a few issues there are a few negatives

As well one of them of course is the fact that this car looks very similar to the smaller and much cheaper wento from the same vw family the only saving grace on the design side is of course the fact that the rear end of the jetta looks very well inspired from the much bigger and flashier howdy a4 well the other negative of course is the fact that the interior

Design the dashboard design looks rather dull and boring well despite those small negatives the jetta remains a hugely capable and hugely desirable car it’s huge on comfort huge on luxury and huge on personality and what that means is that if you’re in the market for an executive luxury car there are a few other cars which are as solidly and well engineered as

The vw jetta making this one of the best buys in this category you

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