volkswagen id buzz presentation
Altair Club Cars Volkswagen ID. Buzz – Presentation & Features

Volkswagen ID. Buzz – Presentation & Features

VW ID Buzz Interior, World Premiere

So hey id please take me to the future lab have a good journey to increase safety the ideal light can visually warn us for example when pedestrians are crossing well done idea and in an emergency front assist can also initiate braking the id bus has been developed as a pure electric vehicle the only one in its class and it’s packed with technology the id bus

Is based on the meb the modular platform for all our latest generation evs this concept enables us to bring sustainability to the market quickly and effectively it also saves an incredible amount of space the axles are set far apart to ensure short overhangs the idbus is currently our largest model based on the same principle as the rest of the id product line

Our vehicles are not only connected with each other they also communicate with the traffic infrastructure they receive and send important traffic hazard information using a dedicated communication standard that is independent of the cellular network this can help to avoid accidents and the vehicles are constantly updated over the year this ensures that the id

Family is always running on the latest software version the id bus features even more innovative connected technologies like actively assisted lane changing and the new train parking both of these systems offer our customers additional comfort in a vehicle of this size for instance the latest version of travel assist uses swarm data to enhance road safety with

Driving information gathered from other vehicles that have been using this road before this can help keep the vehicle in the lane on roads with no lane markings the ideabus is already capable of transferring energy from its battery into a home energy storage system it’s called vehicle to home and in the future it can feed energy into the public power grid if

Necessary talking about the future autonomous driving sounds like pie in the sky but it’s already much closer than you think the shared riding model with autonomous id bus vehicles is starting here in hamburg in 2025 we are already on the road with the latest technology and vehicle software in cooperation with moya a local ride sharing service the upcoming

Ideabus id is the first volkswagen group model to be equipped with a level 4 self-driving system for autonomous driving it’s our pioneering force into a new era of mobility it’s great huh you know we are not talking enough about only car we are talking about uh moving icon it’s a very special moment so astrid astrid is the expert in color and trim what do

You think about the color about this how is it feeling i’m happy joseph we have an optimistic positive and bright colored palette also the b color variant you can order it makes everything so much more lifestyle it’s nice details nice quality but what is great as well is the space you feel so much space everything is simplified it’s so functional but so clean

Yeah and i also like the touch of the materials we have so many things in here that are sustainable this steering wheel here is made from non-animal materials for example the ceiling is also made from recycled pt bottles did you touch the seeds oh did you know that i did i did that is great and the charming details do you see some already no i haven’t seen

Them yet no you have to look at it the point is that you don’t get them to see in the beginning but i give you a little help there’s for example one smiley very close to you actually two of them and maybe one even outside and you go and look the car from the back the ambient light you know and he looks a little bit around maybe we can do it even now with

Bit of magic guys can you please turn the light down that we can have a look great light and very cozy feels like home huh very modern like a modern home for everybody up to 170 kilowatts charging power plug charge and bi-directional charging the id was an id but cargo are launching across europe with a 77 kilowatt hours battery gross energy content 82

Kilowatt hours it provides current to a 150 kilowatts electric motor which as the flat engine once did in the t1 drives the rear axle the position of the battery integrated deep down in the sandwich floor and the lightweight electric drive system result in a good distribution of weight and a low vehicle center of gravity both factors optimize the handling and

Agility the lithium-ion battery can be charged from wall boxes or public charging stations using 11 kilowatts alternating current ac via a ccs plug connector at a dc rapid charging station direct current the charging power increases to as much as kilowatts when charged in this way the battery charge level rises from 5 to 80 percent in about 30 minutes using

The latest id software the model line will also offer the plug charge function in the future via this function the id but authenticates itself at compatible dc rapid charging stations via the charging connector using the iso 15118 standard it also exchanges all necessary data with the charging station in this way an added convenience bi-directional charging

Enables the id but to feed unneeded energy from the battery into the customer’s home network vehicle to home the power transfer and communication take place via a special dc bi-directional wall box so do do so so do so you

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