volkswagen id 4 sopiiko se perhe
Altair Club Cars Volkswagen ID.4 – sopiiko se perheelliselle?

Volkswagen ID.4 – sopiiko se perheelliselle?

Kävin kokeilemassa VW id4:sta ja tutkailin sitä monikkoperheen ja vauvaperheen näkökulmasta.

Hello, my name is miika and in this video i will try the vw id4 i will do this review from a point of view of a family with multiple kids there are multiple reviews online in traditional sense but i will check out whether you can fit a two infant seats and a buggy and if they fit i’ll see whether you can fit anything else in to the car. here i have the twin stroller with

Infant seats. these should fit in the car. let’s see what happens. opening the trunk.. there is a button on the key but i think it is just to unlock the trunk. there are two isofix instalments on the outermost seats i am 178 cm tall and there is about … between the front seat and the infant seat this is how it looks at the back seat with two infant seats installed.

Especially one handedly while holding the camera in the other hand normally you would never have to get in to the back seat without someone else helping you there is plenty of leg room and because this is an ev so in fact there is plenty of leg room in the middle seat eventhough it is very narrow fit to sit between the infant seats getting started with this car is very

Easy especially since i haven’t driven an ev before it is enough that i have the keys in my pockets and the doors unlock and release the brakes. the car won’t crawl yet like an ice car with an automatic transimission would and the car is crawling really slowly. this is really easy. based on my 4 minutes of driving experiece in the city conditions crawling is really easy,

This turns in really narrow space if you need to manouver a car in tight spaces like you often do in cities this is the first time in my life trying a regenerative driving mode and one pedal driving style once i release the acceleration pedal the car slows down and regenerates the battery while doing so it slows down the car quite markedly once i release the pedal and this

Is a new experience for me it might take some getting used to but it actually feels quite nice. next i will try the car’s built in navigation system i will set kotka as my destination because i know there’s a 120 km/h speed limit quite quickly i’ll get to try the acceleration of this car from 80 to 120 km/h from stand still this car accelerates quickly so in the city there

Is no problems this is the more powerfull id4 model with a larger battery this has a hud. it shows me the speedometer, lane assist and navigation info which is really nice. it also seems to show me the speed limits this car should now stay on lane and follow the speed limits okay, the hud goes really dark with polarized sunglasses, it is barely visible dashboard displays

Are visible even with polarized sunglasses now there is a 60 km/h speed limit. the car slowed down automatically without me having to do anything the hud shows me that i have to make a left in 400 meters the shiny black plastic on the displays feels a little cheap otherwise, as i am used to vw i find the interior ok. these are not hard plastic but something a little soft

Driver seat is quite comfortable and it seems to have some kind of a massage on right now i wanted to come to freeway to see how this car accelerates in freeway speeds ev’s accelerate really fine on lower speeds but it can be a different story when the speeds are higher from 80 to 100 km/h the acceleration felt perfectly adequate certainly better than my vw caddy, there

Were no problems i don’t know where the navigation gets the speed limits. there was a 100 limit there seems to be a small delay with the speed limits. i dont know where the car gets the speed limit data is it map data or is there a camera in the car which detects the speed limits there’s a 120 speed limit. let’s see whether the cruise control detects it these were digital

Speed limit displays. this can and the car accelerates automatically i feel the acceleration is really nice from 80 but it starts to slow down after 100 km /h not that my own caddy maxi is an acceleration monster in freeway speeds you always have to try the acceleration with an ev. overtaking in high speeds requires different kind of acceleration than 0-100 because i have

Now tried the all important acceleration i have to try the cruise control in this tight freeway ramp the speed limit is 120 and the cruise control doesn’t accelerate to it. it could be dangerous in this tight ramp now i can try the acceleration again to catch up with the traffic therefore you can safely say that this was the maximum performance from this model sure it will

Feel like a downgrade to get back to an ice car my car has an automatic transmission and it is easy to drive, but this was even more easy and fun hud display and adaptive cruise control make this super easy to drive unfortunately from perspective of a family with infand twins the cargo space and space overall is insufficient but two infant seats and an adult is just too

Tight my spouse sits at the backseat of caddy maxi with the twins and seems to fit fine leg room at the back seat of this car is better than the caddy maxi the space in this car for a family with twin babies just isn’t enough this was it this time. let’s see what i will test drive next time thank you if you watched the video until the end and see you next time! bye!

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Volkswagen ID.4 – sopiiko se perheelliselle? By Miika Ylhäinen

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