volkswagen golf r hot hatch 2017
Altair Club Cars Volkswagen Golf R hot hatch 2017 review | Mat Watson Reviews

Volkswagen Golf R hot hatch 2017 review | Mat Watson Reviews

The Volkswagen Golf R is a fast four wheel drive that can get the hatchback from 0-62 mph in just 4.9 seconds. Is it worth the extra pice over the GTI however, or other rival manufacturers such as the Ford Focus RS, the Mercedes A45 AMG or Audi RS3 Sportback? Let Mat take you through his full review of the Golf R in our 4k review.

There is the volkswagen golf r now you and i know what it is but non car people well they don’t all most people see is a sensible small family hatchback ubiquitous run around something dream by people who don’t want to rock the boat a vehicle favored by shy retiring types it’s just a golf well now actually this is a performance car with a 2-liter turbocharged engine

With 300 horsepower which can get to 60 miles an hour faster than many so-called sports cars and corner better than them as well because it has a clever all-wheel drive system so there it can still do all the stuff a normal golf can there’s a practical boot plenty of space in the back seats useful covers for your speeding fines and an entertainment system which is

Easier to use and is available with android auto and apple carplay but then there are the subtle changes such as beefier bumpers which have these large vents there to feed air into that high-performance engine plus you have this silver bob which runs through the grille and into the headlamps then at the sides you’ve got some large alloy wheels and some discreet

Side skirts they’re not too showy neither is this rear spoiler but down here you have what is well seems obligatory these days and a hot hatch a rear diffuser with quad tailpipes you despite all this the golfer never looks crass like some other hot hatches do it’s all tastefully done and it’s the same inside there’s just a few flashes here and there which let you

Know this r is just a little bit special and of course those body-hugging sport seats and you really do need these seats because you can fling this car through a set it bends more faster ever thought possible in a golf i think it’s quite obscene the steering outside because it’s dead sharp let’s go exactly where you want it to go obviously the big difference how

Fast you can go is all down to that all-wheel drive system so for most of the time the car actually runs like a front-wheel drive car and it feels like a front-wheel drive car to drive but then when you go into a corner the cause electronic brain knows exactly what’s going on and even before the front wheels start to struggle for traction it can send out of the

Rears to help what almost acts like a hand on your back easing around and harder when you’re coming out of a turn then you can in volkswagens own golf gti which is front-wheel drive the ars 2-liter turbocharged engine also produces 70 horsepower more than the gt eyes as a result it’s not 262 time takes just 5.9 seconds now the excellent traction makes this car

Really easy to launch okay so my cameraman something like this because it holding the camera by hand and what i’m about to do is gonna make is coming move about quite a bit so here’s nought miles an hour and that’s 16 and i better break cuz that’s a speed limit as well wow yeah and the brakes are pretty good too now if that wasn’t fast enough for you the automatic

Version has launch control which cuts the naught to 60 – time by 0.2 of a second and it also makes the car even easier to drive that’s one of the great things about the golf r it’s just as good at driving slowly as it is fast for around eight of japan’s you can get some optional adaptive suspension and you should absolutely get it because in race mode yes this car

Feels nice and firm for a racetrack but in comfort mode we’re just slackens everything off and it’s really very supple you’d have no idea you were in a sporty car at all and it also pushes the exhaust slightly so you don’t draw too much attention to yourself however some people do actually want to stand out they want people to know they’re hot h is actually hot and

To some they must have the hottest of the heart and if you’re the kind of person who prefers to order the vindaloo and the tikka masala then yeah you may be better off with a sharper more in-your-face and more focused ford focus rs because let’s face it this goal for it cost 31,000 pounds and it is worth it but to most people it just looks like a normal golf well

They don’t know is that this is a golf which can mix it with much more expensive performance cars on a track in fact this is the only vw you can actually turn the stability control all the way well if you did so then overall what i think the volkswagen golf are well it is rather expensive for a car that so everyone else just looks like a normal golf plus there

Are hotter hot hatches available but it’s still great fun to drive and really easy to live with now if you click up there you can get more information and find out the best deal you can get on a golf r at karwa co dot uk’ thanks for watching if you enjoyed this video please like it share it and subscribe to our channel and if you click on the video windows you can

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