volkswagen golf mk7 2012 2019 re
Altair Club Cars Volkswagen Golf MK7 (2012-2019) review – Carbuyer / Mat Watson

Volkswagen Golf MK7 (2012-2019) review – Carbuyer / Mat Watson

Volkswagen Golf MK7 review:

This is the new volkswagen golf and i can review it in just nine words it is the only car you will ever need there the thing is though is it the only car you’ll ever want and to answer that question i’m going to first start by pointing out what’s not so good about this new vw first there’s the handling which is actually very good but if you want the hatchback

Which is the most fun to drive get a ford focus if value for money is a key motivator then ignore the badge snobs and go for a cheaper hyundai i30 and if it’s style you’re after no small family car turns heads like the beautiful alpha julietta yes volkswagen we know you want it to be instantly recognizable as a golf but did you really have to make the mark 7 look

So boring but while it’s not the most exciting car to look at in its class it is the nicest to sit in and say begins the part of the review where i talk about the golf’s good points i hope you’re sitting comfortably this may take some time the first time i climbed into this new mark 7 golf i thought to myself oh no every other car manufacturer is in big trouble

That’s because vw raised the quality bar so high that it’s not only position here than every other car in its class it can actually shame some far more expensive cars from the class above it’s also very well equipped all models get this nice color touch screen and when you actually move your finger towards the screen the menus pop up which is a nice touch it also

Includes dab radio bluetooth mobile phone connectivity and ipod connectivity but you don’t want to go for the entry level car you want to go for the mid-level sc specification car because it adds things like automatic headlamps and rain sensing windscreen wipers plus these rather lovely comfort seats which have actually won an award for being kind to your back in

Addition to the usual array of airbags and electronically skid control the sc model also gets the w city emergency braking system at low speeds it can spot if you’re about to drive into an obstacle and will automatically apply the brakes to prevent an accident meanwhile at higher speeds the automatic distance control will make sure you don’t get dangerously close

To the car in front so the golf is a very safe car however what really stands out is just how comfortable it is to travel in the suspension is nice and supple it just glides up the road in fact the ride is better than in quite a few luxury cars this road that i’m actually driving on right now is normally quite bumpy but it’s not today not in the golf speaking

Of comfort this car is also very quiet because the superb soundproofing means you really can hear a pin drop it helps that the engines are just as hushed good job the golf comes with a device that prevents it from filling up with the wrong fuel but it’s easy to mistake the 2-liter diesel in this car for a petrol engine because it’s so quick and so quiet there’s

No mistaking its efficiency though according to vw the two liter tdi is capable of 68.9 miles per gallon one of the key reasons for the impressive economy is the car’s relatively lightweight this new golf is actually a hundred kilos lighter than the old golf and let me assure you that in car terms that weight saving is absolutely huge another benefit the reduced

Weight is improved agility and this golf handles better than the old golf which means it’s the most fun to drive golf yet this improvement in handling hasn’t been to the detriment of everyday usability though as the golf is as easy to live with as it ever was thanks to good visibility a light clutch slick gear change and speed sensitive power steering which takes

A strain out of low speed maneuvers finally we need to talk about practicality and the golf excels in this area too for instance as well as the decent size center cubby and reasonable glove box you’ve got some ginormous side door bins i mean this is the biggest car buyer big bottle test i’ve ever done we’ve got two liters there two liters also these door bins

Are lined with felt so that when you chuck your keys in they don’t rattle about when you’re driving around corners there’s some other useful cubbies too we’ve got one down here by the gear lever there’s another one here by the steering column and if i look under my seat i’ve got a little drawer yeah sorry about that i was starving earlier i ate my props sorry

However if you need to carry more than just some random items of fruit don’t worry because the ghost boot is even bigger than before and if you need to carry longer items you can of course fold down the rear seats but i want to show you this there’s a little ridge there which keeps the rear seat belt in place so that when you fold the seat down it doesn’t snag

That’s the thing with vw you see they’re always thinking of ways to make your life just that little bit easier here’s another example this boot floor here there’s a little smooth step up so there’s not a big ridge so you can slide things to the back that still bothers you don’t worry you can actually raise the floor so it’s much smoother that seat belt feature is

Also handy when it comes to putting seats back because it doesn’t get caught in the mechanism the little things that make a difference however there’s nothing little about the back seats in the golf because the car is actually slightly bigger here in the rear than before and as you can see i’ve got this seat in the same position as my driver’s seat and i’ve got

Lots of knee room headroom’s good they’ve even given the car some big rear windows so kids can get a good view out there is one problem it’s this large transmission tunnel it’s there because you’re going to be able to get four wheel drive versions of the golf but it is a bit annoying if you have to get the center seat but then nothing’s perfect is it not even a

Volkswagen golf however it does get pretty close and while i’ll admit that it’s not the most exciting thing in the world my original nine word review still hangs true it really is the only car you will ever need that was actually 10 words

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