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Altair Club Cars Volkswagen Golf GTI MK6 hatchback 2009 – 2012 review – CarBuyer

Volkswagen Golf GTI MK6 hatchback 2009 – 2012 review – CarBuyer

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The golf gti is the original hot hatch the marquand started the craze only arrived in the 70s and even though the gti badge lost its way somewhat in the 90s honor was restored with the mark 5 and now this six generation model is the ultimate incarnation of the gti badge and to some people it’s the best hot act ever made the reason for this is simple it’s a golf

But with more power like the normal golf you can get it as a three-door or this more practical five-door it has a big boot for your luggage plenty of space in the back seats to give you friends a lift and of course a well built cabin with expensive feeling materials and enough storage cubbies to satisfy a family’s needs some people complain that the gulf’s interior

Is a little bit excuse me however you can’t really let all that criticism at the gti because volkswagen i fitted some exciting tidbits to make it feel more sporty you got some racy looking dolls a chunky steering wheel with a flat bottom and little gti logo on it and the gear shifter that’s got a golf ball effect there’s various red flashes throughout the cabin to

Liven things up such as here on the gear gator and the game look or yes on the seatbelts however my favorite feature is it on this car this one’s got the optional black leather seats they don’t get those get the standard thick cloth seats cuz they have a cool tartan pattern on them just like the original marquand golf gti did one of the gti is key selling points

Is that it lets you have your cake for instance sporty suspension means the car handles very well and will certainly put a smile on your face whenever you get the opportunity to deviate from your normal commute however the real beauty of the golf gti is that when you’re not on a good drivers road such as this he never gets on your nerves that’s because one it

Does have stiffened suspension it never ever feels too jarring when you’re going over bumps and it’s especially compliant if you go for the adaptable suspension because that has a comfort mode and one it does have a great exhaust now to raspy sound when you put your foot down most of the time when you’re just horsing up and down the motorway it doesn’t drone on

It’s not annoying at all and while it may have things like side skirts big arlo wheels and a rear spoiler you never look like an idiotic boy racer actually that pretty much sums up the golf gti it’s a hot hatch for grown-ups that’s why it comes with the option of an automatic gearbox which uses two clutches to ensure seamless gear changes the system is one of the

Best in the business but marling will let you change gears itself if you want to using the steering wheel-mounted paddles if you want the ultimate in driver involvement then you have to go for the six-speed manual because it’s just more fun to use and that brings me onto the gti engine it’s a 2-liter turbo with 207 brake horsepower however in this particular 35th

Anniversary model it has a bit more grunt you’ve got 232 brake horsepower so it does feel a little bit quicker that said the standard coal still be good 63 miles an hour in under 7 seconds and it will return 38 miles per gallon although obviously you won’t do that when you’re trying to do not 62 in under 7 seconds however that does be much downsides the main one

Being it’s not quite as quick as its main rivals especially the mental vauxhall astra vxr and while the all-wheel drive golf r can keep up it’s very very expensive however it’s not as though the standard gti is exactly cheap in fact it’s considerably more money than the ford focus st yet that has more power and if you’re the kind of person who wants to occasionally

Take their hot hatch on a track day then you probably better off with a renault sport magan because it will run rings around this thing on a circuit however that’s not really the point is it oh gti it’s not the point races for a more sophisticated performance car it needs something that’s not only quick but very desirable will hold its value well and is extremely

Easy to live with and in this respect the golf gti is the king you

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