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Altair Club Cars Volkswagen Golf GTI 2012 – 2020 used car review Common Faults

Volkswagen Golf GTI 2012 – 2020 used car review Common Faults

An indepth coverage of all the worst and common faults on these Volkswagen Golf GTI MK7 (2012 – 2020) used car review.

Hello the volkswagen golf detower is one of the most iconic wedges around and this post 2012 mk7 model proved to be a class act it was bigger quicker better build and more efficient than its predecessor offering the choice of three dose of 5 standard or performance pack models and manual gearbox or dsg semi-auto transmission this car proved to be the best all-rounder

From its era in the hot hatch division but does it make sense on the used market what do you think of in terms of the small but significant distinguishing features that have always marked out the golf detail from its ordinal stab remains the red stripe around the radiator grille the black body around the rear screen the smaller sports steering wheel golf ball shaped

Geo knob or tantan trimmed seats all of these things have characterized this model line for nearly 40 years and back in 2012 when the simki 7 golf gti was first launched volkswagen wasn’t about changing them but that evolution was a required for the 7th generation version and that’s exactly what we got one glass mat suggest that this guy is not much different from

What we earned before take another a new mqb platform gave this mode a sport a more dynamic stance that’s down to the way that the front wheels were moved further forward reducing the front overhand visually lengthening the reshaped bonnet and moving the passenger compartment a little towards the rear the result is a gym toned look that’s particularly nice at the

Side with the simpler design supposed to resemble the drone streamed of a bow giving the golf a look of acceleration even when it’s standing still confident and assertive then without being overly showing but then this has never been a model to champion lyrics to polish and drain palm exhausts instead you get a car that seats 15 millimeters slower to the road than

Its harmless siblings the lovely 18 inch alloy wheels with the red calipers fill in the arches but possibly as is usually the case the three door version looks a bit better than its 5 door counterpart the longue dolls have in the visual effect of lengthening and lowering the profile onto the detailed visual changes made to the mk7 golf gti at the front end you get

A red styling line that extends not only across the grill but also cleaned through bike center lights classed at the seat about three letter high gloss black aerodynamic fins sitting either side of the honeycomb trim screen that covers the lower eye intake i decide they are red on chrome detail wins that begin the stronger of two character profile lines a crease

That flows down the flanks into a silver center section of smoket led tail light marking out a rear hatch style to continue the understandingly purposeful theme the roof’s pole is supposed to be larger than that phone on any ordinary goal but you wouldn’t know it more obvious are the twin chrome tail pipes that sit either side of a black diffuser take a seat inside

And there’s just enough differentiation to justify this cast heritage and substantial asking price we’ve already mentioned the three features of the brand affectionators will expect the chunky 3 spoke spots wheel the titan seat coverings and the golf ball shaped geo knob but this cabin is anything but a throwback with buttons and switches precisely where you’d want

To find them and everything just as it should be the carpet that lines the storage boxes so that your keys don’t scrape around on the move the upholstered material used for the upper section of the dashboard that’s lovely to detach the citro armrest that adjusts for length and 5 stages of height and the two zone climate control system that can even adjust itself

According to the direction of the sun it’s better than a bmw from this year every bit as good as an audi from this spirit and it all means that if you will to sit in the ford focus st or a renault spot megan from this time after driving one of these it would be a bit like stepping from highway nichols into prime mark could it be a little more showy perhaps but the

Red stitching and the darker fabric the dji trim strips and the stainless steel pillow tops to just enough to set the performance theme can the same be set of the red ambient lighting we think it has a little hamburg nightclub you may disagree at least volkswagen resist at least the volkswagen resisted to urge to slather this cabin with carbon fiber material that

At one point was going to be used for the entire section until the idea was abandoned due to the production complications it would have created at the volksburg and vehicle factories if you come to the 70th generation model fresh from its direct mk6 predecessor you’ll find yourself feeling slightly more comfortable at the wheel but perhaps unable to precisely reason

Why let us tell you the brilliantly comfortable seat was shifted back for the 7th generation model at the same time as the pedals were made a little more widely spaced and there was more adjustment possible from the little trimmed flat bottom and multi-function steering wheel through which you view lovely instrument does reminiscent of high-end chronometers start

The engine and the needle swing once to the end scale position and then back lovely in between the gauges is a center display with carousel style graphics they deliver everything from sat nav information to a lap time some of this information is also replicated on the colon fatima touch screen that dominates at the center of the dash and will be the biggest cabin

Change for buzz of previous jdi models i thought you can control mary by swapping your finger across its surface as you do on the smartphone and the olympic 7 golf detail models it was 5.8 inches in size as standard but could be upgraded to an 8 inch item if that was mostly in the case at the original bias opted for the more sophisticated sat nav option the 8

Inch screen was standardized after the 2017 model year facelift this display is the starting point for operation for the driver profile section system that can alter the throttle mapping the engine management set up to suit your chosen driving style more conventionally this access the stereo with its dab digital radio the dream computer and all mania of bluetooth

Telephony enough to make your mobile device feel right at home especially if your car has been fitted with advanced telephone connection options that will enable you to link it in to the car’s external aerial for improved reception thankfully ventilation controls were left off the menu of screen functions operable instead by three chunky dials below stepping away

At a touch screen every time you want to change the fan speed or cabin temperature is a modern innovation most honest within could do without a bit like the electronic handbrake in fact something you have to have here and the back seat you must notice the improvements ruth through the introduction of the high-tech mqb platform and the 53 millimeters will best

Increase it allows rear legroom rolls with the mk7 model by 15 millimeters despite the change we mentioned earlier that of the front seats being moved further back to better suit taller drivers shall then in ballroom i will both improved too and headrooms are also quite adequate despite these generation model small reduction in exterior roof height as usual in

This class three adults would be a little squashed here but a tree of kids will be quite happy outback there’s more space for luggage than there was in the mk6 golf gti the by a thought delicious larger than before and 380 lucius this 10 bigger than them again renault sport from this time and 20 bigger than a focus st from this period it’s easy to use too with

Probably the lowest loading seal height in the class a white hatch aperture and a white base on the dull height luggage floor this is key hatch 2 for longer items for the 60 by 40 split rear seats down and you get usable 1270 liters again one of the biggest spaces in the class from this year most golf gt 10k honestly happy with their cars but inevitably there

Have been those who have had problems you’ll want to look out for on only reported squeaky noise coming from the suspension of a speed humps another noted that his steering wheel made a slightly whizzy noise when going round bend slowly there were reports of the boot judging when closing and fuel caps that were difficult to open making refueling a struggle when

Only reported vibration from the door cut at the front and the rear and another reconnect that his infotainment system was choosing not to function in very cold weather and at times for choosing to control itself as for mechanical stuff well we came across one owner who’d had a clutch go after just 4 600 miles but that’s where unusual and the net experience about

A failure regulated that the dearge auto gearbox also look out for smearing wipers problems with the cabin air blowers and the rattle from the geobox over speed humps there have been a few reported issues with the dhg auto gearbox so make sure the gearbox changes properly timing chains have been known to snap permanently and cause major engine damage yet another

Reason why full service history is critical gti models can also suffer from quite high oil consumption so it’s important to keep an eye on the oil level to avoid damage to the engine or timing chain so just how quick does a gold detail really need to be performance wise this car certainly has to fit into a very tightly defined slot this in k7 model had to be faster

Than any of the conversional models in the range of course and of course it needed to be able to duke it out with the rest of the hot hatch brigade but it couldn’t be so rapid that volkswagen had nowhere to go with the even more focused 4wd golf r that by 20 and well had superseded the gti as the golf model lines up flagship within these constraints you think you

Know exactly what you’re going to get with the gta and yet well we’ll get to that in a minute it’s totally true that the engine starts a reasonably predictable the original version of this car back in 2012 offered 220ps or 230 pes in performance bike form as part of though the facelift changes in 2017 those tests will change it to 230 pairs and 245 bits either way

You’re looking at more than double the kind of power that was generated by the original mk1 golf gti we saw way back in 1976. you might think that still doesn’t sound very much given that all this car direct drivers from this period of a more i thought focus st from this year has 250 ps american renault sport 265 pairs but this volkswagen sufficient mqp platform

Interested both these cars are heavier the ford 100 kilograms more portly which isn’t one reason why golf even in 220 ps4 can pretty much duplicate the performance rest to 62 miles per hour occupying 6.5 seconds in route to 152 miles per hour still not convinced then opt for the performance pack version that as well as the power high comes with big brakes and an

Electronically controlled token from differential whichever version you go for you’ll appreciate the 2.0 literature side direct injection turbocharged engine that was further refined for the 7th generation model okay so it doesn’t have too much arrow personality it don’t start up on or under hard acceleration but you can really forgive it edit for the way it grows

Like all the best turbo installations this one actually feels like a bigger normal inspirator of a plant there’s no luck and lunch just a smooth and flexible search that swells at around 2500 rpm before where the little tailing off as you edge past 4000 rpm can confirming that ringing the thing out of the red line isn’t the most effective way to drive this car

Besides that mid-range punch is what you want to overtake in and merging into fast-moving traffic flows so it’s fast enough but that you expected what’s more of a surprise is the right and handling balance on other hair we used to thin forward with the only brand with the real hand alone making a sporting family corner tightly yet ride beautifully by 2012 through

It was clear that volkswagen had mastered the r2 or perhaps you just better not at the dynamic step forward this golf made in this form thanks to its standard driver profile selection system essentially the same as all this drive select setup here and for available programs you can select from the central dash color touchscreen equal sport normal and individual

Alter the throttle weapon and engine management to suit your chosen driving style gear shift times 2 if you’ve opted for a digital automatic model at the optional dcc dynamics as its control system which enables you to tweak the suspension to suit the road and your mood and there’s a fit comfort mode we are not actually sure that the standard up really needs to

The extra cost assistance of the dynamic changes control electronics so incredibly supple and well balanced is it but if you do choose a car host original owner specify the dcc option and select the comfort mode then you’ll get yourself a golf detail that tackles urban roads with more composure than some luxury saloons with come across which is nice because no

Matter how much of a driving enthusiast you are to settle yourself with the load hatch added constantly really has to remind you of its red missed pretensions when you’ve had a long day you just want to get home and the whole of the world network seems to be infested with inferno speed humps if there’s a common scenario for you then you’ll probably be one of those

Considering a vision of this starhub fitted with the 6-speed dsg automatic geobox with synced twice before doing that okay so this golf is a more sensible and major proposition than most recurrented drivers from this era like renault spots megan or vauxhall’s astro vxr but it’s still a package that has the potential to thrill and excite so dabbing it down with

Auto transmission even one as good as volkswagen zg system does not do it any further true you can set dsg into a spot mode to hold gs longer and they are steering wheel mounted pedals but it’s still an auto box and one with a slightly irritating tendency to climb straight into sixth g in order to save fuel the 6-speed manual transmission is a joy to use after a

Short clickety click action that makes you want to flip up and down the box just for the fun of it another pleasant surprise is the progressive steering system sleek fairly light and really accurate and designed to reduce the amount of lock you have to put on through the cons without you noticing true the setup could offer touch more response and feedback along with

The reduced size door mirrors it’s one of the few things we don’t like about this car and the feel on offer and help certainly does not encourage you to switch off all the control systems flying the car into a corner and see what happens you’ll have to learn where the limit of the front end are by gradual experimentation rather than through an intuitive connection

Through the wheel but once you have this can be an astonishingly rapid back road probably focus yourself select sport open drive as profile selection system and on a typical which usb road speeds the gold gti feels worthlessly good the suspension outfully tuned so as not to continually upset the car or its traction control systems firm again reynolds spot down the

Fast twist and bumper country lane and you’d likely emerge at the other end a bit sweetie pond with your adrenal glands within the white flag at the gold might arrive at 10th or a second or two behind but its driver would be serene i relaxed and with enough manual capacity in hand to enjoy play on radio 4 and therein lies the joy of this car when the golf detail

Was first launched in 1976 volkswagen wondered whether it would struggle to sell near the production run of 5000 vehicles by 2012 they showed the brand face it was not with this car would sell but who might buy it after all previous to 2012 this model had many sold to folk who if they were harnessed would probably admit to having outgrown the shopping rocket genre

It originally created in 7th generation form this car needed to return a little to its roots at an old-fashioned dose of fun into the magic mix it did you might not imagine might not know that from the you might not know that from the figures in all the dynamic measures that tend to matter to hot hatching drivers 0 to 62 miles per hour acceleration top speed lap

Times lateral grip breaking performance and so on this goals never really seriously bothered the class best you might not be immediately arrested by the looks either or the initial experience on the drive around the block but persevere 40 years of experience in creating curve this kind has to count for something it does importantly workbook didn’t make the mistake of

Developing this gti for their track rather than the road some batman build your stomach doesn’t bother it you’ll always confident in pushing the performance envelope in a way that few rivals can match yeah that’s possible without the sweetie palms that usually characterize a red meat motoring and k5 and mk6 golf models were also accomplished in this way but with

This extra power lighter lively responders and brilliantly sorted suspension and this in k7 version can not only be a confident performance car but a credibly exciting one too so yes it should sell to folk who wanted a proper hot hatch experience as well as a very major one the way for the reaction version set out to define a fundamental standard for performances

That was more precise than any other compact car that is here along altered the normatively of some rivers has one of vegeta will always feel a class act crucially through in this form it’s also a very entertaining one if you have a high session model share information about what and how it breaks in the comments

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