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Altair Club Cars Volkswagen Arteon Time Attack Concept review

Volkswagen Arteon Time Attack Concept review

What happens when you take an Arteon R-Line and a crew of apprentices from Volkswagen Australia? You get a time-attack-ready Arteon! CarAdvice’s Curt Dupriez goes behind the scenes on the making and development of the car.

What happens when you take an rt on our line and tasks a crew of volkswagen apprentices to make it as fast and as wild as possible in just one week you get this the world time attack challenge ready volkswagen rt on let’s be clear the asean won’t be entered into the world time attack challenge outright competition but its creators are hoping for some pretty

Astonishing performance numbers as at left city motorsport park from what is essentially a luxury laden family sedan so for us a world time attack it’s really about i guess trying to maximize the tire that we’ve got on the car so like timer tackle we will be going for that one perfect lap we will be trying to get an out lap just get everything warmed up to temperature

And then really go for that one flying lap hopefully get it get a great time and then you know bringing the car vacuum in one pieces these there is the other part of it getting the rt on to under 4 seconds i don’t think will be a challenge for us our history is we can get a golf have under three seconds the same drivetrain and we’ve haven’t e1 down to three point

Seven seconds it’s actually a really really great platform landed hard i mean obviously being a low-slung saloon it’s good for aero but it’s obviously not the lightest car in our range but i definitely think that in terms of the power and the the suspension and you know the brakes as well i definitely think that we’re we’re in with a chance of getting to be if not

The one of the fastest naughty odds in the world you know knowing roughly what sort of power figures we’re looking at and talked figures it is gonna be one quick rt on that’s a sure the project is the brainchild of volkswagen australian pr and brand experience manager kurt mcguinness it was a great success last year the the amarok did everything that we hoped

It would and more and also we had really really great feedback from our fans and also from the apprentice team working on it so it was kind of a no-brainer to do it again it’s too obvious to build a golf i think we’ve sort of got quite a number of performance golf’s in our range and everyone knows that they go fast the rt on it is a new car it’s a bit of a tech

Showcase for us and it’s also a bit of an obscure choice to to be modding it of course the the foundation for that car is based on the golf r so it’s a really really good starting point but also it opened up the opportunity to build an art car the asean is designed with this idea of having an artistic flair so it lends itself to do something a little bit different

And to actually throw some artistic license at it as well as making it go fast so this is this is our concept designed for the the art car we’ve worked with a sydney urban artist by the name of kade who has has a lot of sort of famous murals and does a lot of work in the street art community and he came on board this designed a custom design for for the wrap the

Drawers on the collective experience experts such as fox wagon tuning maestro guy harding racing line uk bill stein a pr bihar australia bond roll bars and pivot creating most importantly the rt on project is a real world testbed a training platform for a team of volkswagen australia’s most promising young apprentices they’ve been involved every step of the way

In creating 370 kilowatt tracting and capable of 0 to 100 kilometres an hour in under 4 seconds no apprentice anywhere because i always awkward we can turn around go so that’s one of these one scott so let’s find out how it goes as you can hear it’s a little lantern here then your normal rtr and it’s certainly with 390 kilowatts on time as a hell of a lot

More punch through this mid-corner bumps it’s still really quite balancing it’s even a little bit playful once you get a bit of heat in these four hours it’s a lot of grip and the brake way is really predictable this checks probably a little bit tight for the arty ons long-wheelbase 1680 kilo weight but surprisingly agile the brakes do the really strong quite

A bit of an upgrade from the standard rt on key now they get 390 kilowatts from city leaders is really quite miraculous so still got a full digital instrumentation and sat-nav and all hvac so on a hot day like today it was still good aircon just been a bit god seen that certainly doesn’t sound like a little more the rt on our car will make its public

Debut at the world time attack challenge in sydney stay tuned dakar for more updates you

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