volkswagen arteon shooting brake
Altair Club Cars Volkswagen Arteon Shooting Brake 2021 – Full Night review 4K | Exterior – Interior – Ambient Lights

Volkswagen Arteon Shooting Brake 2021 – Full Night review 4K | Exterior – Interior – Ambient Lights

Volkswagen Arteon Shooting Brake 2021 – Full Night review 4K | Exterior – Interior – Ambient Lights

Hey ladies and gentlemen welcome to a quick uh night point of view review of the volkswagen rt on behind me shooting break so i’m gonna take you for the tour of the exterior interior details at night so let’s without further ado jump into the review and if you’re new subscribe to the channel and click the little bell to get notifications when i upload new videos

It’s going to be separate a video of point of view driving and full review here is the rtn shooting brick and let’s take a tour of night look so here is the key you can see it a kind of nice and elegant classical key as a little red light and then we have this beautiful gimmick uh on the rear and we have the dynamic turn signals if we hold the key you can pop

The cargo or just press the badge and we can see it opens uh nice and tall so we do have a pretty spacious uh booth i forgot from top of my head i’m going to type it down but it is a very well illuminated so i have my back here but if i slide it forward you can see uh both sides have leds and then you can see inside uh like you can actually put a spare tire

Here but you have a only patching kit uh floor mask for the winter and stuff like that but a very practical car for sure this is when the lights are off so now let’s come to the front i’m just going to walk here and show you the front i believe these are just standard leds because the turn signal isn’t in the uh middle or inside running light so specifically

So this is daytime running light and this should be turned signal inside but you can just get only this one so there’s here’s the long beam there’s no fog light so this is their base lights the one i reviewed in the salon height had the iq matrix so these are base leds of course you have the pedal light now let’s take a look at the rear so what is nice about the

Rear is you get ambient lights no savings since this is top of the notch uh model you have nice uh ambient also kind of a lights here just to illuminate these these of course illuminate the ones the car is on you also have here illumination illumination from the top you can see those leds and then you get also i believe uh on the footwell and the ac also uh

Illuminate but let’s check the front so uh also ambient lights as you can see uh red light here uh white on the bottom uh probably copied from mercedes-benz i think they were first nothing on the rear although there is like a reflector but there is no light on the rear cost saving for some reason and then look at the inside also leds on the top and just gonna

Hop in of course you have the footwell illuminated so let’s close the doors i’m gonna briefly switch to wide lens and i’m going to turn on the ignition i’m just going to leave the key here so i’m not turning the engine on so you can see how stuff it looks and i’m just going to um mute this sound so this is very annoying but you always get that message so you

Can see now how uh interior it looks there’s gonna be point of view driving so don’t miss it subscribe to the channel and get click the bell to get notified so i’m gonna zoom back in now the camera is a little bit crispier on the standard lens and over here we have nice white buttons very beautiful uh violet lights you can lock the rear goes yellow and this

Light kind of illuminates all this you have here light switch and then the heads of display is excuse me virtual cockpit keep mixing uh these last few reviews and then you can see the led lights this is a long beam pretty solid we’re going to test it outside the city in pitch black and navigation so you have all the buttons white dials climate control as well

And on the bottom here as well and interesting the little article also goes yellow but the shutter is white but once you open it um it’s really not so if you can see kind of fades out but see it’s off because why well there is a light over here just where it closes so i can’t really show you that angle because you can see my fingers lit up now if i push it kind

Of when it comes closer it kind of starts illuminating and then it’s like solid light so very good engineering very smart solution i would say and then in the middle armrest you have only the usbc’s illuminated now i’m going to move the camera so you can i hope see the ac uh on the rear and let’s show you the glove compartment so also white led some cars have a

Warm some white sometimes it’s completely unconsistent with the interior but if i just open one door you can see okay so the ignition is on so i’m just going to turn on the rear and the front lights so you can see how the interior looks like and once again zoom out you can see that gorgeous interior very well it just looks very solid in my opinion i really like

The volkswagen design uh these days still uh and to show you here uh to the menu are there any um ambient lights uh excuse me here settings uh background lighting and yes you can choose multiple colors here so um if you come closer you can see all those colors and then over here here you can choose like the maximum or the minimum brightness so there we go um

Background lights once again i’m going to switch to white again so you can see at least the size over there so if i pick a color uh you can actually see now it’s kind of fast switching so it feels like a disco but yeah it’s pretty cool so i’m sorry for a little shake uh but yeah you can play with that so um i’m gonna wrap it here and while i’m at it i’m just

Gonna show you the radio a little bit so this is the bass speakers i can’t play for too long but i would say very good sound uh despite not having the dyn audio but it’s nice and also if you change the color it changes the virtual cockpit so that was just a a little demo of the artion since there really aren’t too many videos online i decided to uh show you one

Because i did a full in-depth review in the salon and realize there’s no videos showing you the car actually at night so there you go so everyone i hope you liked the video uh and i hope i’m going to see in the next one as always stay safe on the road i’m gonna see you in the next one bye you

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Volkswagen Arteon Shooting Brake 2021 – Full Night review 4K | Exterior – Interior – Ambient Lights By Josip Ricov

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