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Altair Club Cars VMI Rear-Entry Wheelchair Van – 2022 Chrysler Voyager – Fits 2 Chairs | Sherry Review

VMI Rear-Entry Wheelchair Van – 2022 Chrysler Voyager – Fits 2 Chairs | Sherry Review

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Hey sherry vans mike share here brian’s behind the camera and if you’re a viewer of our channel you know we have a wide selection of mobility accessible vehicles and we’re really excited to show this new addition here at the dealership this is a brand new product for us it’s a company we’ve worked with quite a bit in the past vmi they’ve now expanded their mobility

Vehicles into rear entry chrysler voyager minivans and this is a really really nice system i’ve been going over here a little bit today as it come in and i’m really excited to point out the features for you so if you’re interested in a mobility vehicle stay tuned this is a must see so let’s talk about the rear entry mobility vehicle beautiful thing about this what

A lot of customers like is you can park these anywhere you don’t need a particular handicapped spot to park these to get in and out of the vehicle you can even park it in your garage and get out through the rear so you don’t have to unload and then pull the car in the garage it’s just really adaptable and a lot of our customers like it now this is an all manual

System another thing a lot of customers like there’s really no moving parts that can go wrong or break electronically moving parts it’s all manually done so it’s always going to work and we’ve got a nice gentle grade to come up into the rear of the van notice how wide this ramp is it’s really the widest rear entry system i’ve ever seen it’s just over 36 inch wide

On the ramp and that carries all the way through there’s no obstructions here there’s no bottlenecks here where the ramp catches or anything it’s all engineered so you’ve got a nice wide channel inside the van this is the long channel so you can fit up to two wheelchairs inside this channel the flooring inside the van is a diamond plate rubber type flooring and

They’ve done something different here here i was just talking to brian about it because this flooring doesn’t move around on other conversions we have done in the past i see where this flooring moves around so they’ve really secured it well so what that means is as you’re coming in here with your maybe powered chair you’re not going to ball up all the flooring

Which is nice comes with the tie downs for up to two loud spots here and the q straight tie downs and i’ve got a little demonstration here basically what they are they’re securement device you put on all four corners of your wheelchair and they’re really easy to do you can just do it right here with this red little switch here basically a very fancy ratchet strap

Coming back here the rear passengers do have access to rear heat and air conditioning controls and then also the other thing unique to this van with rear entry you have your two seats i’m sitting in one in the second row here and a lot of companies use the factory seat which is a wider seat and more comfortable that’s a benefit of it but the downfall here is this

Space here becomes tighter because it’s a wider seat they’ve used these jump seats here vmi has so it allows to maximize your space here so the person sitting in this front spot can be a part of the second row which i know is very important to a lot of people so a little bit about the channel here let’s see how the ramp itself works this is something that really

Got both i think brian and i both giddy about so one thing customers complain about they’re like well i don’t know if i can bend down and lift it up and and do that even though the ramps really light on all of them but check this out this has got two springs that assist in raising and lowering this up i’m just going to just knock it up with my foot you see that

And same thing on the way down i can just literally just push it down and down it goes so how easy is that that you can’t get any easier and that just i just barely kick it up with my foot catch it with my hand and there it is and then as you come in it has your two latches that keeps the ramp secure while you’re going down the road keeps it from rattling so bad

And then this voyager is equipped with the uh electronic lowering tailgate so you click the button twice on the keyless entry or there’s a button right inside the door here and down it will go so it’s a nice easy to use platform now let’s talk a little bit about the minivan side you’ve got all the safety features you’re going to have your backup camera got your

Self-defrosting rear window as we come around the side doors both are power up i hit the wrong door that’s all right we’ll hit this one so you can do it from the keyless entry they’re power doors and you come on in here and take a look at the seats a nice vinyl wrap seat yep and then also you’ve got a button in here if you want to use the power doors right there

Or you can do it from your keyless entry and the front of these vans is really all stock so you’ve got your your v6 the 3.6 liter powertrain it looks great in that white color blacked out grill here so it’s a very modern looking van which should be now speaking of this chassis you’ll see we have this listed as a pre-owned van and it has nine miles on it you’re

Thinking how does that happen well vmi they only sell pre-owned vans now they do fully warranty everything they do back there in the conversion side of it for three year thirty six thousand miles and then on the chassis side there will be remainder of the factory warranty from chrysler which is pretty much all of it with only nine miles so that’s what you might

See there if you’re questioning why is it used well vmi doesn’t sell new vehicles so if you see someone listing one as new it’s still actually going to be on your paperwork as used so that’s the story there also something you can’t see which is really cool they’ve got a custom stainless steel exhaust underneath this and brian and i were both looking at we were very

Impressed a shop has done that very professionally and it’s a very quiet van too as a result they have to alter that factory exhaust and it looked like they did all the way through the bottom of the van for that rear entry channel back there so we’re going to go ahead and cut and then we’ll check out the interior up and the driver in the passenger seat so stay

Tuned come on in and take a look at this interior it’s really nice it’s very comfortable to drive the distance i set up or down it’s just at a nice level getting in and out of this driver and passenger seat now the driver’s seat is full power and it has a four-way power lumbar so you can get the seat in the position you like for a nice comfortable drive and then

Here on the steering wheel and everything you touch is going to be a nice soft touch material so where your elbows set where your hands are everything’s soft touch the steering wheel is leather wrapped and it’s also heated and then both of these front seats have the heated option as well so a lot of nice comfort features there you got your automatic transmission

Control here has the modern radio this is all new for 2022 it’s a 7-inch color radio your backup camera pops up on it when you put it in reverse also it has your android auto apple carplay all done wirelessly i got it connected to my phone right now and it’s just all wirelessly which you can pull up real-time navigation from that you can pull up podcasts you

Can pull up where the nearest gas station may be all that right there at your fingertips now from an audio standpoint you do have sirius xm radio in addition to your am and fm radio and so a lot of nice features there and then if you like buttons the knobs for the radio and the heating and air conditioning all can be controlled right here now we showed you in the

Back where the back zone has their own controls back there well maybe if no one’s in the back or no one can get to those controls you can still control up front here which makes it nice now to plug in your phone to charge and things of that sort you do have two usb ports up here and a nice slot or slots for phones and devices there this pulls out for kind of a

Catch-all and it has a change organizer in it plenty of beverage holders you’ve got four total right here and then i didn’t show you the key earlier but it does have lock unlock remote start both power doors slide on the side and the power lift gate in addition to your panic so a lot going on there it’s a it’s a key with a push button ignition which makes it nice

And all around just a very very nice van it’s got of course power windows power mirrors power locks all that uh for your use too so if you’re interested in these vans make sure you call in before you come in uh because chances are this might be sold so make sure you either call in or go to our website for current inventory always we’re going to be carrying a wide

Selection of mobility vehicles so just stay tuned and maybe subscribe to our channel and you’ll always see what’s coming in fresh which i know a lot of people appreciate that so thanks for hanging with us let us know what you like about this van we’re always eager to hear your opinion i showed you what i like so let’s hear from you take care

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