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Vintage Chevrolet Camaro Commercials

This video features a few vintage commercials from various the Chevy Camaro. The earliest ad is from 60’s and the newest from the 80’s. The footage was provided to us by Chevrolet, so sit back and enjoy these vintage car ads.

Volcano chimera fire a new creation from chevrolet camero the new car that’s something else something you’ve never seen before in a driving machine this is the ss 350 with rally sport equipment wicked black grille and a fuselage that bulges around a 350 cubic-inch v8 engine shaped for action all the way back to its 40 rear deck top springs and shock wide big car

Stands for road hugging stability camaro ss 350 broad rally stripes circling the front new safety features are standard equipment among them the new tm developed energy-absorbing steering column back seat back seat down you can order yours with special instrumentation to camero in coop org whatever you can handle my hideaway headlights bacon car and camero lean

Man molten camaro and fewer chevrolet dealers man this cars a ball to drive hug the road like she’s glued there i mean you expected from corvette but this camaro is really a pleasant surprise new design helps so did the standard disc brakes and the belted fiberglass tires chevrolet camaro the driver’s car a car with a proud tradition and this year camaro is new and

Redesigned to offer you more driving pleasure than ever before whether you choose the popular sport coupe with its combination of style and price the type lt where the emphasis is on elegance the rally sport with its unique aggressive exterior appearance or the legendary z28 with its exclusive ride and handling components and a look that says this is the ultimate

Camaro you’ll enjoy a unique blend of beautiful interior and exterior styling with impressive road ability ride and handling all at a very appealing price camaro excitement is a combination of what you can see and a lot of things you wouldn’t ordinarily see you can see new tail lamps energy-absorbing soft resilient rear end styling the available rear spoiler and a

Totally new grille and corvette like energy-absorbing soft resilient front end on this rally sport but style is only the beginning of what camaro is all about camaro offers more sportiness this year with an available removable t-top roof the individual panels lifts out easily to let the sun shine in the great convertible tradition all camaro models offer interiors to

Reflect the kind of excitement and luxury you want in a car that matches your personal style and available equipment that includes power door locks air conditioning a tilt steering wheel genuine gm delco am/fm and stereo systems power windows and these new color-coordinated cast aluminum wheels in six different colors camero the driver’s car new and redesigned to

Offer you more driving pleasure than ever before we would now like to take you on a demonstration drive in a 1978 chevrolet camaro the 1980 camaro with sleek aerodynamic lines available in four distinctly different personalities the handsome sport coupe the spirited rally sport the luxurious berlinetta and the exciting camaro z/28 but every camaros appeal is more

Than skin-deep camaros action starts with a popular sport coupe featuring a smart aggressive looking fine mesh grille the sport coupes low-profile is enhanced by a bright rocker panel molding for added excitement camaro rally sport fills the bill with its dramatic blackout grille and new two-tone paint treatment now available in subdued metallic tones rally sport

Also features sport mirrors and color keyed rally wheels with bright hubs and trim rings and a smart rear spoiler with rally sport identification setting a trend in pulse quickening sporty car luxury is the camaro berlinetta outside the berlinetta presents the look of elegance with its distinctive chrome and argent grille body pinstriping color keyed dual sport

Mirrors whitewall radials new classically styled wire wheel covers deluxe tail lamp and rear panel treatment inside berlinetta you are surrounded by luxury appointments such as special instrumentation and electric climb rich luxurious bucket seats and console door panels specially trimmed in a new tricolor accent stripe motif and the berlinetta is a particularly

Pleasing quiet car berlinetta features specially tuned shock absorbers and rubber front spring isolators to produce a smooth comfortable ride the ultimate enthusiasts camaro is the z28 with special new z28 sports striping its own body color horizontal bar grilled full-width front air dam and front and rear fender flares beneath the hood is a 5.7 liter bore barrel

V8 looking for sportiness high-tech sophistication power and precision and performance plus look to the 85 camaro start with sport coupe the most popular camaro with refined styling 485 including new front fascia and new parking laps the sporty interior features room for four and reclining bucket seats a 2.5 liter l4 with electronic fuel injection is standard along

With computer command control it fine tunes the engine a minimum of 80 times a second meet berlinetta the sophisticated high-tech camaro berlinetta features a new front fascia lower body accent stripes and sporty wheel covers inside berlinetta features a standard custom interior plus high-tech electronic instrumentation with digital speedometer bar check ometer

Adjustable pods with fingertip controls and delco swivel head etr am/fm stereo and digital clock and there’s camaros versatile hatchback design providing added cargo carrying utility and convenience here’s the camaro superstar z28 a truly hot performer z28 features new black louver ornaments a functional front air dam ground effects panels rear spoiler exclusive

15 inch aluminum wheels and eagle gt tires plus large front and rear stabilizer bars the 5 liter v8 is standard and new 485 z28 offers the optional 5 liter v8 with tuned port fuel injection for precise air fuel management it’s a great high-tech performer brand-new for 85 chevrolet rolls out the thunder with a replica of the specially modified cars used in the all

Camaro race the international race of champions it’s the new i roxy iroc-z features body color ground effects panels accent stripes and fog lamps plus 16 by 8 inch aluminum wheels and corvette type directional tires which combine with a specially tuned suspension and new delco bilstein shocks for remarkable traction in addition to z28 standard 5 liter and optional

Tpi engines iroc-z offers a special 5 liter 4 barrel high output v8 option the transmissions the manual 5-speed overdrive it’s a combination camaro offers only on iroc-z camaro 4 85 your salesperson is ready to give you a complete product presentation take a demonstration drive today you

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