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VinFast VF8 leo đèo Đá Trắng (Hoà Bình) dễ dàng, lên đỉnh pin còn 64%, sau 10km đổ đèo, pin xe tăng thêm 6% lên 70% .

Hello everyone and friends i just had a trip to hoa binh and used my own vf8 to run, wanted to share quickly with you a few parameters and experiences. i left quite early, at 5 o’clock. light, when the battery capacity of the home charger is full. at home, when i charge with the 7.4 kw charger of the neighbor zencar brand, 99% of the time it automatically disconnects,

And a few times when i charge it at 300kw, i see it up to 100%. i installed a new journey that vinfast said restore , but i think vinfast should put the word reset in vietnamese or reset in english, which is more correct. the question itself is also very true whether you want to reset, but leave the word restore. look, odo 873 km, battery 99% and i started moving. after

Only a few minutes, only 300 meters, but the battery is down to 98%, guys, it’s as fast as a drop. it is a fact that the first % of batteries drain very quickly. the day before, i charged 100% at big c thang long, drove 5 people to run about 11 km home, down to 95%, overnight to 94% the next morning. like the e34, about the first 3% of the battery from 100% to 98%, the

Regenerative part in the regenerative braking system does not work, like a full battery does not need to accumulate. now if you are in eco mode with high energy recovery, you will see no difference with other modes as well as low energy recovery, meaning the car’s inertia is very large. this has great safety implications, you need to pay attention. especially if you are

In a mountainous area and are about to go downhill , like going to tam dao to fully charge and return, for example, you should especially pay attention to only charging up to 97% or less, the regenerative brake works. it’s safe to go downhill. this trip i run alone, the air conditioner is set to 1 gently, the temperature is 24 degrees. after the first 20% battery , i ran

80km, the average speed was 53 km / h. and if you are interested in the number of round kilometers, 100 km i use 23% of the battery, a pretty good number. the most interesting point of this journey is when running through da trang pass, also known as thung khe pass. this is a place that is too familiar to many travelers to explore the northwest. the slope is also quite

High, but with the tram in general and the vf8 in particular, it is quite mosquito, i just want to share a little bit about the downhill. at the top of the slope, my battery was 64%, the travel distance was 118 km. after 10km downhill, the car battery increased by 6% to 70%. do you like it? as for the downhill climb, the electric car accepts a comprehensive gasoline car,

Going up is strong and smooth, going down is safe and has a rechargeable battery. well, when it comes to safety, you must be wondering. i note a little here that when going uphill, you can go up with any driving mode, as long as you feel comfortable and suitable. if you want to go down, you should leave it in eco mode to save money and be safe. this mode will use the least

Power, so the charging efficiency is highest. at the same time, the car will hold back in the style of a petrol car’s brake, limiting the need to use the brake, so it is much safer. the car ran with 30% battery left, then i stopped charging. with 69% of the battery drained, the average speed of 52 km / h , i traveled 272 km, calculated 1% of the battery to go 3.94 km,

Also close to the 4 km that i tested. when running on the highway at an average speed of nearly 80 km/h. to tell you a little bit more, in addition to up and downhill, this journey of mine also has many sections pushing up to quite high speed, 90-100 km / h, and then the battery drops very quickly. and if i run cat’s feet, like the first 133 km, including crossing the

White stone pass, then i only use 30% of the battery, from 99% to 69%, ie 1% of the battery goes 4.4 km. on the other hand, this vf8 with a full battery of 450 km is feasible, not far off, and i think i will challenge that number in the near future. well, some funny numbers and small experiences want to share with you through the recent journey, thank you for taking the

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VinFast VF8 đổ đèo Đá Trắng: ‘Lãi’ 6% pin By AutoBikes Vietnam

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