vinfast vf 8 vs the vinfast vf 9
Altair Club Cars VinFast VF 8 vs the VinFast VF 9

VinFast VF 8 vs the VinFast VF 9

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Today we’re gonna compare the wind fast eight and the wind fast nine our last video was comparing the wind fast nine to the model x and i was so so so like was like i’m a fan of this car so i mean this is the comparison that says i mean fifteen thousand dollars that we saw was about 11 lakh rupees no i think it was it was it was 11 lakhs you got to see 15 yeah

I was 11.2 lakhs so uh yeah so um it was 11.2 lakhs uh the difference between both these cars so forty one thousand dollars is about i’m actually typing and i know you guys can’t see it uh so the 30 lakh rupees for the will fast eight and fifty six thousand dollars is fifty six thousand dollars is forty two lakh so thirty and forty lakh so they cost about

Twelve lakhs more than like you know each other they both have the same max power which is 300 kilowatts or four and 402 horsepower this is like they they’re like brothers though when fast eight is a bigger brother than the when fast uh sorry the wind fast line is bigger is a bigger brother than doing fast a so this has 100 and um about 106 miles more range range

Targeted estimate so wl it is emissions it is uh worldwide harmonized light vehicles test cycles so so they have not done like you know the uh range steps like estimated rings like they’ve done that but in a different way uh though we vf8 goes about one second faster zero to 60 then um the windfast nine it has five seats so basically like the model three and

The it’s actually the model y and it has six to seven seats i will recommend in any state wherever you are if you’re gonna win fast i would recommend you go buy this it has it has about 472 pound feet of torque a funny day on that so it’s feet pounded pound fit fee to talk both of them in the every 11 airbags i don’t think we had that much of a comparison but

We will be watching the videos once again to see this is the end of the win fast series for now let me just say for now once they come into production they will be more and maybe if we get the five of the six because there are there is the five and six one one main things i forgot to put my phone on silent for some reason so um yeah so uh i forgot to put a red

One on silent that’s my friend who’s calling me again so um we’re gonna watch these two videos we’re gonna watch the eight first because the eight is like a compact test because it is like smaller so you might just watch it the well not the video but the 8 is actually significantly smaller size so okay so you watch the win fast eight so uh now i’ve been

My verdict so i want you guys to give your verdict as well because i wanted i want you guys to know this is a family channel and you are all a family so everyone’s opinion matters and whatever we do let’s watch the video okay so we saw both the videos now i’m going to give my verdict on which one i like better it’s actually like what you what is your need so

If you’re in need if you have a family of maybe like two or four people in it i would go for the eight i wouldn’t say go i wouldn’t say go for the model why but i would i mean i won’t recommend tesla against this because i feel that tesla is more for people who like want to splurge money who for you know like this is a pretty safe car and this is giving you know

Competition with tesla but i would still recommend the windfast even though it had you know it is not better than it has but the model with the vf9 is way better than the model s so if you’re thinking of buying a model x anywhere in like the long range or the flag cancel that and get this car this car might take longer to come into production but trust me i have

Not be seen this car in real life but supercar blondie has so you know it she’s pretty bad i’m gonna link all the windfast videos that i’ve seen after this video so stay tuned and we made about six minutes into the video so i hope you guys enjoyed if you’re smashing them down below um and it depends on what your needs are so you cannot compare come to your cars

From the same company based on like what you should buy because every family has different needs so for me and my family i love suvs you guys know i own a pajero so i would go for the win fast nine because i’m not watching much of an murray guy i’m much of an suv guy i would still pay 42 lakh rupees for this car but because of the import taxes in india we’ll have

To pay 84 lakh rupees so um that’s why and for this car we’ll have to pay 60 lakhs which is the bfa so um don’t get disheartened when fast will come in there one day like reviewing will ford ford has already come in india not with the electric ones but with the uh like they had gone for some time they came back so like your chevy will come out with its bolt and

Chuck i think the the new chevy silverado electric version will also be coming out really soon so stay tuned for that if i review that i was thinking and reviewing the f150 lightning but i decided we only got 28 days and out of which we need to do free game videos so stay tuned for uh videos coming ahead i stretched it a lot and you just saw it so it depends on your

It depends on you what you want to buy i’m not a you know brand ambassador for it win fast but when fast if you’re looking for someone who wants who if you need a brand ambassador you know you can just contact me my email for collab is collax i need collabs c-o-n-l-e-x niche for energy if you right and if you are also looking to do a paid collaboration

With me you pay me money i don’t pay you but you paying money and you know i advise a product on an electric car video because that’s what gets a lot of views you can contact me on that email that email is in the about section of my channel even though we have only about 74 75 subscribers i can do my best to you know advertise the product and yeah see you guys

Next time season converters wear masks and get fascinated see ya

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VinFast VF 8 vs the VinFast VF 9 By Nijfue

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