veloster turbo full bolt on tune
Altair Club Cars Veloster Turbo Full Bolt On + Tune POV Drive

Veloster Turbo Full Bolt On + Tune POV Drive

Driving home from the store chatting and talking in the video.

Goals dude hate those things okay so yeah supposed to be like 18 degrees there’s some thursday i’m ridiculous all righty so we could go two ways home we could go that way and go straight around or go the way that i just came and i’m gonna go the way that i came so that i can hear more turbo whistle yeah he’s got a stop sign him i always just go for it

This guy dude has to be like sitting right in the middle what’s up buddy what is this this is a hyundai veloster turbo oh yeah it’s a hyundai i just de-badged it i put different badges on it yeah it’s got no cat it’s not diesel it’s a 93 stock motor it’s got full bolt-ons really yeah it’s a hyundai yeah you like it i’ll do a poll when i’ll do a pull when i go

Down there yeah i got you out here just tear it up oh i will it up i will god did he love that that guy’s cool so uh yeah i want to go and do some research and see if there are any way i could get some gopro batteries and interchange them unless there’s you only can just charge one that’s in the gopro i’m sure you can get batteries i haven’t done a lot

Of research yet it’s like the second time i’ve used the gopro for something so i’m still figuring out how it works and uh i always let people go on crosswalks i don’t want to hit anybody so it’s kind of funny because a lot of people see this and they don’t know what it is because it’s de-badged the only sticker that i left on it says uh turbo because it’s

You know gotta represent that turbo bro gang people are so dangerous at this intersection god damn dude when the boost kicks in it’s not it’s not that it’s not that fast of a car but it just pushes you right back in that seat god dude i love it little economy cars that are boosted are like the way to go dude especially hot hatches dude freaking love it

Dude i remember one time i was in a parking lot and some old lady heard the blow off valve and she’s like where’s that air brakes is this thing like a big truck this is three other air brakes i had her call she thought it was airbrakes i was like dude this is the funniest ever bro oh my god man freaking hilarious dude so i’m also curious to see how good

The audio is on the gopro i don’t know you know how it sounds i wish you could have your like a pair of airpods in and hear the audio coming from the gopro so you know what it you know kind of fiddle with it before you start recording and just kind of send it i mean i always just send it so oh no that’s not good the battery icon on the preview is flashing red

We must be in the danger zone boys that’s probably fine i think it’s good uh oh dude this lady walking right here so foreign so that’s how we do that’s how we do so i i think i’m just going to upload this as a whole because um you know screw it and uh if you guys like this video let me know i’ll make more because uh you know i want to get to use the

Gopro a lot little doggy oh there’s the doggy oh so that’s how we do

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Veloster Turbo Full Bolt On + Tune POV Drive By Nightowl Chris

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