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Altair Club Cars Vauxhall Grandland In-Depth Review 2022 – Better than the Qashqai?

Vauxhall Grandland In-Depth Review 2022 – Better than the Qashqai?


Vauxhall’s grandland mid-sized suv no longer has an x in its name but does it still have the x factor well it remains an affordable well-equipped mid-sized suv and it now has a sharper look and a much more modern cabin plus if you happen to want to plug in hybrid engine it’s still one of the cheaper options in its segment when the original version of this

Car badge the grandland x was launched in 2017 it was quite a late entrant to the mid-sized suv segment well that’s what you might think anyway actually vauxhall competed half-heartedly in this sector for nearly a decade between 2006 and 2015 with its korean built and tara which replaced the luton built frontera model launched way back in 1991 neither of these

Crossovers really hit the segment sweet spot though and neither was helped by brittle build quality that could charitably be described as patchy by the middle of this century’s second decade though vauxhall had got on board with the kind of suv modern family buyers really wanted launching its super mini-based mocha model in 2012 and shortly afterwards entering

Into an agreement with peugeot to share the engineering of two further contenders in this class the original grandland x model being one of them four years on it shed the x part of its badge and gained a smarter look both inside and out creating the car we’re going to look at here engine wise this grandland model hasn’t changed much as before almost all sales

Will be of the 1.2 litre 130 ps three-cylinder petrol version available either in manual or automatic forms in manual form it makes 62 miles an hour in 10.4 seconds on route 222 miles an hour the alternative is a 1.5 litre diesel also with 130 ps but only available with a manual stick shift that manages 62 miles an hour in 12.3 seconds on route to 119 miles an

Hour vauxhall doesn’t think potential buyers in this segment really need four-wheel drive not even with the top hybrid plug-in model which used to have it but now doesn’t as before this phev variant which is what we’re trying here uses a 1.6 liter petrol engine but there’s just one electric motor mated to it in two-wheel drive form so the combined power output is

225 bhp that gets you to 60 miles an hour in 8.9 seconds and the top speed is 140 miles an hour or 84 miles an hour in all electric drive which lasts for up to 34 miles between battery charges as for drive dynamics across the grandland range well we’d anticipate that your expectations of a car of this kind when it comes to handling will probably be pretty modest

You’ll want quite a commanding driving position a comfortable ride reasonable refinement decently responsive engines and well that’s likely to be about it if you’re after a c-segment suv that can throw you around a bit then this one certainly won’t suit take a more typically relaxed approach though and everything becomes much more satisfactory it soaks up bumps

And tarmac tears that would trouble many rivals plus it’s relatively quiet and easy to maneuver particularly around town where the light steering that hampers you at speed becomes a boon sensible virtue is then in a qashqai class segment that to some extent sacrifices sense for style something like an astra sports torah estate is after all bigger inside lighter

More agile and much cheaper but then you could compare any c-sector suv contender to its family hatch originator and say the same thing in the case of this grandland you’d expect that development starting point to have been an astra actually though this car was instead created from the borrowed psa group emp2 platform that also undergirds two of its closest class

Rivals peugeot’s 3008 and citroens c5 aircross as well as losing an x in its name this grenland gains quite a lot in terms of its adoption of the brand’s far more interesting visor trim detailing on the front of the car this sees vauxhall’s latest griffin logo proudly positioned in the center flanked by slim led headlamps and more muscular bumpers as before the

Dimensions nearly four and a half meters of length 1.9 meters of width and almost 1.65 meters of height position this grand land just above smaller mid-sized suvs like the qashqai and the attica and just below larger mid-size models like the ford cougar and the volkswagen tiguan avoid entry-level trim and you get a contrast coloured roof as well inside changes

Have been made with the adoption of vauxhall’s latest pure panel cockpit with two widescreen displays for more of a digital experience ahead of the driver is a display of 12 inches in size offering up essential information while the central 10-inch display controls all infotainment via a touchscreen as before driver and passengers benefit from the elevated seating

Position typical of an suv which ensures good visibility in all situations are there issues well not too many as usual in this class there are scratchy plastics further down the dash if you want to go looking for them and rearward vision is slightly compromised by blind spots created by the car’s swooping roofline so it’s just as well that rear parking sensors are

Standard across the range as on a 3008 the glove box is tiny compromised by the positioning of the fuse box and also rather small is the storage bin provided under the front armrest though it can include a useful wireless phone charger the door bins are rather shallow too and better is the neat lidded compartment in front of the gear lever with its incorporated

12 volt and usb ports plus there are the usual twin cup holders between the seats the area for which incorporates a storage cubby just behind right time to take a seat in the rear now earlier we referenced the fact that this is one of the larger c-segment suvs in the class when discussing models in this segment the magazines go on and on about this superior driving

Dynamics of a say at attica or nissan’s qashqai but the fact is that both those models are significantly shorter than this one 114 millimeters shorter in the case of the seyat and that has to have an impact on backseat space sure enough once inside this voxel feels significantly less cramped than either of those two rivals in terms of legroom there’s space for an

Average sized adult to sit behind a six foot driver in reasonable comfort seat back pockets and a usb socket are provided as is a useful power outlet and isofix mounts on both outer seating positions like most cars in this class you’d really be pushing things if you wanted to try and accommodate three adults back here but a reasonably low center transmission tunnel

Makes that possible if need be if there are only two of you and this center armrest can be pulled down you’ll find a couple of cup holders provided unfortunately there’s no option to get the kind of sliding and reclining rear bench you’d find available on say a rival volkswagen tiguan finally let’s take a look at the boots now once the tailgate raises you’re faced

With a square usable space though it’s not particularly large in this hybrid variant just 390 liters that’s quite a bit down on the more satisfying 514 litre capacity you’d get if you were to opt for one of the conventional engines there’s a now simplified choice of three trim levels design gs line and ultimate so let’s get to the pricing which is pitched in

The 27 to 35 000 pound bracket for mainstream engine models pretty much what you’d expect these days for a family sized qashqai class compact crossover with cutting edge design obviously you’ll pay a bit more for this phev variant now only offered with two wheel drive which costs from around thirty four thousand five hundred pounds and is only offered with gs line

Spec which is what we have here or ultimate trim design models have a high level of specification as standard including 17-inch alloy wheels a 7-inch color touchscreen apple carplay or android auto smartphone connectivity and dual zone electronic climate control there’s also a raft of safety technology including lane departure warning speed sign recognition lane

Assist and automatic emergency braking this sportier gs line package features a black roof door mirrors and wheel arches combined with 18 inch gloss black alloy wheels dark tinted rear windows and alloy effect skid plates it also features led headlights tail lights and daytime running lights inside there’s vauxhall’s pure panel cockpits with twin screens including

A 10 inch color touchscreen and a 12 inch digital instrument cluster along with a multimedia navi pro satellite navigation system and an agr approved drivers active sport style seat for added comfort top ultimate trim adds 19-inch multi-spoke bi-color alloy wheels intelilux led pixel headlights and body color for the front bumper rear bumper wheel arches door

Claddings and skid plates inside there’s alcantara upholstery with heated front seats and steering wheel what about safety provision across the range well as you’d expect there’s an autonomous braking system one of those setups that detects hazards ahead and will apply the brakes if the driver doesn’t react plus there’s driver drowsiness alert lane departure

Warning with lane keep assist traffic sign recognition and high beam assist plus six airbags also models with top ultimate trim get a degree of semi-autonomous driving tech courtesy of a highway integration assist system which incorporates a lane positioning assistant and adaptive cruise control and there’s all the usual passive stuff too every grandland model

Comes with twin front side and full length curtain airbags along with isofix child seat mounts fitted to the two outer rear seats in addition all variants get esp stability control and abs brakes with emergency brake assist for panic stops that will be advertised to following motorists by flashing the adaptive brake lights to make sure you don’t drive with a flat

There’s a tire deflation detection system plus you get hill start assist to prevent the car from rolling backwards when pulling away on an incline interestingly voxel is refusing to drop diesel engines from the range but black pump fueled grandland sales will be quite rare even though the 130 ps one and a half litre diesel variant in question manages up to 54.3

Mpg on the wltp combined cycle and up to 136 grams per kilometer of wltp rated co2 most customers will choose the 130 ps 1.2 litre 3 cylinder petrol model which in manual 4 manages up to 45.6 mpg and 140 grams per kilometer or up to 44.1 mpg and 146 grams per kilometer as an automatic the phev hybrid two-wheel drive model we’re trying here of course does a lot

Better 192 mpg on the combined cycle and 31 grams per kilometer plus it can go 34 miles between charges that will take three and a half hours with a standard mode 3 cable you can reduce that to an hour and 45 minutes if you pay extra for your car to be equipped with the optional on-board charger you’ll also need to know that vauxhall includes a three-year 60 000

Mile warranty as standard a package that can be extended up to five years and a hundred thousand miles at extra cost a year’s free breakdown cover is also provided along with a six-year anti-corrosion guarantee plus you can opt for a service plan that lets you pay monthly to spread the cost of regular work to your car as part of this vauxhall offers discounts

On wear and tear items such as brake pads and windscreen wipers vauxhall still hasn’t brought us anything particularly new or innovative here but it has now given itself a fighting chance of getting an important slice of sales in this vitally important fast-growing market segment the grandland is comfortable good-looking well-equipped and practical all attributes

That will endear it to likely showroom browsers don’t expect it to be particularly dynamically rewarding though few suvs are you can though have much higher expectations when it comes to ride and refinement in short if you want an suv in this class there’s no real reason why you shouldn’t consider this one and that for vauxhall is a big step forward you

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