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Altair Club Cars Van Windows Direct Promaster Install

Van Windows Direct Promaster Install

Horizon Hideaway Build Part 1. Tune in for the VWD window install on a 2019 Promaster.

What’s up guys so today we’re gonna be doing um this 2019 pro master or it’s a dodge ram pro master van uh 159 inch wheelbase so we are going to be starting off with adding a window so this promaster didn’t come with one so this is exactly where it’s gonna be going right here in this entire area here so we will be cutting out this uh template here we’ll come out

And essentially the kit that we claim or that that came with this uh setup here it’s basically gonna cover up this whole this whole square right here of course the opening will be inside that so we’ll be getting started here soon so when you guys order the uh well actually this window came from van windows direct um which is where the customer ordered his window

From so you get the window and then um go ahead and get the urethane insulation kit right so in the kit that you get you get trimming because once we cut that metal you want you know this trim is going to go you know to guard that metal piece um of all that so they send you two primerless to glass um adhesives and then you know he he opted to get the primer so

The primer we’re gonna go ahead and put on the metal first um and then we’ll let that dry it comes with two applicator tips for the primer um once the uh primer is done we’ll go ahead and and we’ll you know saturate the metal um everywhere that the window is going to be touching um and that’s why they send two tubes to make sure um and then that’s what we’ll

Go from there so when you get the window um this is it right here um it’s all nice and came in all that beautiful wrapping um but yeah this is the window for it like i said you see it’s a nice big square um that template that we’re going to cut out is essentially just going to be around here and then the adhesion portion is going to be a lot all this on the

Outside is going to be where it’s going to adhere to the van okay so we’ll i’m going to be going to be cutting a couple of holes on all these rounded edges and maybe just a couple here and there um basically what we’re going to do is that’s how we’re going to create the template we’ll go outside we’ll tape a nice line around it so we can come in and cut everything

I’ll be using a 3 8 inch 3 8 inch bit to hit these corners which is going to be thick enough for the blade to fit in um so then they’ll just give us that nice guidance on what we’re cutting so i drilled the first hole with 3 8 bit and then i’m gonna go down to a quarter inch to do the rest um that’s just going to be my starting point for where i’ll be inserting

The blade cool so we uh went ahead and we drilled all our little holes this is gonna like i said provide us some guidance along this edge here because we will be taping from the outside um it looks like it’s an easier cut to do from the outside instead of the inside just because this is probably going to get in the way of our skill saw so we’re going to want

To be on the outside to have a better clean cut so then yeah we’ll go using some tape to come around these edges like i said it’ll just help us guide through and give us a cleaner cut using uh just a basic skill saw i did put a brand new blade on and this is for thin metal so make sure you check your blades so this was 36 teeth for it we’ll be adjusting

The speed to have a nice smooth cut uh i forgot to say earlier is make sure you wear your safety glasses um all right so here is the hole cut out and so you see all this right here is gonna is where the window is going to adhere so you can see how nice and clean cut we got these right so this is why we drilled the holes to kind of guide us along the lines

Of this second barrier inside the window and then that trim that they gave us is gonna go in here so now i’m gonna go ahead and remove the tape um i’m gonna get my grinding wheel and i’m just gonna hit this nicely just to you know clean these shavings off i already went ahead and grinded everything down um it’s all you know pretty smooth so now we’re gonna do

Our trim so if you look here um there’s a flat edge and then a beveled edge so the flat edge we’re gonna put to the outside um so the window can sit flush i’m gonna go ahead and start here in the middle um we don’t want to start up there because it might create a leak so i’m going to start here we’re going to go all the way around and come back and it will cut

So you know they always give us a little extra to make sure that we have enough of our our hole so go ahead and start placing that now okay so we went ahead and installed our trim you can see where it meets i just went ahead and cut it with some tin snips but you can see creates that nice little finish on the inside there you go now we’ll go ahead and

We’ll start prepping all of this surface here we’re going to go ahead and start with the primer all the way down here all the way up and around we’re going to do our primer let it set really quick and then we’ll go ahead and start with our adhesive and then we’ll go ahead and put the window on all right so i’m going to clean around this whole area i got some

Of this uh you go all purpose cleaner wipe it down make sure everything’s nice and dry and we’re going to be using this primer from uh van windows direct here’s the applicator we’ll be dipping it in kind of just going around this whole area once we get our uh once it dries we’re gonna go ahead and put our sealant on that same on top of the primer and then we’re

Going to go ahead and place the window on there so all right so now we’re gonna be doing the primer um along the edges and the primer is gonna dry and then we’re going to let it it’s going to be for the adhesive so it’s pretty runny just dip in your applicator and as you pull out it’s going to you know kind of come out so you want to go ahead and start go all

The way around the trim we’ll go ahead and do a little bit here just to kind of help us place the window so we’ll let that dry and then we’ll just go ahead and start using our adhesive and the uh goal for the adhesive is to get it thicker than or the outside of the trim so then it’ll stick to the window um and it’s automotive adhesive for the wind or automotive

Windshield adhesive so it should work good okay so now that the primer is pretty dry you know you can touch it and see it’s dry we’re gonna go ahead and use our it says primerless to glass but if you use the primer uh it makes it adhere better so we’ll go ahead and put our bead all the way around and then we’ll just do a little squiggly there and like i said the

Outside portion it’s not for any water sealant or anything it’s just to help us place and hold the glass so like i said that adhesive is just you know it does really well at holding the window so we just put the tape strips to you know hold it in place and there you go look how nice and clean that looks then you can see in here everything is nice

And sealed all the way around but now they have a window a nice big window and uh then they’ll be able to chill right here so essentially our next uh thing is going to be is going the max air fans we’re going to be up there all right cool see you guys later you

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Van Windows Direct Promaster Install By JE Van Builds

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