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Altair Club Cars Van Build Ep5- 2022 Mercedes Sprinter 4×4. Installing Half Slide Windows | In Ceiling items

Van Build Ep5- 2022 Mercedes Sprinter 4×4. Installing Half Slide Windows | In Ceiling items

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And here we go two windows are installed like that how about that look at this huge window slide out half way slide on both sides we’ve got two rear windows here so it’s gonna be awesome you have a open layout in the back here you got big windows park somewhere beautiful scenery all the way around it’s gonna be awesome so i’m happy uh the way it comes out okay it

Looks good right now it’s just now it’s a matter of how do i make the frame for it so that’s another challenge i’ve never done anything like that before and the windows shoes got some friends uncles came to help out thank you so much got it all done in a couple of maybe three hours all right let’s see what’s next i think i can start uh i have to finish up the

Wires from dropping down from the roof and then the panels on the side let’s go welcome to another day event bill this is paul today i’m ready to install the ceiling panels but before we do that we are going to do a water test so we’re gonna water test all the windows the fan the ac inside to make sure there’s no leak before we put all the walls up so that is

The important part so that’s what we’re going to do right now but foreign okay especially the top the bottom we don’t worry about it and and the front here i put a strong pressure it looks like we are good to go on this side no sign of any water tub nope oh man we are good to go ac2 around ac nothing fan nope all dried thank you so much that’s good news

Just a quick update here uh so yesterday i was able to uh drop down all the wires so i will the roof is done for now um all the wires are dropped in here and then i was able to put up some shiplap panels already so uh that’s what we’re gonna do today and anyways this is a 170 wheelbase so i i did not find a 16 foot shiplap so if you can find 16 foot because the

Ceiling is about 14 feet long and uh if you have 16 feet uh it’s probably one piece so since this is 12 feet we’re gonna have a connection up in the front but it’s okay we can have a a molding to cover it but anyway you still end up cutting some pieces because of the space between the fan and the ac anyways and then uh it’s gonna be you know uh holes uh making for

The speakers and the leds and stuff um which is fine um so every piece is cut to fit so yeah put it that way so um 16 12 feet that’s fine it will work for me so that’s what i’m gonna do today and uh let’s let’s see if i can finish at least the top part today let’s focus on that uh yeah it’s coming along this time around i’m using a little bit of different

Led i’m gonna try usually i use the aluminum finish led this time i’m using black this is 100 aluminum also and uh it’s smaller that’s why i’m gonna have two rows of led lights and this is only three and a half and then two and a half inch hole but they have very very strong spring holding in the back so i think it’s gonna look nice too but the white interior

With the some black mixing in it so that’s what i’m using you know life is sad right now beautiful weather everybody wear camping big surf everybody’s out camping where are we eat eating cup of noodle building bands life is sad all right you guys if you’re at that camping go and enjoy your life i will pops go after you later not going after you but go with you

Later all right look at this you guys ceiling is done ceiling has come to life complete now next one is to make the enclosure the framing for the ac and then we can go and paint and install our lights this is coming along nicely look at this finally i got some videos and with some food and some doggies in the background we have homemade pizza right now oh man

This is a hawaiian style look at this mm-hmm oh man come back for you um so good my knees in the pit they bake them at home or the daddy i bake them and then from owen now we just put it over the grill and then eat it off the grill like that man thank you and the canada dry um holy smoke i gotta eat this so good dude so my frame is simple this is uh

I think it’s like a a synthetic wood it’s really light uh pre-painted uh pre uh prime this is a a two and a half inch by a three-quarter just cut them uh 45 degrees angles or whatever the size you like and then i staple join all the corners and then glue and now you just aligned it and then you have a little bit of gap here just fill it with the paintable

Uh you know the filler the thing for the wood paintable wood filler then you won’t see it anymore after you paint it that’s all it is very simple but it looks nice we are going to leave it like this overnight to let the glue cure and then we’ll take it off tomorrow it’ll be good to go tomorrow all right we’re done for today as you can see i have on my ceiling

Panels installed and also my the frame for my ac and everything else all uh cut out for the lights now i’m going to paint it today just for the ceiling so that i can install all the lights connect them up and test them to make sure everything all the connections are good before i finish all the panels you know uh seal everything up the paint i’m using today is

This valve spa there was no particular reason i i picked the brand name i had been to be at the lows yesterday so i picked up this one it it was a a kind of a medium class one uh this is a ultra white color uh supposed to be a non-fade uh color scratch stain and scarf resistance uh so it it looks good and this is interior semi-gloss we’ll see how it comes out

There we go painting is done for the ceiling again this time my led lights are only three inches with and uh it’s black color this is a hundred percent aluminum and it’s cool white color it’s different from the previous ones that i did i use uh those were uh aluminum color an aluminum frame white they look really nice too and uh this time i just want to change

It a little bit it’s a different color and these are only three ones versus the previous one five ones so that’s why i’m put i’m using i’m putting two rows and they have these strong springs right here that hold them in place these are really strong watch how i put it see how strong it is yeah and it’s really uh low profile it flashes to the so first looks

Nice this one i’m testing different brands like this one this fan here it’s a 14 by 14 12 wall vents uh fan uh not thematic not uh max air this is a leisure coach works and it’s also 14 inches size kind of compact uh on the top is low profile it has rain sensor it has uh this cover here with built-in led it comes with remote and six-speed uh 10 uh fans so

We’ll see how it works it looks legit to me but you can do a remote operation or manual operation if i can the fit there we go there that looks nice all right look at this you guys all the lights connections are good super bright leds in here these small leds are right this is cool white colors the bottom up oh man don’t they look good okay our silly is

Done let me show you what i have on the ceiling all right here we have the fan here with the led okay and uh two speakers over here and this one’s still taped up i still have the glue these are uh tweeters and 10 leds in a row our ac doesn’t that look great and then the max air fan in the back here cool with that being said this episode ends right here

You guys i will see you in the next episode thank you so much for watching but don’t forget if you haven’t subscribed please go ahead and subscribe like my video give me thumbs up and don’t forget i’m a list all uh these materials all the links below and then i also have that amazon storefront the influencer store listed here go ahead and check it out you feel

Free to scroll around click around oh thank you so much yes see you next episode this is bo bye

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Van Build Ep5- 2022 Mercedes Sprinter 4×4. Installing Half Slide Windows | In Ceiling items By Bo Chuon Outdoors Van Build

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