using the grand cherokee 4xe sys
Altair Club Cars Using The Grand Cherokee 4xe System

Using The Grand Cherokee 4xe System

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Everyone today we’re hopping inside the 4×8 and i’m going to show you how easy it is to transition to a phd i gotta tell you this every single time it’s part of my job i have to do it make sure that that button says subscribe we want you to subscribe we want you to see our great content and give away a 250 gas card to one lucky subscriber and it could be you just

By clicking a button and seeing some great content everyone so we are in uh the gorgeous grand cherokee summit that we use for our first 4x video but today i’m going to be going over the 4x system just the 4x system and some of the buttons and things like that just so you can get a little bit more comfortable if you are looking to purchase this i’m going to show

You just how easy it is to make the transition to a phev and then eventually to a fully electric vehicle but today we’re starting with this one okay um so if you want to come with me we’re going to have jason come around and where we’re gonna start is right on this left hand side here we’re going to start with the e-select modes which are located on the left of

The steering wheel under your light switches right about here so by default your 4×8 runs in hybrid mode which uses bulky gas and the electric power as needed most drivers will use this mode majority of the time and this mode blends the torque from the engine and the electric motors which will give any which will use any ev power first before backing it by the gas

Engine for responsiveness so when your battery is depleted the engine will run more frequently next is your electric mode which is right here uh the electric mode is the grand cherokee running solely on battery power so long as it’s more than one percent if not it’s going to automatically switch back to the hybrid mode when it dips so no worries about running out

Of range when you when you’re worried how the system is going to do it’s going to do it automatically to back up with the gas so again if you’re looking for a transition vehicle this may be it for you because you can learn how to conserve your energy now the electric range is about 40 kilometers but this will obviously vary based on your driving habits the terrain

The vehicle load speeds etc and one of the best things about full ev mode is you’ll be introduced to the world of silent driving that means no gas engine running the only problem is at first you may forget your car is on and lastly we have e-save mode which is this last button here so this runs solely on the 2-liter turbo gas engine and is meant to conserve your

Battery power so it even adds to it with your regenerative braking which we’re going to touch on shortly later but when may you need this if you’re saving your energy for off-roading maybe you’re driving in urban areas where more regen can be used later instead of on the highway and you actually have two e-save modes that you can select within the uconnect system

Um which actually we’re going to pause and we’re going to flip over there just so jason can get a good look so you guys can see exactly what i’m talking about okay so we’re at the home screen and i just want to show you quickly we will come back to this later to get more in depth but quickly i wanted to show you just for the e-save modes when you click vehicle here

And you have the electric vehicle uh button here that you can tap and then you have all these menus which we’re going to go over later but we are going to go down to the e-save mode you’ll actually see that you have two our modes you have the battery save mode which reclaims the energy from the engine to maintain the current battery level and then you have the

Battery charged option which it uses the engine to charge the battery to the maximum possible okay so let’s talk about regenerative braking so instead of providing torque to make the jeep move the motors in the transmission act as generators so we talked about this in the four by e review that when you actually slow the vid the vehicle it’s going to convert its

Motion the kinetic energy into electrical power to recharge the high voltage battery so this means that even when you’re driving your vehicle is consistently recapturing energy that would have been wasted and storing it for greater efficiency so no matter what the regen is there but if you really do want to improve your efficiency i’m going to show you a button

That’s actually going to max it out so this button up top here that i’m sure jason has zoomed in on um is called max regeneration which uses an even more aggressive regenerative braking calibration so you’ll have to engage this with the touch of a button so you actually have to turn it on and you’ll see on your instrument cluster that it has been displayed there

Um every time you start up when you want to use it um while you coast you’re going to feel the regen kick in even stronger than when you’re normally driving so as the jeep slows it’ll almost slow to a complete stop but you still have to use your brakes to stop the vehicle completely so this can take a little bit of getting used to since the action of releasing

The accelerator and feeling such a dramatic flow without the brakes essentially entails one pedal driving so mastering regen is pivotal in maintaining your range so again this is a great segue into the electric world and a side benefit is that it reduces the wear and tear on your friction um wear and tear on the brakes and on the brake pads for the friction brake

Pads making them last even longer when we move to the uconnect phev screens which we’ve already navigated there so again if you’re on the home screen you’re going to click vehicle and just on the top here you’re going to see the electric vehicle menu that you can select and then you have all these menus here which we’re going to go through so the first menu is the

Power flow menu power flow menu displays the amount of power currently being generated or consumed by the engine so the high voltage battery and even your climate control system it’s going to watch so you can monitor this on the go and configure your instrument cluster to display it while you’re driving next menu we’re going to go to is your driving history so

This menu displays the distance driven in both full electric and hybrid modes during the current and previous weeks displayed using this bar graph here so your charging schedule is the easiest way to program your vehicle to charge on off-beak hours in canada we have offbeat hours which means a cheaper rate on electricity which without having to go and physically

Plug in your car itself so your vehicle can be programmed to schedule charging for a desired time and even when it’s plugged in it will only start and it’ll stop at the program time so you can actually set them up here and we touched on this last menu just at the start of the video this is the e-save menu to choose how you’d like to program your e-save mode which

We talked about before and finally you have down here your charge setting so your charge setting uh which in case you have any issues charging you can choose to lower the charge power here so this will take a little bit longer to charge but if you are stuck at a certain charging station this could be an option to help you get going so again may take a little bit

Longer but if you do need to get charged this is the best way to do it just pull your charge setting and then maybe perhaps turn at your charging rate yeah well there you have it that has been your review of the grand cherokee 4xe system so i hope this helped if you have any questions please feel free to email me or leave a comment whatever uh that i can help with

And we’re going to be doing more like this more videos to help you transition and and hopefully get you to going to the electric way because that’s the way of the future right now so we’d love to help so remember nobody beats the deal foreign

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Using The Grand Cherokee 4xe System! By PEEL CHRYSLER FIAT

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