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Altair Club Cars Used Car Dealer Cost Reveal | 2016 Acura ILX, A-spec

Used Car Dealer Cost Reveal | 2016 Acura ILX, A-spec

Sold Anna’s car! This is the car my wife was driving that we decided to keep, throughout the pandemic. So it’s been a couple years now of driving it, and it’s made some memories for us..but now it’s time to move on! This car did have a fairly large accident claim on it ($17,000 at, only 6000km, unbranded), so was priced under market value because of this. To me, these are automatic deals for customers! There’s no need to be scared of accident history if you understand how to buy a used car.

Hey guys what’s up it’s mcniel from louisa automotive and today we’re going to be doing a cost reveal for this 2016 acura ilx that i’m driving that’s a car that anna had for about two or three years now and we uh finally got it sold so let’s get into the numbers and see what we made on this car check the mic and make sure it sound right boys okay so just before

We get into the numbers uh the deal is not done until it’s done so i guess uh making an intro to the video today but it might this video by might be made over the next couple days uh so i have a deal pendant the customer was approved for the financing uh they just got to go into the office and sign some paperwork and i should be getting this car delivered today

So uh we’re going to first talk about how much i sold the car for for the customer and then we’re gonna do a couple of what we’ve done into the vehicle so starting with we got the full asking for the vehicle we were at 19995 i believe so basically just right under 20 000 is what we were asking for and is what we got now if you look at the walk-around video that

I did for the this specific car we did a little bit of market research and showing that equally the same car was being sold online for about twenty four thousand dollars ish so we sold the car about uh let’s just say three thousand dollars under market value because some of them were at uh twenty three thousand some was that uh twenty four thousand so let’s just

Say twenty three thousand we sold three thousand under market value because of the previous accident history so the customer is aware of that and the customer is saving money because of that so now you know what we sold the car for now i do have to um i will go over the other numbers uh as it gets done in terms of what the registration and that kind of stuff will

Cost me but we did put four brand new tires on the car back in the day uh just before i gave it to anna to drive those four new tires we can just estimate uh let’s say that the tires cost about 500 install okay it’s been a minute a lot of those that specific tire that’s on the car right now came from our batch of tires that we did from china so i ordered a huge

Container of tires a few years ago from china china china china china china china china china china i love them china we did have these four tires in here so retail on those tires normally is about 120 to 130 uh installed let’s just round it up to 500 for the set of tires on the vehicle okay now you do know that the winch has a huge crack on it so i am going to

Get the windshield change maybe sometime today or tomorrow and uh one of those wipers are squeaky so we are going to put two new wipers on there you know that the wipers uh we sell them well we put them install about 15 a wiper so you’re looking at 30 for those wiper blades uh the windchill um i will tell you what it costs while we install it and then we’ll include

The price there i’m not sure what it’s going to cost now because i’m making this video kind of a day before so we’ll we’ll figure out what the windshield costs on this car okay so it’s another day here it’s another rainy day uh so i think you can still hear me nice and clear in here hopefully uh that’s why i always say the deal is not done until it’s done so a

Lot of what i said we’re going to have to scrap that because that finance customer did not take the car i mean the numbers are the same uh so we’re not going to go over those numbers again we’re just going to continue from there but we’re just dealing with a new customer and that’s why i always say like i said the deal’s not done until it’s done uh he went in and

Signed the contracts and uh did not like the uh interest rate that was offered for about 16 uh but still like i guess uh they thought they could have gotten a better interest rate so we avoided the deal and move on and i was getting a lot of leads on my car so i don’t want to hang on too long with them it’s just yes or no you want it or not and i was able to secure

A cash customer this time for the vehicle so maybe we’re a little bit closer to getting it done because we don’t have a bank standing in the way uh charging an entrance that the customer doesn’t want so uh this weekend i took the car to uh the prospective new buyers uh mechanic shop third party shop and uh they did an inspection gave him the green light told him

The car was awesome uh the only recommendation that he had and i use the wood recommendation uh because it technically passes safety okay in other words the pad needs to be replaced in the back of the car but the rotors are just fine uh but the mechanic did say he recommend changing the rotors because obviously if we do in the pad it’s just more convenient to do

It right away and he’s not wrong about that so knows the rotors are not going to fail safety uh but i mean we’re doing the patch make the customer happy slap on the rotors i decided not to argue with him not to tell him anything i just said sure we’ll do it because i mean you’re buying a 20 000 car that’s why as a dealer you can’t be too cheap you know you can’t

Like watch too closely so it’s a 20 000 car uh his mechanic recommends patent rotor even if you know it’s just the pad you might as well just do the pattern rotor to satisfy the customer to make sure that they take the car so uh also uh it’s less of an opportunity for them to complain because exactly what their mechanic recommended is what you did and delivered

Because i’m pretty sure once they pick up the car they may take it back to the mechanic to verify what you did so you might as well just go with what the mechanic recommended uh and kind of go with that okay so we are going to do the red pattern roll on the vehicle and we’re going to go over the rest of the numbers as we do the repairs now so just like i mentioned

We changed the uh red pattern rotor i decided to go with something a little decent quality so we didn’t basically put the cheapest stuff on there uh we basically did coated rotors and pads so that would be about 450 to get that padded rotor done and also we did the windshield like i mentioned earlier uh in the video but we didn’t have the price yet so now you can

See the guys putting the windshield together and this windshield does have those uh lane assists and adaptive cruise control so it requires programming and all of that kind of jazz so for the windshield is the biggest expense we’ve had changing the windshield since because you notice most of the skulls revealed we do the windshield costs about 280 dollars but in

This case the windshield was a whopping 750 dollars and that includes the programming for it so that was a big one for uh the windshield cost there okay now we’re gonna take a look at the grill and what that one costs as well so on the grill side uh basically if you looked at a walk-around video i did show how uh you know this was crack here and i just kind of

Get away put it together and obviously i agree to change that uh for the new customer the the acura logo itself also has a little bit of a crack in it and i agree to change that but boy oh boy that was really really expensive okay now let’s take a closer look at the numbers okay now the windshield i obviously did not expect it to cost me seven hundred and fifty

Dollars uh the the logo itself was forty six dollars just for the logo for that accurate little tiny logo okay and then wait for it that little tiny grill i just showed you here that little grill was six hundred and twenty dollars from the dealer okay so i told the customer you know obviously i didn’t expect to spend so much money on it but i’ll honor my word i

Did say that i would have changed it so i i’m going to go ahead and change it and uh he was really nice so much so that he offered to give me an extra 200 photos unforeseen cost because he would rather have the car looking really awesome and great uh for that uh you know so so basically he tried to help out by giving us extra 200 bucks i really appreciated you the

Best okay now because of that i still spend because when people are good to me i’m better with you you know what i’m saying i do even more for you so i decided to put that 200 bucks back in the car for him and i’ll show you where when i started to look a little bit closer to the car yes i agreed to change this and this here but when you look a little closer in the

Back end this black piece there also have a little bit of a crack in it here too um now this back piece the black back piece is the piece that this grille is being attached to and the logo has been attached so it’s the base for all of the grille itself so what i decided to do is i decided to change that as well so i went ahead and changed that and that equally

Was a 285 dollar cost so that cost 285 dollars and uh this is us fixing it putting it back together so i just got it registered and the registration fee is 59 so just under 60 bucks okay 59 is the registration fee for this car okay so i’m about to wrap up the numbers for you now let’s go to the final numbers you know the what i paid for it the fees and stuff

And let’s wrap this up and see exactly what we made on this car okay so the usual you know we always put 40 bucks in the car that didn’t give him a lot of gas because this premium is very expensive okay but he got a little bit of gas in there the 40 dollar top of we normally do uh i bought it’s a while back so the carfax was still reasonable at odessa at the time

Uh this car was uh thirty four dollars and fifty cents for that carfax or the history report okay uh we bought the car from an acura lane it was at least returned uh the buy fee was 325 dollars i guess it was a little bit higher there uh generally speaking uh just the fyi for you and your dealer is something that you can make note of when you buy a car at the major

Auctions if you are selling from one of those via if you’re buying sorry from one of those vip sellers like a honda a canada a any one of the major manufacturers because they’re a big account for the auction the auction’s gonna charge them less fees okay so in order to compensate for that they charge you more fees okay so the auction still want to make a certain

Amount of money per transaction so you’ll find every single time you buy a car from a major seller the buy fee is more and that’s because the auction is giving them a discount on a selfie uh because they’re selling so many cars if you buy a car from dealer to dealer your buy fees might be less just a little bit of an insight here okay either way the buy fee on this

One was 325 dollars if we count uh do a quick tally now of every single thing that uh we mentioned in those days of me doing that cost reveal uh that’s gonna give you a whopping 3139.50 is what uh we put into it so again three thousand one hundred and thirty nine dollars and fifty cents is what we put in rehabbing that car fixing that car getting ready for the

Customer uh we paid only fourteen thousand dollars for this car so now if you add what we paid for the car and what we put into the car that brings us to seventeen thousand one hundred and thirty nine dollars and fifty cents we sold the car for nineteen nine nine five uh just under twenty thousand dollars that gives us a net profit of two thousand eight hundred and

Fifty five dollars and fifty cents so just shy under twenty nine hundred two thousand eight hundred and fifty five dollars and fifty cents now something you need to take into consideration or you can look at is if i didn’t drive this car for two years i didn’t drive this car for a long time uh uh we basically would not need to change that windshield okay because

That’s uh i’d invite you for crack windshield it’s just during the time of me using this car uh being unlucky it got smashed on the highway and whatever so let’s assume that uh you were not driving this kind of daily that could have been an extra 750 profit that’s still in your pocket if i drive the out of this car uh from 80 000 kilometers i mean well my family

Did we went uh to ottawa a couple times with niagara we went all over the place with that car we put like from 80 000 kilometers all the way to i think it was 112 when we finally sold it you know we put some decent kilometers on it i would not have need to change the pattern rotor in the back as well so that 450 could have been profit in in our pocket too so uh in

That case we would have made more money on the car now to be fair equally only because of the time i bought it and now the shortage of cars i bought that car before the pandemic uh the shortage of cars uh caused car prices to go up so if i was trying to sell this car two years ago maybe i would not have gotten uh 20 grand for it anyway probably probably would

Be getting a little bit less than that for the cargo so i guess uh between the fact of me holding on to the car longer we lucked out with this uh pandemic stuff and able to sell it for more money uh but equally if i had to sell it for less money uh i would not have had to spend the money i spent if that makes sense to you okay so which means the profit probably

Would be i guess more or less the same here um so this is uh what we made on this car and the last note you need to take on this here is if you notice when you start selling cars over 20 grand now and you start selling cars into that price point you notice the rehab is totally different when i change wind chills on the cheaper uh beaters you pay 200 something all

Dollars and now you’re paying 750 to also change the windshield on that the second factor is if i was selling it as a 5 000 beat a car i wouldn’t have to spend all this money fixing the grill because the customer would have known they buying a cheap car they wouldn’t care about that grill but somebody paying you 20 grand for a car you got to make it close to perfect

As possible and that’s why i had to spend all this money getting that grill fixed and getting a fix right okay so that’s that’s some of the pros and cons of basically selling the premium cars this is selling the the little bit of a cheaper car okay hopefully this video is helpful for you don’t forget to give it a big fat thumbs up to help the youtube algorithm so

We can push our videos out to more and new viewers okay thanks for watching and i’ll catch you in the next one come on

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Used Car Dealer Cost Reveal | 2016 Acura ILX, A-spec By Louison Automotive Inc.

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