used 2017 ram 3500 slt crew cab
Altair Club Cars Used 2017 Ram 3500 SLT Crew Cab 4×4 – Cummins Turbo Diesel | Stock # P1301 – Redwater Dodge

Used 2017 Ram 3500 SLT Crew Cab 4×4 – Cummins Turbo Diesel | Stock # P1301 – Redwater Dodge

Immediately feel as though you’ve just become the king OR queen of the road with the powerful 2017 Ram 3500 SLT Crew Cab 4×4 Cummins Turbo Diesel featured with Travis at Redwater Dodge.

Hey guys travis here from redwater dodge home of the 10 oil change rig ready rams and now we buy your ram parked behind me is one of our most recent we buy your ram experiments the 2017 dodge ram 3500 cummins diesel slt fully equipped with the black appearance package a piece of inventory that i know a little something about you see i used to drive a truck just

Like this um it’s got a couple of beautiful features on the exterior as mentioned with the black appearance package you have the black badging you have the black rims this one’s got these beautiful black running boards as well hard roll and lock tonneau cover on this one got the mud flaps in the front and rear color matched front and rear bumpers as well let’s

Take a look at the front guys we’re at the front of the 3500 slt first thing you’re going to notice is these beautiful black inserts in your lexan coated headlights this one in particular actually has the 3m coating going up on the hood as well duane the rock johnson solid front bumper that’s actually metal i really hurt my hand fog lamps as well parking sensors

In the front don’t you laugh at me you’ve got these beautiful blacked out grille inserts with the active air grill shutter so essentially open when he needs cooling closed when it needs warmth speaking of warmth and cooling and where the air goes let’s open the hood and take a look at our 6.7 liter cummins power plant you could essentially pull down a house with

This i wouldn’t recommend it unless it’s your house to pull down or you’ve been given some sort of weird express permission that which case do whatever you want let’s go around to this side here this truck was meticulously kept it’s got uh just under 99 000 kilometers so it’s in pristine condition for the year very minimal if any blemishing or scratch is on it

Considering it’s 2017 that’s great get your trailer tow mirrors on this one as well again blacked out badging on each side of the truck it is a full-size crew cab so you have all the room you would ever need realistically uh to fit people i don’t know what kind of people you know if you need more room than that but like i don’t know what they’re feeding those guys

Again we’ve got mud flaps on all four corners not just two for the sake of the video which i mean i mean realistically as a possibility right pam people can do that you’ve got air bags on this one here fully functional that’s what these little knobbies are for seven and four pin wiring for towing you’ve got your class five receiver there parking sensors on the

Rear again color matched solid bumper again with the too powerful for my own good thing thanks trav uh you’ve got your backup camera tucked safely away all of your other logos and emblems have been blacked out as well let’s just take a quick little peek in here spraying bed liner with the fifth wheel prep package as well so you’re all set let’s take a look at

The inside here on the interior of this beautiful slt with the black appearance package you have the premium cloth which is why you have this beautiful two-tone seating look at how nice that is i love all the shapes and the geometry in the center anyway getting more serious here power driver seats so you got forwards backwards you got up you got down you’ve got

Lumbar support and you’ve also got tilt forwards as well as backwards you’ve got power locks as well as your power mirrors power or power windows sorry but you do have the power mirrors as well so i wasn’t really getting ahead of myself i was just telling the truth out of order okay we’ve got this beautiful leather wrapped steering wheel which actually happens

To be heated the seats are heated as well this one comes fully equipped with the weathertech floor mats again 98 668 kilometers on this one you have a seven inch vehicle display center in between your tachometers here so your speedometer and your rpm gauge this happens to be a seven inch vehicle display center here which you’re gonna be able to use to pull up

All types of operational information like your fluid levels your tire pressure your range for uh fuel your economy for fuel all kinds of stuff even things that i don’t know anything about or that i’ve never looked at integrated trailer brake that is an oem part so it is from factory chef’s kiss high quality um exhaust brake tow haul mode for obvious reasons right

Pam obvious now um parking centered in the front and rear you actually have the ability to turn them off which might make sense if you’re hooking out to a trailer because rather annoying you drive train options here including your two wheel drive four wheel drive lock four wheel drive low for getting into or getting out of gunk mud 8.4 inch touchscreen you can

Control the majority of your climate controls analog or through the screen um heated seat heated wheel you can actually take a look at your cargo camera that’s neat right you can also go back and check out your tailgate camera which is beautiful off from right here um go to the app section it’s going to have every single application that you would ever want to

Use in this truck all in one place right bluetooth wireless for your phone for making phone calls for listening to music whatever the case may be power sliding rear window three separate buttons for three separate universal garage door openers in case you have you guessed it two garages plus one almost hold the lie there storage space in the center you got your

Shallow console here wow this thing is impeccably clean you got a couple of uh media outlets here a couple of usb ports as well as an auxiliary port not sure why you would need that with bluetooth but i mean hey do whatever you want nostalgia as they say taking a peek here in the deep end a little bit more storage space one thing that i really like about these

Trucks is you have right in the dash you have another bit of storage space and then boom right underneath another bit of storage space 115 volt or 150 watt plug-in for well all kinds of stuff charge your laptop charge your phone charge whatever it is that needs charging or just reference it and don’t ever have the appropriate tools to charge anything let’s check

Out the back it is a full-size crew cab so ample space in the rear for both storage or passengers you know children grown-ups football players you know large small whatever it is seats actually flip up for additional storage and then you have these fun little things and then guess what boom a completely flat surface in case your brother’s gonna call you at like

1 30 p.m on a saturday when you think you’re not doing stuff and he’s like i gotta move a dresser here you are why do you think he called he saw the video pal you’ve also got uh oh my goodness you’ve also got a little bit of a seat separator here if the kids are acting up or if you’ve got a couple of grown-ups in the back who can actually handle having narratives

And you’re not worried about them staining this beautiful two-tone upholstery look at that storage for babies who to thunk it well guys has been the 2017 dodge ram 3500 cummins diesel slt trim level with the black appearance package for more information give us a call two 780-942-3629 eight point four inch well hello sir it that’s a happy guy

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Used 2017 Ram 3500 SLT Crew Cab 4×4 – Cummins Turbo Diesel | Stock # P1301 – Redwater Dodge By Redwater Dodge

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