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Altair Club Cars Used 2015 Toyota Tacoma 4X4 Double Cab V6 | Toyota Northwest Edmonton

Used 2015 Toyota Tacoma 4X4 Double Cab V6 | Toyota Northwest Edmonton

The 2015 Toyota Tacoma 4X4 Double Cab V6 offers style, muscle and performance. The 236-horsepower 4.0L V6 engine coupled with a 5-speed automatic transmission and four wheel drive, designed to help you get the most out of every journey. Its sporty interior, seats 5 comfortably with bucket style front seats,tilt and telescopic steering wheel and Toyota Star Safety System, you and your passengers will be riding comfortably and safely. Steering wheel audio controls allow you to flip through your personalized playlists while your hands remain on the wheel for a safety advantage. It has a towing capacity of 3500 lbs, making the 2015 Toyota Tacoma 4X4 Double Cab V6 – the perfect toy-hauler for any road trip.

Hi welcome to toyota northwest edmonton we’re located on 137th and st. albert trail named anton alberta today we’re looking at a used 2015 toyota tacoma 4×4 double cab v6 the color is magnetic metallic and the interior is light grey leather it seats five comfortably underneath the hood we have a 236 horsepower 4.0 liter v6 engine coupled with a five-speed automatic

Transmission it is a super electronically controlled transmission on the front you have daytime running lights fog lights as well as a key color bumper and also this black woofer on the front we also have a chrome grille surround it’s very fancy looking follow me over to the side down here we have 18 inch molded master mud and snow tires they are all season tires

They’re sitting on toyota rims the signal indicator i use a break one mirror as it turns out your key we’re gonna go ahead and open up the vehicle you forget to mention there are these fancy side steps down here as well as mud flaps and splash guards i’ll just go and have a look on the inside here inside the dirt we have vinyl and loving materials handle extra

Storage space down there got your your window controls and your door locks as well as the door handle a manual door lock down here we have rubber floor mats underneath it’s all carpet flooring is nice and clean under their compartment got your mirror options your traction control your rsca off your rights and your battery up here we’ve got these spinny dial vince

And your speedometer lights here we’ve got a leather wrap steering wheel clean in here here we’ve got adjustable headrests push that button on the side and push our push down so nice leather seats manual seat controls if you give me a second we’re gonna get inside get comfortable and start up the vehicle all right let’s have started up here just take the key press

The brake put it in the ignition turn to the right start off just look at the speedometer we have a 21,000 375 kilometers over here on the left we’ve got your light control the options for your on a daytime running lights your brights and your fog lights down here we’ve got your options for your am/fm radio your back button scroll through all the different options

I’m gonna just show you that over it’s a different radio station now we have this awesome mute button and i will go ahead and turn up the volume right here with our volume buttons i’ll just show you that and it just meets the sound it’s a great feature if you have children in the back and you just want them not to hear any inappropriate songs bluetooth and voice

Recognition commands i can’t thank you my friend radio will scroll through the different options you’ve got am/fm sirius xm your cd your usb your bluetooth audio as well as your auxilary looking for apps you have navigation audio phone messages setup and maintenance on your home screen just shows you a display for map or or sound that’s playing or your songs if you

Look over here we’ve got your climate control options and down here we’ve got your heated seat options for your both front seats there use the auxiliary input jacks as well as two power sources or surround ladies up here you’ve got your high and your low options as well as down here two cupholders with the inserts and you pull out the nice cleaning options so

It’s just nice clean under there all right here you’ve got your automatic gear shifter as well it’s a little compartment and another cup holder inside the center console so just in case you know there is a button right here on the side i don’t think i’ve ever been in one of these before and you’ve got a nice little deep space inside there’s a small person there

Wallet up here we’ve got auto dimming rear view mirror with home link sunglass compartment your different light options for your awesome like that to block the sun out exposed fingerprints on them if you don’t want looking at pyramids good side curtain airbags on both sides you give me man we’re gonna get to the rear interior and with this feature all right let’s

Have a look back here final and other materials put your door handle your window controls and your other actual door handle you’ve got two cupholders in a search pocket go all carpet flooring with rubber floor mats it is fairly flat so there’s quite a bit of foot room for the center passenger here we good mat pockets on the back of boces adjustable headrest for

The middle more middle feet now have your seat in the front was folding forward smart it would go flat and if you look over here got a nice little deep storage pocket in there just follow me over to the other side here you gotta try sorry i tried folding cover deep space back there either way we’ve got rear taillights get all the tacoma original emboss follow me

Over to the side then you’ve got your swords pocket and two cupholders power windows and door locks there’s a pulldown a seat you just want to fold your seat you look inside here there’s another storage pocket back there we’ll just listen to this front passenger all right i just want to say that thank you for having a look at this 2015 use toyota tacoma it is a

4×4 double cab v6 if you’d like to view this vehicle call and book an appointment or come down thank you and have a wonderful day

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Used 2015 Toyota Tacoma 4X4 Double Cab V6 | Toyota Northwest Edmonton By Toyota Northwest Edmonton

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