used 2014 gmc savana conversion
Altair Club Cars Used 2014 GMC Savana Conversion Van Majestic SSX AWD | Dave Arbogast Conversion Vans U14268A

Used 2014 GMC Savana Conversion Van Majestic SSX AWD | Dave Arbogast Conversion Vans U14268A

Welcome to gmc conversion vans calm my name is larry and i work for 22 years in the conversion van business specializing in mobility vans and leisure van we have over a hundred vans here in stock at gmc conversion vans calm i encourage you to watch our videos and check out our inventory and please let me know what questions you have and what information you may

Require plugin the gmc conversion vans my name is larry today i’m showing you a 2014 majestic conversion van this is an all wheel drive van it is an ss x which is their top of the line package this one’s got a couple things added to it but it’s pretty cool they’ve added some chrome there across the bottom i don’t well you can see that they’ve also did chrome handles

On the doors and on the mirrors this one’s got leds there in the front to your probe lights at the mesh grille the full ground effects package again there’s a couple little pieces of chrome there on the front that someone’s added we’ve got the nice 20-inch wheels do you believe this one is still going through my service department so there’s a couple of things i

Think they’ve done that they’ve ordered for it just little stuff they’re going to touch up the front bumper there’s a little spot there other than that though this has got the trailering package got the backup camera which is up in your mirror you see here they’ve added a little bit of chrome here on the back too in the back you’ve got a two piece sofa bed i’ve

Also got all your cabinets up in the ceilings sunroof here in the back you’ve got a 29 inch flat screen up in the ceiling lots of cargo space on this one you’ve got room underneath pleated shades all the way around slide around here the side real quick again you can see like the chrome door handles you’ve got a real large glove box here and i’ll show you that here

In the front you’ve got a little glove box back here and then you’ve got your dvd player up here in the top and that goes through headphones or you can play it through the speakers next to the television there’s a shot of your sunroof it’s got really nice two-tone grey seats in it with the black accents same thing on your door panels slide around to the driver’s

Side here real quick this one’s got just a little over 20,000 miles on it it’s got a pioneer radio in it it does not have nav built into it though it’s just a pioneer radio on star xm bluetooth get all your lights here in the back get some color blue ones there in the back and blue up in the center again you’ve got this really large storage unit here with all your

Wireless headphones you see here you’ve got a little remote this one changes the colors that look like they’ve ever even used it but they’re changes your colors of your of your lights up in the ceiling then you’ve also again got your wireless headphones and everything in here driver information center you got all your radio controls here your cruise power windows

Power locks power mirrors of course front rear heating air really nice package looks to be in pretty good condition don’t see any marks on it like i said a little few pieces of chrome they’ve added to the outside just to dress it up heated seats on the driver’s passenger seat also hand quick release on the two middle captains ok questions about this one or any of

The others i have in stock right now i’ve got about 85 bands my direct number is nine three seven four four oh five eight to zero again that’s larry at gmc conversion vans comm nine three seven four four oh five eight to zero

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Used 2014 GMC Savana Conversion Van Majestic SSX AWD | Dave Arbogast Conversion Vans U14268A By GMC Conversion Vans

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