update the new lexus is will get
Altair Club Cars *UPDATE* The New Lexus IS will get Tricked Out for 2023

*UPDATE* The New Lexus IS will get Tricked Out for 2023

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It’s been a couple years already since lexus redesigned the is now we’re getting some decent updates for the 2023 model year we’re over at the lexus newsroom new special appearance packages available on is 350 is-500f support models this is pretty exciting we’ll read into what that means though is series first molten pearl is-500f sport so what we’re seeing here

And i haven’t even looked through the images oh gosh that’s pretty sick that blocked that blacked out roof as well as the hood the molten pearl molten pearls discontinued color not anymore we used to see it on the rc it might have been the only car is that the only oh it was also on uh the gsf i remember i remember seeing the molten pearl gsf but walton pearl is

Is an old color i loved it they’re bringing it back just in time for halloween exclusive 19-inch bbs matte black forged alloy wheels that’s a mouthful available on the f sport models we also have an all-new f-sport design grid and handling package available on the is350f sport before we get ahead of ourselves if you’re here for the is make sure to smash the like

Button and make sure you are subscribed for more toyota lexus news coming down the hatch because we got a lot more coming probably by the end of this year and of man if the is getting updates we’re probably going to see more updates on other lexus models as well here shortly so make sure you subscribe hit the bell icon for that let’s read about the is-500 that’s

The king of the is right now it’s the spiritual successor of the isf it’s got the 5 liter v8 so let’s read about it for 2023 the is-500 will offer new 1980 19-inch nk alloy wheels with a dark finish based on the success of the is-500 launch edition the 23is will also continue the exclusive 19-inch matte black bbs4 forged alloy wheels it has an available option for

Both the is-500 f sport performance models now for the is-500 there’s an all-new 23 special appearance package will be offered on the is-500 f sport premium grade this exclusive packaging includes is a head-turning molten pearl exterior paint with the black nulex interior complemented with the 19 inch matte black bbs wheels with this special appearance package

We also get color matched floor trimmed mats and matching key gloves holy cow the f-sport premium is-500 with the special appearance package will be limited to 150 units and will go on sale this fall if you want to molten pearl is 500 you need to go to your dealer right now maybe five minutes ago and get your name on the waiting list guys there’s over 200 lexus

Dealers in the country so they don’t even have one per dealer what good luck good good luck getting your hands on a molten pearl is 500 for the plebs out there the more commoners that can’t afford you know 12 miles per gallon with the v8 and they’re perfectly happy with 300 or so horsepower let’s talk about the highest 300 and 350 f sport for 2023 the 350 will

Be offered in a new f-sport design grade for both rear wheel drive and all-wheel drive configs they’re saying all the f-sport exterior styling treatments including bumpers grille rear lip spoiler badging can be found on the updated is 350 f sport design including the 19-inch f-sport alley wheels in addition the 350 f-sport will have a handling package for 2023

Which offers adaptive variable suspension torsion limited slip rear diff on the rear-wheel drive models and drive mode select with sport and sport plus and custom modes and the 19-inch matte black bbs forged wheels can also be added to that package additional only for 2023 the is-350 f sport will offer an exclusive special appearance package which includes unique

Exterior combination feature an incognito paint incognito paint was only available on the is-500 f sport performance launch edition a year and a half ago so now you can get it on the is 350f sport that’s pretty cool it is accented by an obsidian black hood and roof complemented by black new lux interior to complete this distinctive look that it will also offer

The 19 inch nk alloy wheels with a dark finish only 480 units will be produced and will go on sale this fall so if you want incognito you got to get your name on the list right now for the is-350f sport so i guess the they’re giving you more options trying to figure this out because last year it was is350 well in 2021 when they redesigned it the is-350 could only

Be had an f sport but now it’s like they’re breaking up the packaging a little bit more you have f sport design then you have f sport handling package which used to be called the dynamic handling package so now it’s just like f-sport appearance f-sport handling package and then you’re going to have f sport special appearance package man i’m glad i’m not in sales

Anymore because this is getting pretty crazy the 23is family will be offered in 10 popular exterior colors including ultra white which is an f-sport only color mind you and it will be an additional 500 bones imminent white pearl which is also an additional 500 bucks imminent imminent white pearl never used to be an additional cost until this year atomic silver

Still lives on even though they killed it in the rx and es live on atomic silver you’re a great color we have a cloudburst gray which is now an up charge it looks like 500 bucks i don’t remember that being special color iridium is 500 bucks as well caviar which is a sparkly black no charge there matador red mica which is a sparkly kind of a dark red is beautiful

Color no extra charge there infrared which used to be exclusive to the rclc they brought it in for the is uh i when the is 2021 redesign came out and that that is 5.95 totally worth it in my opinion grecian water also very pretty blue color and then we have ultrasonic blue mica 2.0 and they’re still charging 5.95 for ultrasonic blue mica 2.0 that color has been

Out for a very long time it’s not that like exclusive like infrared is so on the interior looks like for 2023 we have a an exclusive satin chrome on the is-500 f sport performance models it doesn’t look like they updated the infotainment here it looks like it’s the same infotainment that we’ve had in the past so even though it’s a touch screen when they redesigned

In 2021 we don’t have the upgraded software which allows for like wireless apple carplay and wireless android auto and here is the pricing for the is is 300 rear wheel drive with the turbo 4 is going to start at 40 585 attack on an additional 1154 or dhp or dph delivery processing and handling is if you want all-wheel drive 200 but or two thousand dollars on top

Of the the base price there f sport design meaning not the tours and limited slip not the adaptive dampers not all the extra handling bits and bobs is going to set you back 43 660. if you want the is in f-sport design not the limited slip not the adaptive dampers etc it’s going to be 43 660 then you add destination to it the handling package only looks to be about

1300 bucks on top of that so i think that would be a good investment then you also have the all-wheel drive variants which are going to cost two grand more and then you have the is-500 and then who knows what those individual appearance packages are going to cost as well that are unique for 2023 with the molten pearl with the incognito in the images it looks like we

Have every single model here of the is on the top left we have the unique appearance package on the fsport 500 performance it’s a mouthful with the molten pearl blacked out bbs wheels it looks really really good and then we have the black hood and roof and spoiler on the incognito paint for that unique appearance package on the is-350 f-sport looks pretty badass now

Since we’re talking about fun japanese cars also from the toyota cam also built in japan the gr corolla toyota just came out with a super long press release it’s finally available to the public you can see how the pricing breaks down with the packages for the gr corolla i will be getting it in october for for me to have it for a few days it’s going to be amazing i

Don’t know if i’ll have it for a full week but typically i’ll have it for three to four days when they have these really sought after vehicles so i’ll be able to put it through the paces as as best as i can in the streets in southwest florida so i’m super excited to drive the gr corolla one last thing for you guys mystery mysterious toyota suv surfaces an australian

Patent leak and this is a vehicle we’ve seen i’ll put it up on the screen for b-roll it’s a it’s a vehicle we’ve seen last december when toyota akio toyota himself showed the battery electric vehicle showcase and this was the electric special utility small ev sort of thing uh the difference with this though in the patents is that the grille has a traditional gasoline

Grill where the image and the render and the clay model that we had in december it had more of a flat grill so this is pretty much telling me that this is going to be a hybrid model so what do you guys think would you want this in america don’t know if it’s going to come to america they have multiple images here don’t know if it’ll come to america it’ll be my

Guess is it’s on the b platform potentially it could be even smaller than the chr could this be the next chr i highly doubt it looks too small in my opinion um maybe they could actually have a plug-in hybrid with this thing as well it’s really hard to say but typically when we have patent images like this it means the real thing is probably less than six months

Away from being revealed i mean i get here’s the crazy thing is i get a lot of bz4x vibes even though it has more of a traditional grille so i don’t know what toyota is planning with this thing it could be it could could run the full gamut you could have a hybrid plug-in hybrid an electric vehicle who knows maybe maybe even none of though i don’t know what what do

You think toyota is going to do also one thing that i noticed is that carried over from this this guy to this guy is the handles are sunken into the side of the vehicle so that’s actually coming to production which is pretty crazy for toyota and i made a video last week or so talking about how this is more likely the new chr they’ll have hybrid and fully electric

Versions of this and maybe even just front-wheel drive gasoline version of it as well but this thing seems too small to to be the next chr but i’m gonna end it there what are your thoughts on the new is paint color options special packages i mean is a badass vehicle toyota knows it lexus knows it so they’re giving it some unique offerings for 2023 i’m okay with

That but definitely stay tuned for more toyota lexus news as always make sure to smash that like button if you haven’t i’ll catch you guys in the next video thank you so much for watching have a great day take care of yourselves and peace out foreign

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*UPDATE* The New Lexus IS will get Tricked Out for 2023 By Kirk Kreifels

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