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What is going on guys mitch cactus here coming back with another forza horizon 5 video and today we’ll be talking about the new audi rs e-tron gt how to unlock it giving a general overview of the car in itself and talking about how you guys will have a chance to unlock a few of these completely free right now so of course if you guys haven’t been keeping up with forza

As of recently you might not be aware in the new series 12 horizon festival playlist which has of course come out today this is one of the many cars available or at least one of the newer rare cars available through the horizon festival playlist event so you guys will see the series 12 of that isn’t actually officially out yet if you guys go ahead and head to your

Festival playlist it’s still within series 11 however guys all of the new updates forza are out meaning these cars are ready to be unlocked and i’ll go in and talk about exactly how throughout the course of this video guys so first off but guys i’ll be talking about how you guys better get a few of these for free and that’s because for every 200 likes this video

Gets i’ll go and give away three of these new audi rs e-tron gt’s all you guys need to do to enter is drop a like ensure you’ve subscribed to my channel with notifications on and comment something down below i’ll of course be announcing them with my discord for each 200 likes we get so let’s say we get 600 likes i’ll give away nine so be sure to share this video

Around run up those likes or give away as many of these as i can so you guys will be able to get a few of these free before the new series 12 horizon festival players is even out but for those who are trying to unlock this legitimately guys it will of course be available through the series 12 overview so as you guys can see i’ll go through a screenshot up now of

The actual confirm series overview horizon festival players challenges this of course has been confirmed in the official forza the actual live stream they did a couple days ago and you guys can see it’s a seasonal review car and you need to get a total of 80 points to be able to unlock it so it’s not too difficult to unlock but it’s definitely quite a bit harder

Than some of the typical cars this means they’ll take you a minimum of two weeks if you guys are averaging around 40 points per week through these horizon festival players challenge weeks to be able to get this car and of course the fastest way to get those points is pretty much just doing the events whether it’s a trial event whether it’s a seasonal championship

Races or just the pr stunts you guys need to get as many points as possible to be able to get a chance to unlock this car early and if you guys are wondering how i’m able to give these away how i already have so many of these as you guys can see if i go and head to my garage right now the thumbnails have a little bit glitch but you guys can see i’ve got four of

Them i’ve got the rs7 sportbacks i’ve got the highest level in the game i’ve got almost a billion credits and 100 million super wheel spins and that’s because i’m playing in a forza russian five new series 12 instant delivery modded account from mitchcatus.com we can apply this mods to a pre-med account a personal account we also have a credit and super bowl spin

Boost packages and all these comes with all the new series 12 cars all the previous rack cars and virtually everything you guys would ever want and need in the game we could apply this for pc xbox and steam and of course you guys can customize the items that you want through our on-site features so it’s up to you guys if you want to check this out we’ve got over

4 000 reviews an official trust pilot page so our extremely highly reputable website speaks for itself this is definitely a good way to get all the cars done for me to grind and spend dozens of hours just trying to unlock a few cars when you can just get them all instantaneously through one of our modded packages another way to go to this car right now is through

The auction houses right now it’s actually not auction house blocked and won’t be for the entire season most likely similar to last series where of course you guys are able to get the new bmw m4 competition weeks before it even came out so if you guys able to snipe these off the auction house off people let’s say on modded accounts from mitchcatus.com even if you

Guys managed to get this car you’re allowed to do so because you unlocked it to a legitimate way being the auction house and you guys will be able to get a chance to cruise around these weeks before they even come out that’s what i would suggest you guys do and by the way if you manage to snipe a few of these right now it’s a very easy money making method it’s the

Only people listing these up for the most part will be modders you probably aren’t so concerned about how many credits are getting for each one so let’s say you guys start one of these for 400 000 credits you could easily resell it for around 20 million to another legit player just trying to unlock one of these early so it’s a very easy and lucrative way to be

Able to take money and also i want this car weeks before it’s even able to be unlocked so be sure you want to give that a try guys and drop a like and subscribe to my channel with notifications on to stay tuned and also so i can give a few of these away so be sure around those likes guys like i said every 200 likes this video gets i’ll go on and give away three of

These in my discord server so stay tuned for that guys and feel free to go and check out those modded packages if they interest you at least just have a look at our website to see a little bit more information there’ll be a link in the pin comment in the description but that’s gonna happen like i said thank you guys all so much for watching

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