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Altair Club Cars Under The Hood: 2016 Toyota RAV4 Hybrid

Under The Hood: 2016 Toyota RAV4 Hybrid

A detailed under hood tour of the 2016 Toyota RAV4 Hybrid with overview of major components, features, specifications and locations of service and maintenance points

Hey friends sam hey mart for test-driven tv we’ve got another episode of under the hood today this one with a 2016 toyota rav4 hybrid this is scott well a lot going on into the hood that most vehicles don’t there’s extra stuff let’s check it out the toyota rav4 hybrid essentially uses the same powertrain that you’re gonna find under the hood of the toyota camry

Hybrid upfront comprised of a 2.5 liter atkinson cycle four-cylinder engine with 150 horsepower it’s mated the toyotas well-proven hybrid continuously variable transmission or cvt with an integrated 141 horsepower drive motor making the rav4 hybrid unique though is an additional electric drive motor for the rear axle with another 67 horsepower the total combined

Output when all three sources are summoned is 194 horsepower note that this total isn’t the sum of all three individual power sources but a computer managed total that’s based on how the controller is programmed to use them now the engine draws its breath from the air filter box mounted ahead of the driver and into a composite intake manifold port fuel injection

And a twelve and a half to one compression ratio fire the cylinders along with variable valve timing for both intake and exhaust cams the valve cover here is still aluminum though the next generation would likely get a plastic cover for lighter weight and quieter operation especially if it uses direct injection the exhaust manifold and catalyst are at the front of

The engine covered with a large protective shroud a dominant component here is the hybrid power control unit or pcu this large box houses the actual switching hardware that controls the high voltage to and from the electric motor generators and the nickel metal hydride battery that’s located under the rear seat this thing gets hot which is why it’s liquid cooled

With its own separate cooling circuit and coolant reservoir tank given the handle up to six hundred and fifty volts the industry standard is bright orange for the network of high-voltage lines another unique item is the brake fluid reservoir which is remotely located with a supply line to its electronic brake control system the rav4 hybrid like many of its breed

Has a drive-by-wire brake system the brake pedal an electric controller the hydraulic pressure managed by the computer this better manages and balances brake forces which also utilise friction from the electric motor generators in the process of regenerative braking to recharge the battery when slowing or coasting aside of those key differences if you own one and

Plant a service at yourself the rest is pretty straightforward the air filter box is up top ahead of the driver though it does require some wrestling to get open oil fill and dipstick are where they’re expected up on top of the engine the radiator coolant reservoir and the windshield washer fluid are on the passenger side along with the main fuse panel the 12-volt

Battery is however located in the rear of the rav4 under the cargo floor with that spare tire well folks there you have it for the under hood tour the 2016 toyota rav4 hybrid an interesting programming though we just tested the rx 450h from lexus last week did an under hood on that as well and that vehicle doesn’t come standard with all-wheel-drive it’s $50,000 to

Start out with and it’s an option still we’re here on a much less expensive route for toyota actually made all-wheel-drive standard so while there’s that now we do have a test drive of this vehicle you can see that by clicking on the link down below in the information section and i also invite you to click on the big red link right here on our screen and subscribe

To our youtube channel because we do have one or two test drives each week plus we have a video just like this almost every other day always something new man stay tuned you

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