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Comment faire du Drift avec la Nouvelle Audi RS3 Sportback 2022 2021clairement les ingénieurs d’Audi Sport se sont lâchés pour nous sortir une compacte sportive très fun et efficace puisqu’elle obtient le record du Nurbur à 7min 40s (Audi RS3 Berline), c’est donc la plus rapide de sa catégorie. Le petit plus c’est ce mode drift avec la fonction Torque Rear qui transfère 100% du couple à l’arrière grâce à une nouvelle gestion du calculateur, la transmission peut donc se faire entièrement sur une seule roue pouvant supporter au max 1750 NM !

Hello everyone in front of your eyes here is the new audi rs3 2022 8p audi wants to show that today the new audi rs 3 and fun has potential for drifting we will see that together we will do some drifting sessions between quotes it is no real drift there is the function wrong believe with this mode you will be able to slide but be careful eh road closed a small circuit go we

Go ok so the small part slalom we will see if the butt drifts a bit as it is a bit the promise then distributed with regard to the acceleration but still a little bit harder and there i go to the ch, slowed it down well we do the car well i wasn’t expecting it to take so many drifts that’s why i forced a little and i didn’t want to counterbalance because i naturally said to

Myself this kind of car is not a real propulsion for the risk with this kind of exercise and the tires we will see a small bowl in the r evaluate the state of wear at the end of the exercises and learns well then a nice exercise but i did not expect so much slipping a i have a lot of gaza gimmicks clearly do to see what is rare yesterday react and that reacts instantly and

Above all it slips that’s the promise kept promises for the moment i was n’t expecting so many drifts on this new audi rs 3 the jir torque system works really well really you hear this sound it’s still good worked it’s true that i granted you that the second generation phase one had a very nice sound it made pop up even at low speed it’s nice it was fun so for the neighbor

A little less there this last generation of the king’s leftovers is a little more muffled certainly ok but all the same with the shorts my sport even outside you can hear it but a new conso point to go again so we then save the on-board computer 40.7 here it is the promise kept thus you made s of the free fight with here forty titles went straight away great thank you very

Much for your patience came i will not come back with pleasure it’s good chopper we are surprised good we will talk a little about performance and performance beyond the drift is 400 horsepower under the hood so it has not changed there is no increase in power compared to the old generations 500 motorcycles m of torque so that is to say 28 nm of torque compared to the old

Generations accessible at lower speed therefore there is much more torque and above all the acceleration is much more instantaneous acceleration from 0 to 100 in 3 8 seconds 290 km / hour with the package remains dynamic with the unbridled so it’s pretty good which makes it the fastest car in its class, moreover, seven minutes 40 seconds on the big nürburgring so it’s a

Fine record 5 seconds better than the megane 4 rs trophy air that’s all for checking the tires masta still holds up 1 there is rubber again it’s good so little explanation i’m not an engineer and i think there are some who will do better than me i explain a little about the audi system it’s not in their genes to make an oversteer car far from it during dada it is the quattro

During dada it is the traction on the four wheels there they made the s3 a little more to play precisely with this mode of torque spliter nice 5 cylinders today we are on a very successful engine block and techno muslims perfect to come back to torque vectoring finally in fact with this mode you will transfer 100% of the torque almost to the rear independently on each wheel,

I.e. we can downright have 100 % of the torque on the left wheel or the right rear wheel so that’s quite exceptional to say again since generally the quattro the haldex system its wart everything we have good traction on the 4 or there today with this mode it changes the situation a bit at audi so a see an audi today drifting it was not necessarily the thing we used to see

To tell us is good it’s done promise kept bravo said you succeeded and today it was still king can at least tickle a mercedes at 45 am d ‘so i also saw playing what in 45 mg is almost as playful as a bmw m 2 it is not a real propulsion i will tie you up the prices the prices the prices it stings it titillates sacha to glory wwii it tickles the would of course have the prices

We are more than 90,000 euros with the penalty since it is necessary to know that the entry level of the rs3 in quotes it appears around 69 or even 70 thousand euros it is a big ticket when even for a rs 3 we must add to that nineteen thousand or even twenty thousand euros of penalties for 2022 i let you do the calculations we are at 90 thousand euros excluding options add to

That on our trial version 24,000 euros of options on is 114 thousand euros for this well-optioned model so it is true that for this new rs3 hally day in the viewfinder was to tickle finally tickle the finest on the market namely bmw m 2 is also mercedes at 45 amg go the reins of drifting a little bit there this time the retro is catching up with the proof in pictures finally

Almost good here is clap of end friends on what made the reputation of dié with different generations of 10 quattro or this magnificent rs 2 that is really the legacy that audi left us with this famous 5 cylinder why i’m talking about that quite simply puts back that we arrive on an era and you know it we hear no longer hours and hours but we arrive on the electrification

Of the ranges odier announced in 2025 or 2026 the stop production of heat engines so we know we all know the audi rs3 the one you just saw is the last of its generation there will be no more new audi rs3 leader it’s not that everyone is crying in their corner thank you to audi for having made this pretty last stand this wink l this madness we feel that they are unleashed

On this latest new audi rs 3 they gave the engineers carte blanche to make this new and last audi rs3 completely fun here are all friends i hope you enjoyed this content this video drift day in audi rs3 ends really very fun, really playful of the rear end and i did not expect so much sliding from her without honestly forcing her by necessarily by activating of course the

Torc1 laugh mode which will completely transform into the philosophy the mapping of this rs3 here is if you have more than one on the app store what grows and i will tell you very quickly for many and it is of course always on video and do not hesitate to contact us join on a style join us on instagram blog because this passion of this time here is all going no

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